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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys! Tuna Here, Just wanted to share with you Joe's words on our latest Development Update. I recommend watching his Vlog for a summary of this post as well as reading some more in depth information below! Thanks! Hi Guys, We have a bit of a development update for you all! You guys as a community have been awesome and we are enjoying the constant flow of ideas from you all about how we can make Battalion 1944 better. We’ve decided to give you guys a peak at some of the things we’ve been doing, to give you some more confidence that we’re really hard at work. We’re still operating behind closed doors, but we wanted to show you an example of how the Battalion community is directly affecting the development and even adding features! We’ve been a bit quieter over the last 2 months, that’s because we’ve really hit the bulk of Battalion’s development. Everyone has their head down and is hard at work. However, the design team regularly read the forum, there have been multiple features that have been added as a direct result of the forum and social media. DragonPheonix69 on our forum requested that the Pathfinders Mohawk and facepaint be a character customization feature within Battalion. We thought this was a great idea and sent the reference straight to our character team, check out the Pathfinders Warpaint in the image below. This image has been rendered in Unreal Engine. This is an item that you’ll be able to unlock in Battalion 1944. These are the real pathfinders from the 101st Airborne Division, preparing to jump on D-Day Rendered in game engine Unreal Engine 4, this is work in progress. Adding to this, our soldier models are 100% finished and we’ve begun implementing the final versions into the build of Battalion looking awesome. We can’t show you the full models just yet but here is a small glimpse at an unlockable shoulder and division insignia. As you progress through Battalion’s ranking system you will be able to unlock more insignia's allowing you to customize your soldier even further. Division insignias are unlockable, this is a finished soldier in-game. Level design is also coming along really well! Lots of locations have been decided on and we are beginning to layer our art over a lot of our maps and it’s great to watch Battalion 1944 come to life! During the mapping process we have made the decision not to name the maps after real world locations. We feel this adds too many creative barriers that can affect gameplay, which is obviously something we are trying to avoid. The maps will still be based off and inspired by real world locations but the maps we currently have in the game won’t be named their exact place names. This opens up lots of cool and interesting locations where you and your Battalion will be able to fight it out. We are always driven towards gameplay first but don't worry, all the levels will look, play and feel like a true competitive WW2 experience. We will be able to show you more soon. I was recently in Seattle for Steam Dev Days where I was able to chat to a lot of really interested Unreal Engine developers like Squad and Insurgency. It also gave me the chance to visit Xbox HQ. Xbox have been actively speaking to us and following Battalion even prior to our Kickstarter launch (We did also speak to PlayStation who ‘give us their blessing’ but have considerably less interest currently due to their VR endeavours, tweet them!). After talking with Xbox I can tell you that they are super excited to get Battalion 1944 onto Xbox One as soon as possible and they are being really helpful towards development. So if you’re a Battalion 1944 Xbox fan then you should be getting excited! Whilst I was out there I managed to win a Steam Link/Controller at Steam Dev Days and Tuna has found an amazing way of making sure that goes back to our community! So keep an eye on our news and Youtube channels for his update on how you can win that and also a bunch of other awesome prizes! Next week you can win this Steam Link & Controller and a bunch of other games and prizes! Look out for Tuna's update tomorrow! It’s also worth mentioning that now we’ve been sent the Alienware PC that we’ll also have an update on who the previous giveaway winner is very soon! Keep up all the great work on our forums and make sure you keep giving us your amazing feedback and ideas. As you can see we really do take them seriously and you never know, it could end up in the game! Thanks a lot guys and I’ll see you real soon! Joe