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Found 4 results

  1. I wrote everything down in a google document so click click
  2. KiwiFreaK

    Grenade features

    Hi all, I really like this first release of the game. Nice work! Some personal suggestions I really would like to see in the game (sorry when it's already discussed): 1) I really like to cook grenades, hold them and they might explode in the face of the enemy or in your own face. This gives the player a huge amount of more control over the nades. The damage might be compenstated but I dont know... See the COD2 implementation here: 2) Remove the grenade indicator (there's a full topic about it) 3) Pick up grenades from dead bodies 4) Two grenades can make trip wires, see COD2 implementation below (sorry bad video but shows the idea): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAURqiCBK1c 5) Gas grenades, fire nades or other types (nice to have) Some other (bigger) changes could be: 6) Add fixed mounted guns 7) Implement a hardcode mode Please drop any comment below. Thats it for now. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
  3. comagnum

    Message to the players

    First of all, I’m glad we have a good platform for constructive and productive conversation and ideas. Between here and Reddit I’ve seen a number of good points, ideas, suggestions, etc. However, we as a collective need to understand a few things. Firstly, issues with launches happen. Especially early access launches. This game is by no means a finished product and we need to take that into consideration before losing our minds on forums/threads/review pages. That’s not to say we should ignore said issues, but we also need to be realistic with our expectations. We’re currently a week removed from launch day and the devs have already taken action on a number of aggravating and game hindering bugs. As I type this, they’re still currently testing fixes, addressing crashing issues, and things of the like while also trying to improve the overall experience with map fixes, gameplay additions, balancing fixes, and economy based changes to the card system. They’re being active in their approach to this game, not resting on their laurels, and trying to put out the best product they can. Be mindful of these things when you’re having issues of your own. With that being said, please also realize that the issues and things you experience, especially related to crashes, are not everyone’s experience. There are a ton of different hardware configurations out there and I am fairly certain it takes a small development group a lot longer to pinpoint these issues and implement fixes than a larger group. Again, be mindful of this. While there may be issues right now, it seems like there’s a few of us (the loudest ones usually) that are convinced that the game is crap, will always be crap, and it’s never going to improve. These people are not productive members of our community. The devs are clearly passionate about improving on their game and I’m willing to bet that in 3-6 months time the game we have then will be much improved over the current landscape. Battalion will continue to improve, will continue to be balanced, will continue to have features added, and will continue to grow. And I’m hoping that we can come together as a whole and be patient, respect the process, and acknowledge that we’re still in this games infancy. Best wishes.
  4. Tropical Fruit

    Overall suggestions.

    I just hit 20hrs with this game and as much as I love it, it needs changes and polish. MAPS: Manorhouse v1 and v2 are marked as the same map. Manorhouse v1 is in my opinion better(tho' I like the sunset from v2 more) because of opened up space in tranches and there's no additional sniper spot. This map has enough sniper spots. (from American side) The long way to bomb site is sniper's place, over the trenches, right from the trenches, in the window of house and v2 has another sniper spot just left of the trenches... Too much. I will say that v2 has better bomb site on the left(from American side). I love Manorhouse, especially on TDM. Outpost's visibility is shit. It's extremely hard to see enemies without scoped weapon on certain distances. That's not e-sports ready. Spawns on Outpost for Americans on wartide is ridiculously close to one of the bomb sites and Germans don't have an easy time stopping them since Americans are already entering bomb site as Germans get to it. Overall it's VERY simplistic map IMO and most of the action is happening on the bomb site closest to Americans anyway(which is like 10% of the map) it needs to be changed if you want it to be competitive. Liberation... I hate this map. No offence but it's trash to me and actually I see that a lot of people have the same feelings to this map. Maybe I just hit the right group of people. The map has this unpleasant middle for snipers to fight but Germans are always later at the position(maybe I'm just bad) and just holding this position is hard because of jumpshooting and scope's magnification, which I'm going to touch on later. I feel like the right bomb site(from German perspective) is poorly designed. Only way I see it working is if there's a sniper on the corner watching this long sniper's alley and one guy on site watching the tunnel but then again it's hard to hold that passage with the box in the middle of it. IMO it's best if here's no sniper's alley and instead short to medium distance fights can happen there. Just my opinion though. I personally like the other bomb site. Nice place for Germans to hold from these little windows but yet dangerous if someone's fast enough. I love jumping into the window as German and sneaking behind Amerikanas BUT that broken window on American side feels very overpowered. Broken window on German side in the house in the middle is nice spot... but it's useless on wartide. No cover whatsoever when you peek. I feel like Germans are too vulnerable up there. I also feel like this map is not right for any weapon. Middle is fine, it's sniper spot after all but Kar feels a little tiny bit underpowered in tight places but then again it's great on those long distances. Garand is kind of fine if you think about it but rifles do too little damage on big distances, If someone with kar gets to you you're dead even if you shoot first for 3 seconds(if you fail to kill that person within 3 seconds), SMGs are good only on the bomb site with the tiny room in the barn on it. In fact this bomb site makes all weapons good and that's why it's enjoyable to play there but other than that too many variations of ranges on this map I feel like. Battery needs optimisation. But I guess you figured that out. Battery has weird object collision. Throwing nades on this map is a hustle. I understand what you aim for with this map but invisible walls are FUCKING ANNOYING. Just put something that blocks people from moving there instead of putting invisible walls. It fucks with fluent movement as well if you think about it. Your brain sees something you can get onto but nah... BAM invisible wall. Coastal is fine but maybe it'd be even better with some more obstacles in the middle? This area is kind of a no go area because of lack of cover. It doesn't make the slightest sense to go there. I also thought that adding a little house tunnel next to the garden place would be nice so you can see into bomb site as American. It feels like there's not enough spots you can peek from without big risks. Derailed is awesome. One thing that comes to my mind is that there's so long route to the objective when(as American) you get out at the left side of tank(left side of map btw) and then again left which is kind of sniper's alley, behind the church. It takes a lot of time to get to the objective. Maybe shorten it? Maybe open up the wall behind the church. GAMEPLAY: Hitboxes feel off. On certain distances I feel like it's extremely hard to hit an enemy. Also basic weapons seem to have HUGE problem with that. Gewehr seems to be missing everything that you would consider sniper range. Once I shot someone with Thompson 4 times in the head(hard to tell the distance. Not too close but not too far either, I'd say effective assault rifle range) I saw the blood but didn't get a single hit marker and then someone sniped me so it was hard to investigate this situation. On Domination when you play as German your team's kills are red as usual but your controlled flags are blue which is Allies colour. It is actually very confusing in such a fast paced game. Every now and then I look around and I have to read if this needs to be defended or attacked. Grenades seem to made out of rubber, they bounce hard and what is very annoying they seem like they are very large objects making it VERY hard to throw them through small spaces that normally you would be able to. Very annoying thing. Also throwing nades into windows at certain angles is just impossible. I personally dislike grenade indicator. 1st it shows your friendlies' grenades and it can fuck you up and 2nd indicators make them kind of shit. You either have to throw a nade through whole map so it blows up on impact more or less or just throw into 5-6 people fighting and someone will be late to run away. My idea is to make the audio of nades a lot more noticable and get rid of indicators(like in CoD 1). Jumping... When you land you loose all of the speed for quite a long time. I don't like it. It doesn't make movement very fluent if you ask me. You don't want people to jump like bunnies when shooting at each other, understandable, but when you try to jump up on 2 boxes in a row... You have to wait like idiot before this cooldown for jumping goes away. Too heavy slow down for too long time if you ask me. Either make proper vaulting or change the time and amount of slow down, though even with vaulting the slow down is too big. I'm not sure about this one but I think sprint could be a tiny bit longer. Capturing the flag on domination feels odd. You REALLY should make an area in which the flag can be captured because as of now you just stand like idiot 5cm away from the flag begging that no one better than you peeks you. Same goes for wartide. ESPECIALLY in wartide you should make bomb sites like in every other game. CS, old cods, new cods, every other game. Just give us an area in which you can plant. It again feels so awkward that you can only plant 5cm away from the ammo boxes. This in particular is not e-sports ready. When you run out of ammo your character reloads the weapon. When during this you start sprinting your character doesn't reload the weapon automatically after you stop and you have to spam that R. Also when you shoot the last bullet in kar98 and then run, switch weapons or whatever the character ejects the last shell just so he can open his bolt(eject another empty cartridge) and reload and you also have to spam R after the character works the bolt on last bullet. This makes for lengthy reload. Back to hitboxes, I'm not sure if it's just my bad luck but I seem to shoot people A LOT in the arms instead of corpus. Perhaps too big arm hitbox? PLEASE do proper clipping(I hope it's the word). On Manorhouse v1, in trenches there's a ramp made out of logs but it's a shitty ramp since you can get stuck on the logs. Same with barrels on this map in trenches. On every map there's a spot that is not really polished. Your character has to either walk fluently on surfaces or slide away from them. It's really important. Not sure about your plans but how about friendly fire on competitive wartide? Let us choose what arcade mode we want to play. I'm tired of hunting for TDM. How about letting us choose maps like in CS:GO on competitive wartide? WEAPONS: FIRST OF ALL I think that sniper rifles have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much magnification. I see people being very slow to shoot if it's not very long range and a lot of those people are inaccurate. Take a look at CS:GO. They have 2 zoom levels but let's ignore that 2nd level of zoom. When you start aiming in CS:GO with sniper rifle you're able to hit long range shots and if situation requires you, you can also shoot someone up close. It's not the most comfortable thing to do. If there's not some sort of distance between you it's a hard shot a lot of the times. Now Battalion is million times faster game and this zoom is what? 8 times zoom? When someone walks around the corner and I press RMB with sniper rifle I feel like I'm right at this corner. It's so hard to play with it. Not because I need to GIT GUD but it's actually useless. It's good only for snipers' alleys. Semi-automatic weapons seem to have extremely strange recoil(except for M1 Carbine that shit got no recoil). You either don't control it and you have to be prepared it will go a little bit up or you try to control it and you aim at someone's legs. Really bizarre and I think this might be part of the problem with hitboxes with those guns. When you start controlling it bullets don't seem to be going where you aim. I was about to complain about zoom being too big on ADS making it hard for CQB but I found out that if you turn off fixed view model the zoom is smaller and it's okay I guess. Hence my suggestion to maybe make it like BF1 did. Set the biggest amount of zoom, let's say it's 1.5x on iron sights and let people choose how big of a zoom they want on iron sights. You could do the same with sniper rifles. Would be sweet. Before I end I will mention one bug here, I reported it already but... On coastal CTF mode you can drown flags. You can get 1 point and then drown enemy's flag and it turns into TDM with already picked winner. It's a long ass post but I think that's pretty much everything I can complain about. Overall great game and I think with above changes it might be VERI GUD. Edit: Cards on wartide should not make any sound to the enemy. Sometimes they are in the way and you can't move without picking one up. It ruins sneaky plays. Make it do sound for friendlies or just for yourself and maybe put an option to disable it if someone dislikes it. Also I'm not a fan of this card system but I don't know how to do it to not end up with CS-like system.