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Still have same guns with you when you still alive

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Hi everyone,
i don't know how i can name it.
but my idea is!
if you still alive in round! next round you can choice that if you want to take same guns same bullet in gun in this round!
i think you will say it bad idea but, what if you take a sniper but without the card? what if your team is very noob to let you take gun you don't want?
simple take a gun but still alive with it and continue with it! 

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people already asked for, but it would fuck up the hole card system. 

in unranked its okay, but in competitive not at all. The team itself has to decide who plays scope and who not.. and in most games you need only 1 sniper



btw i heard/read that the actually system with the cards (especially only 3 scopes in ranked) is only transitionally. Just wait for it 

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