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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Battalion 1944 Community! I'm vozER, a 28-year-old enthusiastic gamer/streamer from Finland. As some of you may know, I've been playing CoD1/2/4 competitively for around 15~ years or so. I'd like to give my point of view about the current gameplay and gun balance. I've been playing Battalion 1944 non-stop since Early Access was released. There are a few things that in my opinion could make the gameplay feel a little better though. I'm really loving the game and I have tons of fun playing it! Keep up the good work @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] KingHoward @[CM] BigTuna @[CM] phantasy and all the other developers! 1. Movement Speed Movement speed generally feels quite good, but in my opinion it's still just a little too fast. For example: sprint + jump seems a little overpowered at the moment. There seems to be almost no time to react when an enemy sprint + jumps you behind a corner - even if you're equipped with a shotgun. Especially while SMG's feel like 2-shot kills atm, I think this combination is a little too much. Also, while the movement speed is so fast, it's quite hard to one-shot with Spray-weapons. Why try to one-shot kill when you're gonna kill the enemy so much faster by spraying - no matter the distance. I would lower the movement speed 3% - 5%. 2. 1-shot Headshots Generally, I feel like this game needs more opportunities to try to get "1-shot" -kills. It's a little riskier trying to one-shot, but it may pay off the shooter since it still may have some bullets in the magazine. It also adds more diversity on how to play with the guns. Are you going for a a one-tap or are you gonna spray? As a bonus, we could see some nice one-tap kills. 3. Gun Balance I. Heavy Weapons (BAR & MP44) Rifles should be effective in mid-long (especially long-range) range battles, Heavy Weapons should be effective in mid-long (especially mid-range)ranges and SMG's should be effective in close-range situations. The recent buffs surely did help using these guns, but something still feels a little off. Many times I still feel like the enemy should have been dead already while spraying with these guns. Right now I have really mixed feelings with Heavy Weapons. I think they should be a little more effective on long range battles though. I would buff BAR & MP44 with more damage (10-20%). I would nerf the fire rate a little (5-10%). I would nerf the recoil (+5-10% added to recoil). Not sure about the percents, but you'll get the idea. I know this is a whole different game than CoD1 / CoD1:UO, but I would try to chase the recoil and damage of BAR/MP44 in these games (Thank you @Marrond for the awesome video link): I'm not sure if the little 'curve' is necessary. I think it disturbs your visibility while firing with the weapon. I would remove the curve. As a second option, I would consider changing the BAR's ironsight to something similar to this: 3. Gun Balance II. Submachine Guns (MP40 & Thompson) Submachine Guns feel a little too powerful in close range at the moment. Generally it feels like 2-3 bullets is enough to kill the enemy. I would nerf the damage in close-range by 10-15% 4. Hipfire I think firing from the hip is a little too hard at the moment. The bullet spread is a little too high on most of the weapons (especially with Heavy Weapons). Generally it doesn't feel wise trying to hip-fire the enemy since you're gonna be in a disadvantage in most situations. 5. Weapon Switch / Weapon pickup Switching between your primary and secondary weapon feels a little too slow/clunky at the moment. The same goes when picking up another weapon from the ground. This also occurs, when you're trying to "fake-plant" (quickly pressing F while planting) and getting your weapon ready to shoot again. You can pick up a weapon / pick up your old weapon to your hands too quickly at the moment. Right now you can just spam F and it will change the weapons in 0,01 second rate or something. This may be a problem when you're trying to pick up a weapon from the ground and accidentally pick your old weapon back (it may have 0 bullets for example) in to your hands in a shooting situation. This may become problematic, especially since the area to pick up another weapon is so short. I would lower the time to switch to another weapon by 0.5 seconds. I would add a cooldown while picking up another weapon (0,3~ seconds). 6. Item pickup area Many times I've tried to switch to another weapon that's laying on the ground, but often find my arms to be too short or the "weapon pick-up indicator" never shows up. I would extend the weapon pick up area/indicator. Thank you for reading! Please don't hesitate sharing your thoughts! -vozER
  2. Destinyg133

    Weapon balance

    -1 sniper per team -2 bolt action rifles per team(both sides,one is optional(if he wants to play demolition/heavy/subs) -1 demolition altho its optional -2 subs altho one is optional(if he wants to play demolition/heavy/rifle) USA needs bolt action rifle, making springfield without scope for rifle or adding enfield, and setting m1 for default would be better and more competitive If both team has this, it would be easier to tweak guns, make balances, and make more fair play This is my suggestion, i wanna hear your opinion on this USA needs bolt action rifle to make more fair play Kar98 is awesome weapon, but only useable on german side, which kinda makes me sad I think USA is in disadvantage, i would remove one rifle and actually give them bolt rifle For example "M1917 Enfield rifle" Ofc this is idea for wars On arcade or unranked i think card system is kinda useless and would be better if anyone can play what they want without limits, so they can practise aim and not just how to actually play in competitive, anyways, thats only my suggestion
  3. serjaah

    Weapon skin files???

    When will community be able to make skins for this game and how will skins be chosen to hit the game? Top rated or by devs?
  4. I find myself a lot on situations where I want to switch my weapon / pick up a weapon and quickly try to shoot the enemy. But usually it takes a little too much time. Anyone else? I would lower the time 1-2 seconds or so
  5. SMG: It should be king of CQC and flanking. It should feel somewhat like aku in promod but it doesn't, ttk is too low and recoil(Insane horizontal recoil) is all over the place even with ads. ADS walk speed is insanely slow as well. It really makes you feel cheated some times. You start shooting guy in most optimal range and aim at his canter mass perfectly, you hold fire button but he doesn't die fast enough. This shouldn't happen. Another issue is that smg damage at medium range is non existent. Yeah it is going to be weaker at that range but still usable. Bar: This weapon is joke, it can take you 4-5 bullets at medium range while it only has 20mag. That is insane, on bright side at least it has nice recoil. Bar should be king at holding angles but right now you are probably going to get shot in face by any rifle even default one. It really needs bump in damage or something because this is unacceptable performance. Assault rifle should be able to challenge anything on mid to long range even scope. Sniper: It is overall fine except ads needs an increase and we need option to turn off auto zoom in after shot. We should be able to make it act like regular bolt action. Hip fire for automatic weapons needs to be more accurate so you can actually use it predictably, right now you press the trigger and pray you kill the guy. Default: I feel like this class should be exactly like m1 garand 2 shots to kill it just feels right. While M1 garand should be replaced with more appropriate Springfield bolt action. Pistol: Pistol should headshot kill at any range and need again better hip fire and a bit more power. For sake of gameplay it needs to punch at range as well. If you pick operator you need some range ability and pistol should fit that role. Tweaks: Overall I think ADS walk speed needs to be increased so peaking corners while ads is actually viable. Right now it is really awkward to turn corners your ads is too slow and your hip fire is trash. Switch animations is pain in the ass and needs to be slowed/smoothed out. So you can start firing from hip then ads to tighten it up. I would like to see double switch tricks in game since those are amazing skills to have. Thoughts? Anything you guys would like to change ? Some examples: Aku and ads transfer : Just look how powerful it is. Double switch for perfect hip fire accuracy . This worked on any weapon. It is also good to note that canceling could be used to reload faster.
  6. Lone_Star_Guy

    Small Suggestion for Weapon Models

    I have noticed an anachronism on the M1911 that i wanted to point out. If anyone else notices mistakes or bug with certain models post them here. The M1911 as of 1944 did not have a full length guide rod. I also though that maybe the texture is not functioning properly and the bottom of the slide is not going to the rear with the top and ejection port. Just thought I'd point it out, not a huge thing.