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Previously known as 4GRANTED/Devious Gaming. 
With the unfortunate event of rEb1rth- having too much time and opportunities on his hands, and m4DARAA too little, we are on the prowl for 2 new players.
We'd like to play an average of 3 days per week, this may vary between 2-4 from time to time though. We keep track of eachothers availability in an online schedule and through a WhatsApp group.

SMG/rifle/heavy: zmajo - Dutch, 25 years old
Scope*: ROBBERd - Dutch, 21 years old
rifle/heavy: timb - Dutch, 26 years old
*ROBBERd is willing to drop scope for anyone better than him.

What we expect of you:
(LAN experience and top tier experience in any game is a pre)
- 18+
- You are preferably Dutch. While this is not necessary, you will get a trial before others. 
- Have a somewhat flexible schedule.
- LANable everywhere and able to pay everything on your own costs. (We all have cars though, so we could drive you around if that's needed.)
- You are responsible for your own growth and dedication. Be willing to teach yourself whatever is necessary to keep up.
- Take critism at a reasonable level and don't get too personal. 
- Weird sense of humour and be prepared to get sworn at.

Contact details:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zmajoFPS
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rylbld/
Discord: mau #5208

Achievements we have accomplished and LANs we have attented TOGETHER in a total of 7 years:

Battalion1944 online:
2018 | Acces to 'top tier' channel
2018 | EU Shellshock Sunday #2 - 5-8th | Devious Gaming
2018 | ShellShock Sunday #5 - 1st | 4GRANTED

CoD4 online:
2012 | Cybergamer Main League (tier 2) | Team-eNigma
2011 | Call of Duty Invite (tier 1) | Team-eNigma
2011 | Cybergamer Amateur League - 1st | Team-eNigma

CoD4 offline:
NL | JoinedForces 2016
NL | The Reality XII
NL | The Reality XIII
NL | The Reality XIV
NL | The Reality XV
NL | The Reality XVI
NL | The Party 10
NL | The Party 12
NL | The Party 13
NL | Identity LAN
BE | Frag o' Matic 14.0
BE | Frag o' Matic 14.1
UK | epic.NINE
CZ | District Prague New Hope 2
HU | ICL43

CS:GO offline:
NL | JoinedForces 2016 
NL | The Reality XVII
NL | The Party 15 
BE | SugarLAN v11.0

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