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Hey there

So according to our files you were banned by EAC for hacking / cheating and it wasn't from the random accidental VAC bans that were the fault of Valve.  We will not be reinstating your profile and allow you to play Battalion again. 

I hope that you consider playing fairly in the future.


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Well said Mr Tuna.

And let that be a lesson to anyone that decides to cheat on any game.  With 10 to 15  years experience of Admin/ Forum/Server's the amount of cheating increased so much (MOH Breakthrough/Spearhead) that the game became unplayable. Yes we had ye olde foresight 1.6 running but even a ban on a visual check and even some fools decided to send in their SS's that were blatently cheating, they'd still come back to say they were not cheating ffs! Having said that, that was when the 'eastern world' picked up on the game appx 8 years after it's orginal realease. Internet Cafe's either allowed the cheats to be installed or innocently installed them.  That was then. This is now!

Put a hack/cheat within your game you DESERVE to get banned So DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

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