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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys So we talked about this in another thread a little, but we went off on a tangent and the topic got diluted a little so here is a dedicated thread for what division insignia you want on soldiers shoulders! Concentrate on only GERMAN and US patches please Atm in the pipeline we definitely have the 101st and the 82nd so post up some pictures of American and German patches that you want to see and we'll take a look and decide which ones we like enough to add! Make sure you include what the belong to so please tell me what the insignia signifies. Thanks guys! Tuna
  2. Greetings corporals, As a content creator, its sometimes difficult to find the updated assets we require to generate HIGH QUALITY content. Would like to suggest to Big Tuna, for provide us with Battalion 1944 assets for content creators. ps, couldnt tag big tuna, its never display his username. Bulk head is an indie studio, so they might not have the enough resources (as for now) for cover this subject , but if they open a fund campaign, im DOWN. Thanks in advance, Chivas
  3. Hey guy's. I have an idea for a new game mode for this game and I think it would be great. This game mode would look like this: There are 2 Teams. The first Team have to build an own Defense. So.. I mean this team building walls, houses, trenches, hiding places or anything like that on any places they want. I imagine it like a map editor. That Mode will be working for 5 minutes before the round starting. At this 5 minutes the other Team can train aiming or whatever they want. The mission is to eliminate all opponents in their defense. You have different ways from many sides to attack. The mode take 10 rounds then the teams changing sides. I think that will be a lot of fun and a big change next to that normal game modes like deathmatch or capture the flag. In your own battalion (clan) you have to find out new or better tactics to defend yourself and your team. I hope you understand .. I now my english isn't the best
  4. My main games back in the day were Medal of Honor: AA and COD 1. Bolt-Actions or B.A.R.s all day. some of the best times. So I guess you could say that I am very excited for Battalion 1944. lookin to shape up good from what i've seen so far. But yea my name is John. My main favorite games from back in the day were Medal of Honor: AA and COD 1. Bolt-Actions or B.A.R.s all day. some of the best times. and of course Counter-Strike 1.6 Live in USA and I play alot of old and new competitive shooters. and I heard about Battalion 1944 from everywhere, youtube, facebook etc. Lookin to buy the $69.99 package.
  5. Hey guys. Hopefully some of you saw the video I posted last week and if you did I hope you liked it! Anyways here is a Part 2! This video goes into more detail about the history and production of the weapon! Enjoy!
  6. Hey guys, If you're interested in the StG44 (which I assume you all are!) then check our this cool video about it, how it was made and how it works! Enjoy! Tuna