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[EU] +2 player LFT

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Hey guys,

Me and fRg are looking for some decent foreign team, because we are already tired of mixes.

Some information about us:


          - 26 years old living in Hungary
          - Former CoD2 player (2005-2010)

            Neurotic-Gaming ( skeRa, ch2onic, WiNDOWS, sPaWn, HIRANNOR )
            unemployed ( SLIDE, SKIZZ, fizzle, oglio, HIRANNOR )
            arc-esports ( JhN, navje, request, tomskru, HIRANNOR )

         Offline Events and Awards
           Bomsite B Lan #1, Hungary - 2007 - 2nd place
           Bomsite B Lan #2, Hungary - 2008 - 1st place

         Online Events
           Call of Duty II ClanBase SD EU Ladder 5on5 - 5th place

         steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/hirab0t

         prefer heavy/rifle


          - 28 years old living in Austria
          - Former CoD2 (2005-2007), CoD4 (2008-2009) player

           d2T - drop to trash CoD2-CoD4 ( TR3S, SMOG, LiT, G3G3, fRg)
           TGMT ( CoD2 salba, ashtma, irenicus, Darius, fRg )
           Team Hungary ( in CoD2 S&D and CTF )
           H2k - Hard to kill / Stheno - eSports ( CoD2 TDM - nytro, Yura, zorro, pandabeer, fRg)
           flame - iNstinct ( CoD4 choke, arma, mellis, ashtma, fRg )
           ephix - KAPOW ( CoD4 auso, smith, jakmo, zen, fRg )

        Offline Events and Awards
          HU PGCC 07 #1 
          SE Wonerbase 07 CoD2 LAN 
          HU Becup08 CoD4 LAN #7-8. 
          HU ICL CoD2 LAN top8 

        Online Events
          Call of Duty II EuroCup XII CoD2 1. 
          Call of Duty II EuroCup XVI SD  
          Call of Duty II EuroCup XVII SD 
          Call of Duty II Opencup EU TDM Second 1. 
          Call of Duty II Opencup EU TDM Premier 3.
          Call of Duty II EuroCup XV CTF 4. 
          Call of Duty II ClanBase SD EU Ladder 5on5 2. 
          Call of Duty II Clanbase SD EU Ladder 3on3 1. 
          Call of Duty II ClanBase SD HUN Ladder 5on5 / 3on3 / 2on2 1. 

        steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/FRGCREAM

        prefer sg/heavy


I can play mostly every day (after work ofc) till midnight, but sometimes depends on real life things. fRg is avaible almost everyday from 19:00 PM till midnight ( or longer if needed )
If anyone is interested or have some questions dont't hesitate to contact us.



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