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Found 8 results

  1. serjaah

    Weapon skin files???

    When will community be able to make skins for this game and how will skins be chosen to hit the game? Top rated or by devs?
  2. KunninLynguist

    Springfield Iron Sights

    Are there any plans to put in an iron-sight bolt action rifle, such as the Springfield without a scope on the American side? The Garand is decent, but Carbine just feels like a waste of space, in my opinion. Finding quite a lot of games become quite one-sided when you have a good KAR98k player or two on the German side.
  3. Battalion has been a blast to play so far but there are a few gripes I have. I believe you take way too much fall damage. Weapons you pick up should carry over rounds There should be a walk option not just crouch/scope to move silently Let me know what you guy think, and upvote to spread the word!
  4. In my opinion sound effects should have more impact, just to make the game more entertaining. I made an example with some old CS:GO sound effects in 5 minutes Battalion 1944 Thompson Draw SFX Test
  5. Vanir

    My Opinions / Feedback

    Hey everyone, I would like to give some feedback, and suggest some stuff, if possible. The game itself feels very good after CoD2/CoD4, I really love it so far. But there are some things that should be looked into. These ideas are mostly my friends' and mine, we were playing 5 men premade yesterday for quite a few hours and we will continue to do so in the future. Most of us came from CoD4 Promod, and these suggestions go for the competitive side of the game. Let's begin with the maps. I like them. Honestly, they are pretty damn good, they look good, they feel good. There are two things that don't feel right at all though. First, the map size. Too big. This could be fixed by adding some extra time both before and after the bomb has been planted. I don't think too much is needed, maybe 5-10 seconds. Why? You can't rotate. If you hold B and the bomb has been planted to A, you need to sprint like hell in order to get there and instantly start defusing, you don't really have time to check anything properly. Second, entrances. Way too many corners to check when attacking, too many alleys to hold when defending a bombsite. This thing probably won't be this frustrating once we learn the maps and their timings properly, but it really gave us a hard time. Let's move on! Weapons, they feel kinda balanced, even though Thompson can be ridiculously good even at longer ranges, which is kinda strange for an SMG. Should add a bit more recoil. And all the semi-automatic weapons can be fired at an insane rate if you have quick fingers. I'd lower the possible fire rate a bit for these. The movement feels alright, even though the animations are kinda jerky, but I don't really mind that. I would add an extra second or half of sprinting time though, it feels like it wears off too quickly. Now there's one thing that's really annoying, and I'm not sure if this will get fixed or not, which is the insanely loing loading times. If your game is not running from an SSD (two of my mates don't have one) the game takes at least 5 minutes to load, maps take around 3-4, even with a relatively high-end PC. I know it's 2018 and an SSD is pretty much essential, but for those who don't need it for anything else it's kind of a bummer. Will these loading times be shortened somehow? Oh, and one more thing, please add the demo recording function ASAP! I will keep this thread updated with my findings in the future.
  6. nuz


    Hellow guys, i find the cardsystem pretty good so far, but there is one point that bothers me a lot. Of course it my be that i have not understood it 100% but lets say we play against a team that is very strong and wins several round in a row. Our team can only play the default class now. Our only possibility to get other weapons is to collect enemy cards. Do i collect a card and then die, is this counted to our pool or only if i survive the round? I would welcome a mechanic that allows us, for example, to get automatically every 3 rounds without a win a card of every weapon to have one more chance against the better weapons of the opponents. And i mention here again that it my be that i have not completely understood the system so please dont flame and be a nice community member of this great game greetings, the german potato, nuz
  7. https://steamdb.info/app/489940/items/ Skins have different conditions, ie: Flawless, Battle Hardened, War Torn. Skins have different grades, marked by different colors. It appears that these grades don’t have names yet. Skins will be able to be purchased and sold in the Steam Marketplace. Remember that cosmetic items will be able to be unlocked by playing the game and earning XP, though some items, such as Shroud’s Signed Silver STG-44 might not. From the official website: “Our progression system will not under any circumstances offer game breaking advantages to players of higher rank but instead will offer a purely cosmetic based unlock system. When you gain XP you will be rewarded with visual upgrades for your character, accessories and weapons within our realistic art style guidelines. This way players can shape their own soldier's identity and become a renowned and recognisable player within the community.” From the latest interview between PC Gamer and Joe Brammer: “What kind of cosmetics are available, and how will they be earned? We have ‘Warchests’ containing tastefully relevant and designed weapon skins which can be purchased in the Battalion armoury in-game, don’t worry, you also get one every time you rank up, which is pretty regularly in Battalion! It’s also worth noting that whenever you buy a chest from Battalion 1944, it gets reinvested by us into making more content such as maps, weapons, factions, and it also goes into a tournament prize pool. So if you get involved with our ‘Warchests’ you know your money is helping make the game and your playing experience better.” Examples, found on the database: Thoughts?
  8. im an ex cod2 player, now more of a cs go player (2k h )but i played cod 2 for a long time , what i think cod 2 lacked is the plain weapon choosing especially on SD, it felt very blank and empty, when u lose or win, round it doesn't feel right, it would be much better when the game rewards u for completing an objective with some supply points, that u could use to upgrade ur equipment, more grenades, a better weapon, maybe buy a helmet that could reduce the instant kill of small arms fire(like cs go) (or u could add ur variant example if an enemy shoots you with a pistol at ur helmet it blocks the bullet and the helmet falls to to the ground, or u could just ignore this stupid ass idea ) i really think that adding supply points to buy stuff would really add more depth and team play , what i mean by this is, example mp40 costs 15 supply points and mp44 costs 27, and ofc snipers would cost alot ex 56 more since its a high risk high reward 1 hit weapon