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Found 22 results

  1. Looking for 5 Players will supply practice server branding and funding/entry into leagues and tournaments must be willing to grind and learn callouts for all maps, English speaking is A Must. Must be from EU. To get in contact message me on twitter @RooanUK
  2. Hello Players, My name is Mark aka Donbenz ingame and im looking for a team. I live in the Netherlands and I'm 23 years old. I've been playing COD 1 since 2008 for 5 years then played COD 2 for a little year off and on. After that i played COD 4 for 2 years, again off and on, then I stepped into CSGO and still playing abit today. Currently im active on CSGO for about 3 years. Over all I have approximately 4000 hours in FPS shooter games. Due these lots of hours in international communities my english language is fluently aswell. Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198155237527/ Add me if you want to teamup or even when you want to duo some games with me, or just react to this post.
  3. I'm 24 years old, ex CoD2/CoD4, recently CSGO player. I want to get contact with ambitios EU based teams/orgs to raise our game to the next level. I'm not a complete newbie in fps, since I've years of experience in this genre. I want to attend tournaments, trainings. I'm open for any offers if its serious. Steam Profile
  4. We heard you were looking for a team, a clan, a community...Our rules are simple head to the website to see them https://theteam.xyzOur members are awesome.We use TeamSpeak and Discord (Possibly transitioning to Discord)We now play BATTALION 1944 plus other games including: Rainbow Six Siege Escape From Tarkov PUBG Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP BattlefieldKTANE Insurgency CS:GOOverwatchPlus a load more (and we're open to more being added) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEAMSPEAK address is theteam.xyz DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/WGmeD3y ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Come and play some games with us, you're welcome to come and go as you please because we don't run a dictatorship, you don't need to login every day/week/month to be "active" we rely on good old fashioned communication.We're a very open community that supports our members in what they enjoy doing (gaming).If you want to start an ESL/Pro team go ahead and we will give you the resources to create a team and run it without restriction. The same is also said for Twitch and YouTube, we feature your videos and streams on the website and help promote and support what you want to achieve.If you want to game with your friends or want to play with more people come on in, get to know some people and if you want to create a community for a game you love then get involved.So head to TS for some games, have some fun, and see for yourself.
  5. Szukam drużyny która stawia sobie wysokie cele. Mam 14lat.W grze CS:GO miałem 1500h więc mam doświadczenie w grach typu FPS.Jeżeli chodzi o wojenne realia grałem w H&G zdobyłem tam 120h.W CSGO grałem kwalifikacje fecite DreamHack Winter 2016.Oraz turniej 2vs2 ESL One o bilety na IEM Katowice 2017. Nick steam HoTtT.
  6. I will be recruiting to fill the last few spots for a five man lineup who will compete in any available Na tournaments over the coming months in hopes of getting picked up by an org. Experience: must have at least a minimal experience in a team environment cs , cod or other fps games... (This may include league teams scrim teams or other lineup exp) Age: would like to get anyone over 18 however we would make exceptions for younger people provided they can prove they are responsible enough to make pracs Schedule: evenings after 6 mst on weekdays, weekends tbd but likely most of the day Expectations: i realize that alot of people want to go pro in this new game so what we need is people who are willing to go above and beyond but not have outrageous expectations as ultimately this team is for fun scrims firstly and to try to win tournaments and make an org is just a hopeful result of hard work Contact info: STEAMID : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Harry_G/ OR MESSAGE HERE Will be doing tryouts in scrims and pugs
  7. Hi guys, looking for a B44 Team to play cups, competitive, tournaments, lans... I'm 26 years old and got a live ;), i still playing cod2 since 2009 and for 1 year cod4 I play Battalion since the Beta and every day or 2nd day Pls no guys they are still looking for "high" only or some shit :D, i mean cmon...after 4 days you think "high" is possible ? I looking for a Team with the fokus on teamplay and the person who play not only the skill.... yeah, so i hope i hear from you greetings http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037913600/ btw i'm on discord to
  8. Hey, guys! My name is Petroslav, and I am an ex semi-pro Counter-Strike player from Bulgaria. I have been a heavy FPS player since 2004, starting with Quake 3 Arena and then moving to Counter-Strike 1.6, where I competed at a top level for 5 years - winning many local tournaments (ESWC, WCG qualifiers, ESL EPS Pro Series and many more). Then I moved on to CS:GO, where I competed for a bit, but nothing major (played for a couple of teams for ESEA, CEVO and some LAN tournaments). Honestly, for the past couple of months I don't have the right motivation to grind the game. I needed a change and a new challenge - and that's how I discovered Battalion 1944. I got really hooked on it and thankfully I received a beta key. For me the game not only lived up to my expectations - it exceeded them. Since I am a competitive person, I am really motivated to try out for a team. I speak fluent English, and I can fit to any role necessary (except for IGL at the moment). I am a very calm person and I don't rage. Highlights from the beta: Contact me: https://twitter.com/mythr0x http://steamcommunity.com/id/mythr0x/ mythfilmz@gmail.com
  9. Hey, I'm a recruiter for an org that is expanding into various eSports, Battalion1994 being one of them! Add me on steam to talk about this, http://steamcommunity.com/id/zephyrmeanbean/
  10. i5 | execrate_

    immoraL 5 NA

    immoraL 5 will be looking for players when EA starts. Will be trying to play the first tournament so we need guys quick. REQUIREMENTS: MUST BE NA MUST BE 16+, PREFERABLY 18+ DEPENDING ON MATURITY LEVEL MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY 4-5 DAYS A WEEK, AROUND 25 HOURS NOT TOXIC WILLING TO LEARN AND PROGRESS LONG TERM. NOT LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS THAT TEAM HOP. SHOULD HAVE vCOD, COD2, COD4 EXPERIENCE, IF YOU DON'T YOU MAY BE CONSIDERED JUST REPLY WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE. We are looking to go far in this game, and already have 2 sponsorships lined up for release. If interested post up here with your experience, steam link, availability, etc. We will be trying people out this weekend and the following week. Thanks for checking this out.
  11. Hey guys, I am an experienced FPS player that will be focusing on Battalion 1944 and the competitive scene. I can bring a lot to the table, we all have our bad games, but I make up for it with comms and leadership. I've been apart of my fair share of GB teams meaning practicing a lot during the week and non-stop learning. I hope to hear back soon, and look forward to playing with you guys. Thanks
  12. NoName Wir suchen Member für unser Team. Du solltest: 16+ sein, nicht dauerhaft rumschreien & behaupten der Gegner hackt, Discord installiert haben. Zu uns: Wir sind 17 Jahre alt, viel Erfahrung im Gaming-Bereich (FPS), Bei uns wird hauptsächlich Battalion 1944 & CoD (falls mal wieder ein gutes kommt) gezockt. Bei Interesse oder Fragen: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_brother/
  13. Hey guys i have been grinding Battalion since release and i am trying to find a team to scrim and play with. I am a flex player, but i stick mostly to Pathfinder and Default. I am 22 years old and I am available almost every night after 3pm eastern standard time. I live in Baltimore so ping to most places is fine. Hit me up. Here is a video from a recent wartide game i played where i went 33-14. There are the 1v3's and highlights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJg7VjGaSyc Hit me up here or on Twitter @ReportScore if you want to play with me. I can communicate on Discord/Skype/Teamspeak *i can also help pitch in for a scrim server if needed*
  14. We, EraseMe Gaming e.V. , are now looking for several strong Battalion 1944 players. What we offer: • Organization "EraseMe Gaming e.V." with gameserver, a teamspeak, gameserver, professional designs as well as an organized management area • Team and league experience • Experienced Promod / COD competitive players Our goals: • National notoriety and belonging to the top teams • Achieve something as a long-standing 5-person team • Rise in the upcoming leagues • Playing in Cup's / Tournaments Requirements for you: • Promod / COD competitive experience • Age: 16+ • Team and league experience • Initiative • 4 days activity / week Of course, we presuppose the ability to criticize, discipline and motivation and can also demonstrate the characteristics mentioned above. Whether sympathy, game understanding and gameplay match up, will show in the test games. Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ykeNcs/ or http://steamcommunity.com/id/BHCChris7/
  15. I will be hosting a potential team for competitive Battalion 1944. Many people are going promote themselves as "sponsors". We are not a sponsor. We offer a stable branded home, not an on the fly concept. FPS will pick up 6-7 active players, I will provide: stream support, logos and branding, for players a dedicated server, and structured team environment. Players should expect to participate in open tournaments EARLY. We plan to play with competitive intentions but are NOT aiming to be professional players. Many of us are adults and have lives to tend to. Progession will be based on performance, however we will prioritize culture and chemistry first. We want a team that vibes, remains active, and will make needed changes to be sucessful. -Have experience in similar titles -No history of cheating, we will check -Able to play late nights -Commit to our channel at all times. -Expect to play this title almost exclusively -Practice times will be 7PM Mountain time / 9PM Eastern time. Till however late -NA player preferred. -Have a Mic. - Guage your commitment early, we really would like to play scrims, pick ups and more by week 3 of launch. This will include nights of strategizing, practicing grenades, positioning, setting roles, reviewing maps and sharing balanced feedback between peers. FPS has other teams or groups we've founded on this same premisis, we expect a mature gaming environment free of Elitist, people stuck in their glory days, or tryhards willing to turn cancerous on their teammates. If you're going to spam complaints in chat or think everyone's cheating then don't bother. Don't waste my time because we won't waste yours. We currently consists of 2 veteran cod players and are looking for other groups to get going ASAP or recruit individual players. If you got one or two, let's talk. https://discord.gg/ZKbfrKz steamcommunity.com/id/soc1e7y
  16. Looking for ASIAN PLAYERS/TEAM maybe this thread is good for us to add and befriended in-game. This also helps us to make a team or group and play some SCRIMS for the upcoming tournaments. Let's start by putting filling up this form. I will also create Asian discord group in the future so please standby. IGN: Nickname: Location/Country: So let me start. IGN: BelsvNickname: BellLocation/Country: Philippines
  17. EX CS:GO player from Finland is seeking good Battalion team! About me: - About 4k hours CS:GO - Played on Finnish lans and many online tournaments before - Highly motivated towards Battalion - Non rager and fast learner - Im not having any tournament pressure and im really calm So if you are interested and you wanna get 1 really motivated scope or rifle player to your team/upcoming team just add me on steam and we can talk more! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068182347/
  18. About me About me Hello my name is Roan, I'm 15 from the UK I'm an avid esports enthusiast with a plethora of experience in the eSport scene currently owning my own organisation and also being a Semi-Professional CSGO Player for the last 3 Years competing in a variety of league's tournaments and LAN events, im currently open and am looking to Join A team participating in @ThePlaysGG league. I'm also looking to join a team with an organisation already set up to solidify our professional standing, I'm looking to get top 10 Worldwide teams by the end of 2018. [ Only Serious Inquires] Past Experience 2X LAN Over 15 Leagues and tournaments in CSGO, ESEA CEVO and LAN Owner of the Succesful and newly established organisation. If you want to contact me reply below, and or DM me on twitter @RooanUK, or email me at roan@thehuntesports.co.uk Willing to travel
  19. Looking for 1 person to round out our roster. As of now we have a few potentials (friends that we have past played with in CoD4) but since there will be a lot of new talent popping up, we are keeping an open mind. Roster: Abraxas (Loaded, Awakening, Area 51, Blight, i9, MugNMouse) former cevo-p CoD4, attended lans Uzi (Loaded, vVv, Awakening, Area 51, Blight, MugNMouse) former cevo-p CoD4, attended lans Jben (Young player from NA CoD4 scene. Very dedicated and has natural talent) Night (Younger player from NA CoD4 scene. High natural FPS talent) TBD Send me a PM on Discord (https://discord.gg/btsWSR2) and we'll chat about potentials and que up during EA
  20. Hi guys, I am 18 years old Finnish guy. I am looking for team that would have goals to take part on tournaments. Yes, we need to work for it. I am soon going to complete my studies so time won't be a big problem. If you want to know more or want to ask for a try to join team please do so ASAP as the game comes out on Feb 1st. My steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheBigT42099 Gaming experience from CoD 2 and similar ones are not much as I was playing on console my early years.. Started playing (for example) CS:GO on 2015.
  21. Hey all, my name is Kevin "Yinyues" Kleemann and i'm looking for a Competitive Team for Battalion 1944. I have good experience in COD4 Promod and some decent experience in COD2. I've played Promod from early 2010 untill the end of 2012. I've played some ESL games with my old and loved Team. Skill group was Mid+ / High. At the end of 2012 we have played again high+ teams only. Im looking for a competitive German Team! But I'm able to talk in english so it would be no problem to play with people from around the world. Some informations about myself: Name: Kevin "Yinyues" Kleemann Age: 23 years old atm. ESL: https://play.eslgaming.com/archive/esl-europe/it/warrock/cqc/4on4/steel_autumn08/player/5768246/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DUBSTEPwebg/videos?view_as=subscriber (just in case you wanna see some old gameplay / mini clips) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Yinyues
  22. As the title says, i'm an Australian player that is seeking a team to join that has the intention of playing this game on the competitive level. I'm seeking a team that has big, longlasting goals, such as eventually competing professionally.