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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys I have been following the game since it was revealed, but I am new here in the forums. I am an oldschool player 'FENix' from COD1, COD:UO, COD2 mainly and COD4. I am loving how this game is progressing, I saw the gameplay the other day and i have to say that kar98k is on point ahah. But I will point out some things I would like to see in the overall game. * This is my opinion, please do not bash me* *pun not intended* What I did not like about the gameplay was that the movement looked really but really fast, I think the COD4 movement speed probably a little bit faster would be better in terms of balance the part where he can walk at normal speed while aiming reminds me of COD4 wich is great - Movement speed seems too fast, maybe in the COD4 speed range would be better(probably a little faster though but not as fast as in the gameplay) for game balance - Instead of the normal CLIMB over objects, maybe a MANTLE and SLIDE(short one maybe with some stamina meter like the sprint feature in COD:UO to prevent it from being overused, this would compensate the speed decrease in the overall movement and feels way more realistic and intuitive when playing as a reaction to gunfire) feature would be great for some movement strategies. - The time to kill for me it seemed too fast for the non-rifle weapons, take COD2 time to kill or hitbox( load a map in strat_mode in COD2 and shoot someone and that shows the damage in the respective bodypart) for me it was one of the best and most responsive hitdetection in a game, maybe with a boost in damage in some weapons. - I would like to see the BASH feature where you hit your oponent with the back of your gun. If you bash someone in the Head with a PISTOL, GRENADE, knifes, shovels, binoculars and other small inventory items you may be willing to add should be a one bash kill but not in the rest of the body, every other weapon, rifles, machine guns, should be a one bash kill in any part of body. Next point builds on this one. - The way the weapon inventory cycles I loved the way COD1 did it, compared to COD2, COD4 and other recent titles, we can either press a number and swap to the weapon or either use the scroll wheel in the mouse and scroll through the items and press the left mouse click to select it. We should be able to select the grenades! I want to see a grenade in my hand and only when i really want to use it, use it, and if i pull the pin of a grenade(process of throwing it) I'd like to be able to cancel the throw by cycling to another weapon as in COD1, not forcing me to hold a grenade in my hand like in cod2 and cod4 until i throw it. The grenade should be a bashable weapon. And if you guys decide to incorporate some knifes or other meelee weapons they would work great with this system of cycling through weapons while being able to use a keyboard shortcut to use it. - In MOH:AA we had a gamemode called freeze-tag I think and i cannot remember the rules but i think it was something like this: You kill someone and that person can respawn if a teammate unfreezes by standing next to him for a few seconds, just an idea. - I liked hardpoint in recent games for me it is a better version of headquarters. - Sniper opticswe haven't seen it in action yet but since i always played sniper as my main weapon i'd like to zoom in and the area around the scope to be blured i just like the feeling of it, with some sort of sway like in COD2 where we need to steady it, adds a little more pratice to master it. - The way grenades work, either physically or in the throwing pattern, COD1 way was really nice it was so direct and satisfying to throw and it would bounce of some roofs and not get stuck, it was amazing to stay in a private server practicing all of this nade spots. - Are smoke grenades confirmed? I can't remember reading about it, either way they should be! - If you will add the weapon BAR to the game, you should make it look like in COD1 for me the best looking gun in any game combined with the engraving type of customization used in BF1, oh man you are sure to make it justice, not like COD2 and other games approach to the design so ugly..., COD1 way just seems so clean so damn impressive i could look at it all day, and the sound oh man the classic sound that bastard has, but that is less important. Check the link for reference nothing more to add now... what you guys think? Sorry for long post I am just really hyped for this game. This is what I have been asking for years. Cheers from PORTUGAL [EDIT] - Would like some theater mode or record option so i can record all my competitive games, record option is limited due to it recording only my point of view, theater mode is better for fragmovies we can fly through the game and capture 3rd person view follow the grenades etc you get it. - Access to console to tweak graphics by reducing the polygons, textures, fov etc to make the game cleaner for competitive scenario and initiate a record as mentioned previously - The UI should be as simple as it can get, both team players alive, score, time of the round, bomb time on the screen when it is planted so i can manage how i engage the situation more tactically to the last second every second counts. A vintage compass maybe with some red dots that give you a general hint where the shot came from. - UI should also show weapon rounds magazinesize/allbullets, a body icon to show your current stance, it will help later in the game in thecompetitive scenario because there will be people abusing the stance patterns, for example prone + crouch +prone + crouch to peek and not being able to be killed and that icon makes it easy to be sure of it when watching the record/game theater back. - ZOOM sensitivity should not change while using snipers like in counter-strike it just breaks the momentum of the game in one moment i am using one sensitivity and in the other i have reduced sensitivity? No i don't like it that way, i want it to flow as much as possible.
  2. Will there be any type of flamethrower in Batallion 1944?
  3. Ok, Here is my idea. Before my idea, I have to rant, I'm super disappointed in the weapons crate in battlefield 1. So this is where my idea comes from. I hate the idea that I just get a skin for an existing weapon. I would much rather work for "making a weapon". So to clear up my idea. How about earning (or possibly finding <-- within a map) weapon crates that would give you pieces of a weapon that you could then assemble/make at some later time in the game. So lets say you have your base weapon(s), this idea would give you something to work for in earning a newer weapon. Each crate you earn/find would give you a piece of that weapon. You would need to get say 5 or so pieces to make you new weapon. You might find a barrel, then a stock, then a clip, rounds for that gun, a scope, or whatever you need to complete that specific gun. Other ideas would be to find just a scope for an existing gun that you start with in the initial game. You could have one or two weapons per class (like sniper, infantry, support) or how ever the game is setup. Think how fun it would be to find that final crate that makes a new BAR or MG34 or cool sniper rifle that hardly anyone else has in the game! Another idea along this line is, how about the base weapons that you start the game with somehow deteriorate and wear down with use, the more you fire them the more they get damaged just like in real life! So eventually you could have weapons that are useless and you lose entirely. This would tie in perfect with the above idea for weapons crates. Some crates would give you a new barrel or repair your gun 10% or 25% or something to that effect. Also you could randomly have more damage depending on how you die, if you get shot there is little to no damage, but if you get blown up with a mortar or grenade you have much more damage or lose your gun you are holding instantly on next respawn! This would change the game entirely because instead of always just shooting people you could try to kill with grenades in order to make them lose their equipment. I just think that after playing battlefield 1 and getting hundreds of useless crates that something had to be done. It is such a waste. This idea could be expanded to clothing, ie: sniper outfits that make you more invisible with better camo, or larger clips for weapons, ideas are endless. Lets get rid of these dumb "skins" for weapons and make the game more interesting. Sure its fun to run around and kill everyone, but just think if you were rewarded better for it. You could also expand the idea of earning crates by completing tasks or kill streaks, things like that. Opinions?? Jamey - PS I have a real ww2 gun collection, so I practice shooting the real thing, haha! I have lots of ideas, lets make this game amazing!!
  4. How about crates where you can pick up a panzerfaust with 1 shot? A crate with a scoped FG42? In the good old CoD there was crates at some places on specific maps where you could pick up these weapons. Like the map Powcamp for example. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. Hey guys. Hopefully some of you saw the video I posted last week and if you did I hope you liked it! Anyways here is a Part 2! This video goes into more detail about the history and production of the weapon! Enjoy!
  6. Hey guys, If you're interested in the StG44 (which I assume you all are!) then check our this cool video about it, how it was made and how it works! Enjoy! Tuna