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Still haven't received my Kickstarter pledge

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I backed this game on kickstarter and still haven't received my pledge rewards. I have emailed kickstarter support and they told me to either get in contact with someone here or on social media. Here was the pledge should have :

Standard Rifleman Backer (PC) 
Pre-Purchase for Steam Early Access!

- Steam Early Access (Regular Retail £30) 
- 1 Standard Steam key (Full game) 
- In-Game Backer Medal & Forum Tag

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Yeah im also still waiting and getting tired of writing emails and getting no replys. davidredpath@hotmail.com come on guys im an elite backer and this is how im treated? Not good enough at all.

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I backed the game Battalion 1944 on March 3 2016 .

(Sergeant Founder with Closed Alpha Access!), £50 (Approx $71 USD, €65 EUR)

(Backer number 9,916)

The estimated delivery was to be in May 2017, already passed one year !!!! 

Now I see that all community have access to this game except me and someones with the same problem,

I think this is an urgent problem to solve more than to lose time with skins for guns. 

You must not forget we helped with money for this project and we got nothing is really too bad.  

I already sent one email to Kickstarter support and I tried to speak about that subject on the Official page on Facebook but seems no one cares.
I'm unhappy with Kickstart and with Bulkhead interactive for sure I will never back again one project.

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