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Found 1 result

  1. jackis

    Few Ideas by jackis

    Hello my name is Lukas 'jackis' Knotek first i will briefly introduce myself. Im ex cod2 player. I started at cod1 as a kid but mostly I used to play play cod2 and been at the very top at around 2010-2012 and some casual cod4 then i retired a then came back mainly cause of bat44 as I have nothing else competetive to play on I take myself as a very analytical person and many of these ideas are based on hundreds of hours of observing. Ive also been having closer look into battalion since its kickstarter and backed through humble bundle. Talked to devs at FSL cod2 lan in Germany and gladly and thanksfuly they took some advices probably from many of us to their hearts. So here are some ideas that came across my mind lately. Springfield noscope bolt - One of a few very frustrating things for me as a rifle man was not having a one shot kill rifle at american side besides scope which was restricted for one per team. There were mods where this feature was added at it was really cool. Having rifles on both sides would be really great and with some limited economy version that has been slightly mentioned also playable. Casual people would enjoy it mostlikely aswel. Rifle zoom sights - So far from what i have seen there has been done amazing work with kar98k. So far we haven't seen lee-enfiled gun but in cod2 when u zoomed there has been very annoying moment when u couldn't seen an enemy cause of the iron on top of the gun. The enemey at certain point could hide behidn that iron aspecially at a long range distances. Better shown at the picture. Having those irons tighters would make the gun more friendly to use. From the battalion footage of kar98k its been done very well. Non-regenerative Health - From what I have experienced it is very annoying when I perhaps tag a guy with rifle 3 times in one round (The same guy) and then he gives me one bullet HS with m1. This happened many times and adding that non-regenerative feature would completely make the game more strategic, competetive and much more interesting. I see this working very well in csgo and I have experienced regenerative mode in cod2-cod4 and I can clearly say non-regenerative is way to go. Hopefully more people will reconsider this. But Im worried devs are already cleared on this one. Wallshots - I found this very important and probably has been discussed couple times? Im not sure feel free to correct me. But I really hated the way cod4 was and I know i'm not alone in this one. Where u could shoot through pretty much anything (Please don't get triggered). At the same time the lack of shoot through in cod2 was a extreme too. I see many places in a map like woods, closed windows (as cod2 dawnville - B houses) etc. which u can shoot through that would make it more interesting. But these has to be placed at a certain tactical areas of the map but definetly not typical brick walls. In cod2 it was quite good but the clip abuse was too damn high. Without clip in battalion (Either lean or prone clip) there will be no such problem. Maybe only corners of the building. Yea that seems like a way to go. Nade kills - This really depends whether non-regenerative health is being applied or not. But I remember rounds where we could've killed 4 out of 5 people by nades and they had just such a high impact on the game. Nerfing them down a bit would help the match by a lot. Im not sure how devs are about adding flashes and molotovs into the game but it seems like a good idea. Spectator mode - Now I find this truly important for this to be a spectator esport however I believe the devs probably already has a plan. Im just gonna think out something that bothers me with the shoutcasting at csgo perhaps. I'd really welcome something like a split screen where u can see at the same time both sights of players. It's like when u have 1v1 u wanna see that action from both of players perspective right? Or maybe like having a four small boxes on the right side of the screen with others players perspective. Or just random cameras at certain positions of the map that can be switched. Cause when they spectate csgo they truly jump from one players to another and another so many times it sometimes get shaky and many times they miss the action. The idea of this whole suggestion is to not miss the action. U wanna see it happening while it is happening. Not just see the scoreboards and looking at the replay Moviemaking friendly - I imagine there will be tons of fragmovies comming out from this game as it used to back in the day from cod and i wasnt some good moviemaker myself but i was able to put something solid atleast together but I remember it used to be pretty hard to make something. You had to write down some scripts in excel just to make 360 around a player view and free move throughout the map was nearly impossible. Im not saying u couldnt do those but it would be nice to have these featuers already in the game just like pressing up button for xxx and stuff. Just a reminder on a thing to not miss ;)) Lastly it took me some time to write this so be nice on me and please use constructive critisicm if need be. I ususally get some ideas when I watch soemthing and then forget them These ones are the one that just got into my mind lately and I finally ve finally found the effort to write it. Ok one last thing I backed the game through humble bundle and ive noticed some people has it shown in their profile view here on forum but I don't any help with that? Thanks guys.