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well as many know you spawn at bottom straight into a trap.bad design. needs opening up with more escape routes. the worst thing is if you get a bad team or someone afk you all get spawnes back into the spawn trap then rinse and repeat slaughter from germans who have a open spawn point and a elevated clear view of your spawn point.so they just smoke the one entrance you can escape from and you basically trapped. i hear you cry ! you just go behind the carts and boxes ! yes you do so then the fanned out germans just throw a grenade to hit the wall behind it and it drops exactly where everyone stands ! all dead . you dont even need to aim because the boxes items will stop the nade.also the ramp is made of metal so if you do make it that hard the germans hear you and kill you.


now look take the germans side all open ! numerous exits plenty of space ! no balance.


so please open up the usa spawn point so its balanced. also remove the metal usa ramp with metal.germans dont have it but usa does . makes no sense.

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