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Found 3 results

  1. You can check some works of Kieron White (Environment Artist at Bulkhead Interactive): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/l8m2a https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rDAmm The details of Lee-Enfield looks absolutely amazing!
  2. Hello guys, I have few questions I would like to ask the devs about the sniper rifles . I didn't see any thread going in specific details about this but if it was already discussed, please feel free to share the link with me. I Would like to ask the following: 1. What are the devs plan about the weapon sway and hold breath mechanics? Is it going to be like COD2 and COD4, with a hold breath button? Is it going to be like Day of Defeat and VCOD, no breath button but the weapon sway changes depending on the stance? (standing,crouch,prone) Or is it going to be like COD4 ProMod and Counter-Strike, where there is no weapon sway at all? I honestly don't mind which one is going to be used. While some are more challenging then others, I find them all fun. 2. If a hold breath button is implemented, will it be possible to bind multiple actions to one key and not having predefined double binds with no way to change them? What I mean here is nowadays, most games automatically merge their hold breath button with the sprint button and there is no way to change it. In both COD2 and COD4, you had the option to bind each action separately or use the one where it combined both. In COD2, the merged actions were the melee/breath and in COD4, it was the sprint/melee actions. As an old COD2 player, I've always preferred to bind my hold breath on my melee button. To manage around it in COD4, I had to make a custom bind in the console/config to make it like cod2 (bind "key" +melee_breath). But some games do not allow multiple binds to the same key and you are forced to make a compromise, while other games allows you to bind multiple actions to the same keys which allow for a more customizable experience. The ability to do that can also be useful for other actions and is not entirely specific to the hold breath function. We each have a different control setup and the more customization we have, the better it is for the players. What do you guys think?
  3. Hi. One thing that crossed to my mind was the fact, that some good weapons are not used at least in competitive games only because the model limits your visibility, a weapon is simply way too heavy, or a reload time is way too long compared to other weapons. Even though the weapon itself could be viable, these things affect too much for them to be 'viable' in competitive games. Don't get me wrong, all weapons have advantages and disadvantages, some weapons need to be a lot heavier considered the firepower it can give etc. Let me give you a couple examples: CoD1: M1 Carbine Small recoil, very light, small damage. Could be viable, but a little clunky and easily replaced by Garand or BAR. It simply does too little damage and hip-fire accuracy is too wide. MP40 Too inaccurate long distance, too low damage. Even MP44 was usually better option in short distance fights. Not bad weapon, just not as good overally when compared to MP44 for example. CoD2: M1 Carbine Small recoil, very light, small damage. Could be viable, but a little clunky and easily replaced by Garand. It simply does too little damage and hip-fire accuracy is too wide. Bren LMG Damage is good, but it's a little too heavy compared to other guns. It should be heavy, but maybe not this heavy, since mobility in CoD2 is too important. Bigger problem is the model. The Bren gun model takes too much space on your screen, limiting your visibility way too much. BAR Pretty much the same problem as with Bren. A little too heavy, takes too long to reload (compared to M1 Garand for example) and the little curve on the iron sight blocks your visibility a little too much. Gewehr 43 A little disturbing iron sight, but the biggest problem is the reload time, which is way too long compared to others. Could be used as Garand, but the reload time is just too much. Grease Gun Semi accurate, good small to medium range, fast reload, low damage. Not a bad weapon, but generally M1 Garand was a better option in almost every case. In CoD2 competitive, only Allied weapons used (93% of the time) (Almost never was a map picked where Russian weapons were involved. Mosin Nagant rifle was as good as any other rifle, but PPSh-41 was too overpowered. 71 bullets and random headshots are too much. PPS-42 was a worse version of PPSH-41 in any way (smaller magazine, less accurate), so it wasn't used. Also, Russian maps weren't too good competitive-wise (especially when PPSH was involved) because of the map designs. This is why I won't be talking too much about Russian weapons.) M1 Garand (fast reload, really fast fire rate, accurate) Lee Enfield + Lee Enfield Sniper + Springfield Sniper (high damage, accurate) Shotgun (high damage short distance, +smoke grenade) Thompson (fast reload, really fast fire rate, good small to medium range) In CoD2 competitive, only Axis weapons used (95% of the time) KAR98K + KAR98K Sniper (high damage, accurate) MP44 (good all around, accurate, medium reload speed) Shotgun (high damage short distance, +smoke grenade) CoD2 had many weapons, but not every weapon were used. This is why weapon balance is really important.