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Found 5 results

  1. In my oppinion, the shoutcasters were not realy selling it.. i got the feeling it was just another day at the office for them. Afther big frags are made, they quickly resumed used a normal pitched voice, see the link below. From what I remember shoutcasters went completely mental when plays like this happend. That made the stream so much more enjoyable. Maybe get some yougher shoutcasters in? That play the game alot more? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/299300373?t=45m00s Greetings, AAPJE, a former CoD4 Promod lover
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if there is anyone around on these forums that used to play in the old large scale Call of Duty tournaments Battle for Europe and Breaking Point? A lot of hours of my younger days spent playing those, lot of memories and a lot of friends still with me. Look forward to hearing from you!
  3. A non-profit Battalion1944 TUP LAN, hosted by a team of eSports enthusiasts. DISCORD https://discord.gg/xRS6WqF Paid Teams [2 / 32] (68) '@' DDD / maxaki / weku / dejvin / brewie WiLD Dav / Fleshx / imroc / kebit_ / Vanir LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing the Gallantry Budapest LAN Deposit SchemeLANs aren't always cheap to attend, sometimes you're needing to go to another country entirely. So we've came up of a way to help the teams who want to come, but can't afford to pay the full amount straight away. The instalment plan allows teams to secure their spot at a much smaller cost, allowing them the opporunity to pay smaller amounts at a later date (with 0% interest).To avoid any issues later down the line, we're limited this offer to be available until 31st March.- First payment before 31st March ~ €100 (€20 per player)- Second payment due 30th April ~ €100 (€20 per player)- Third payment due 31st May ~ €150 (€30 per player)We can be flexible with late payments for the second and third instalment, as long as it's no later a couple weeks and you give us notice. But please come to us ASAP to avoid your ticket being cancelled (with an admin fee). If we do no hear from you after 2 weeks of the payment due date, we will cancel your ticket and refund you as per the refund policy at the bottom of the thread.Payment DetailsSend us an email: gal-lan@outlook.com and we'll process it within 2 days, please state in the email:Team Name:Captain's Name:Captain's Full Address:Mobile Number (optional):Once sent you will receive an invoice and instructions on where to send your team's entry fee. At this point your team has secured it's spot in the tournament, but you have 48 hours to send the payment before that spot becomes available again. Please only request an invoice when your team is ready to pay to avoid any disappointments of missing out.LAN Details 20-64 Teams 350 EUR Entry Fee 5 Players (+1 Manager/Coach) Event Organizers: baker [baker#0910] rikkz [rikkz#4388] Sulph8 [Sulph8#2556] more will follow.Venue Details 13th - 14th - 15th of July 2018 (Screens & Projector could be set up for FIFA World Cup as well) Infinity eSports Bar - Német utca 2. , 1084 Budapest , Hungary Transport from Airport GoogleMaps Route Travel by Bus 30 High End PC's with 144Hz monitors. Availability: - I5, 8GB, GTX 1070 - I5, 8GB, GTX 970 - I5, 8GB, R7870 Cheapest average flight costs. OVERVIEW Great affordable local accommodation. HOTELS - 5 Persons 4 Nights AIRBNB - 5 Persons 4 Nights Ideal LAN circumstances. Active night life.Tournament Details 2 Online Cups for Seeding and Prizes. LAN Group Phase and Play-offs. Prizes & Sponsors will be announced later. Interested Teams [68 / 64][+4] 19 | 9 | 6 4 | 4 | 4 3 | 3 | 3 2 | 2 | 2 2 | 1 | 1 1 | 1 oddsquad JAKEY / reeceym / bAKEZJi / rdz / phaai / major PENTA Sports rEplan / synde / pukiz / A1GA / FrosteR DBEPAINS BounTy / Zinkenbert / 2times20 / JEYZKAA + 1 '@' DDD / maxaki / weku / dejvin / brewie dfiance qure / edimka / zabo / cozje +1 Northern Mafia eMpe / Randlf / eazy / momoz / tac0 Fate eSports Pain, Fredso, Jaazz, Speirs, KyZersen cubattalion snb / ahje / geilo / berna / rav / rokzye / patz99 / scofield Augmented Authority DcR / EPN / Purge / Equixr / Clearo dominatorz mark / cozje / stylez / qwrx / +1 NORTHERN DARKNESS qLimAxzU19 / miRACLE / LINQAN / KYOCHI / CHOOBIE / Stevy Paranoia ViruZ_ / Koski / Pwrzk / jihuuu / Unreal HOPE dNnYO- / GriimJow / BaDWAY / Wolfite +1 zythGAMING andrewG / reflexzR / jangeru / ALLVATER / f1ashyyy Big $hots Soose / Vato / Madvillain / Sulu / Dakkaz HYPER MikeeeoX / ALEXZ / Livje / fabzoR / phetaL D3sTii GR33KO ATG NATHZN / DEEZN / MOFFERZ / SAM / PHAAI Asterope lalaRAWWWRR / MiiCHA / Tacy +2 NYYRIKKI Esports janzwE / SLONE / japekki / villis / pehmiZ xtothed ztk / filsuu / Tomi / miikasd / Tomsku SAVUNA ILMAAN JCarbonara / tuke / snock / kendricku / lamaru / Matsoni LÖSSI Embo / PRiMEE / SettiAle / kepa / kirdez turpo vozER / berry / Niskala / dULLIS / ra1z / aNfeli kyntäjät eetutbh / jethro / flow / naitchel / tippi Devious Gaming rEb1rth- / timb / ROBBERd / m4DARAA / mau Banaan MikeyyyM / Fre / Ertjeee / Pino +1 DEMISE stRove / dynz / bluEz / N1ELSK / samuelg Team ISNO ISNO / H1dzR +3 AVENUE bjorn / rEjexx / yoyo / kwartz / diet ACIASS Davy / qwertYYY / KNALLER / supreme / toxjee 5Kings kajsk1ng / Scythe / uzuma / dltr- / r1k- jackals rudlar / denthist / jaroslav +2 Antwerp Addicts LogDot / BounSTARRR / fRe / Famous / LollyPoppr Nice Gaming bazsa / Palad1n / r1VERSE / Sk1lzZ / Sp1RiT Hello Kitty Qkesz / rampageee / z1kox / boco / Stormy Team MISTRAL Lecktra / MANQN / keban / repliz / Sweex HYPOTHERMY dR4X / HeLot / TYLER / VEXON / Devod WiLD Dav / Fleshx / imroc / kebit_ / Vanir FLS-Gaming craven / WaRdanceR / opses / +2 CFATT Kub4w / wafel / r0ck / WEAVE / THAGZ thePRORETURN cOwmOO / smacky doo / bckkk / mTN / wlkkk NoNameYet Maz / pho / MiltonM / Numerek / Mustang / Kub1K noraj zlatan / getseven / jerem / dr4 +1 Wolves lydef / ATO_ / dr1z / Hayze / Sygma mustHave ythnk / dogsicle / hejduk / Undead / HYSTERIA Frenchie Toast Mafia AIM / MOi$@ND / d@k!LL@ / L!mpY / cYb@$n!p@ GUNRUNNERS jANYY / bladeSTAR / F o X x / GLady / cDe LFT_cz louwe / Adamelo / lifeR- / Map0k / alfa Kolegove waaKy / kaRa / Aladrin / thomas / warking BLITz FRESHY / Lox / speedz / Necror / F1CHO Placebo zann / mattz / Scentic / wizzBY / kreator Mrki ecStazy / TiDuS / LVKS / YUXMANE / ŠOŠE Entropy Gaming Shiki / M4joR / nieSow / v'Rx / hellcy EURONICS pYLon / helmzi / hustle / pYorn / Tyler EU LegendsKn0xX (Coach) / morphYy / select / thundeR / Nao / oxi VoGlioSborrare pinocchio , ruspa , laSirenetta , Sempronio , Montesi UTOPIA bLACKTIME. / dAAAMP / DANiZKYY / S4u / fujin The Imperial Tobin / bAAz / stat / tam / Yaffa God Squad rekzu / ptER / RA1VZ / Beakzy / Syn TBA BUBL1K / ari / homie / ksandR / DOBZWER BROTHERS Dizzy / SeDoi / Ksen / sn1k / HDMzeh Inept alukardjke / VORTEX / uBERBURK / saihtaM / speed The Cavalry Mcfluffish / Funnsy / phloFF / Aspa / +1 HUNT Esports GARCIA / TGB / ARMY / SHADOWMIGLITO / FENIX unexpected savu / nuni / nodyxz / blueangel / scof1eld Last Chance celezi +4 sphere x Noeysis / cake / Dani / Rosamaha / miLkLF Teamctaz Discord: ctazhei#9829intrax Discord: intrax#5763Nightyz Discord: Nightyz#9625fuckR<3 STEAM LINKPre-LAN TournamentsFirst cup is on the 20th of April.Sign up forms for this cup are open now - http://bit.ly/GALCUP18No sign up restrictions, everyone is welcome to participate.Prizes will be announced later on.1 day tournament.Second cup is on the 15th of June.Only paid teams participate for seedings. (Invite)Prizes will be announced later on.1 day tournament.Business Inquiries: gal-lan@outlook.com If your team is not from the EU and you still want to attend, please send me a PM. We are eager to host a fun and exciting event, any community input is much appreciated! Refund Policy If you are unable to attend the event, please notify us as soon as possible. If your notification is received over 28 days prior to the start of the event, your payment will be refunded subject to a €20 administration fee per ticket. Notifications received within 28 days of the event will not be refunded unless the event is full and your place can be sold to the next person on the waiting list, in which case the €20 administration fee will still apply. Refunds will typically take up to 10 working days to process providing all of the information required is supplied in order make the transaction. Since this is a non-profit event, whatever fees are made will go straight to the prize pool.
  4. Are you a Battalion 1944 player that has been enjoying the game since release; but are sick of practicing with your team or group only to be able to scrim, PUG, or play in a one off tournament where your stats or wins won't be remembered? Well, it's time to step up your game and bring in the real competition. On behalf of CyberGamer, I am proud to announce the start of the Season 1 ladder for Battalion 1944 NA with a tentative start date of Thursday, February 22nd at 1pm EST. Check us out and register your team on the ladder to be able to start competing once the season starts! https://na.cybergamer.com/pc/bat1944/ladder/rankings/ There are already several teams registered on the ladder with more joining each day. It's sure to be the first full time competitive league that Battalion has seen, so you're not going to want to miss out. As the head admin for the NA ladder, I'm really looking to provide a place where top teams can compete and show off their skills, win some prizes, and earn their way to the top of the ladders. This is the first of what will be many ladders, leagues, and tournaments. I'll be looking to work closely with the community to incorporate your feedback and really help provide an unmatched competitive environment for all interested. So, if you have input on the rules or might be interested in a Rifles Only ladder like the old school Call of Duty 2 days, then be sure to visit the CyberGamer NA site Battalion 1944 forums and vote in our rifles only ladder poll. Lastly, the ladder will be opening very soon, so once again, be sure to get your team registered and ready up so you're ready to start challenging right away once the unlock happens next week. As always, I'm available for any questions directly on the site or via Discord (Reverence#3510). Hope to see all your names in the ladder list!
  5. FastFrags - Competitive Gaming League will be hosting weekly Battalion 1944 (B44) Tournaments during early-access and beyond! When do events start? [NA] ShellShock Saturday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Saturdays @ 2PM EST (SS Sat #2 - Feb 17th). [EU] ShellShock Sunday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Sundays@ 2PM GMT+0 (SS Sun #2 - Feb 18th). Does it cost to play? No! While the game and competitive scene establishes itself, our Tournaments will be open entry, free-2-play events with smaller prizes. We plan to add larger scale invitationals and pay-2-play events with bigger & better prize pools as the competitive community grows. What Game Mode(s) will be supported? Tournaments may vary between the Wartide, TDM, and CTF game modes from week to week (depending on the demand from the community and support from the developers). What are the Prizes? Prizes for this week's series of tournaments will be $50 in steam gift cards to the winning team (5x $10 cards codes). Still need a team? No problem! Check out our ‘Team Finder’ to quickly find and apply directly to teams that are recruiting competitive players like you, or visit our discord https://discord.gg/jmmKUJg Join, Create & Build your team’s roster today @ https://fastfrags.com