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[cc] Warren

ETA on a Source Query Protocol Formatting?

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Hi, I guess this is not a priority but still worth mentioning. You need to update the way your outputting the server information so it follows the source protocol format that steam and many apps/sites rely on to query game servers. You are providing all the right data you just need to map it to the correct fields.

bat_name_s should be hostname
bat_player_count_s should be num_players
bat_max_players_i should be  max_players
bat_map_s should use map - both output a map name just not always the same
bat_has_password_s should be password
game_descr should output BATTALION 1944 not Unreal Test
game_dir  should output battalion1944 not the gamemode (also outputs a different gamemode to the value provided under 'bat_gamemode_s')

a var dump of the query:

[bat_gamemode_s] => BOMB 
[bat_has_password_s] => N 
[bat_map_s] => Derailed
[bat_max_players_i] => 20 
[bat_name_s] => SERVER NAME
[bat_player_count_s] => 6
[dedicated] => d 
[game_descr] => Unreal Test! 
[game_dir] => TDM 
[game_id] => 489940 
[hostname] => 90113936674644996 
[keywords] => BUILDID:558161692,OWNINGID:90113936674644996,OWNINGNAME:90113936674644996,P2PADDR:90113936674644996,P2PPORT:26040 
[map] => Manorhouse V1 
[max_players] => 100 
[num_bots] => 0 
[num_players] => 0 
[num_rules] => 11 
[os] => w 
[password] => 0 
[players] => Array ( ) 
[port] => 26040 
[protocol] => 17 
[secure] => 1 
[steam_id] => 90113936674644996 
[steamappid] => 0 
[teams] => Array ( ) 

Support for Player Name, Score and Time would also be nice :)


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