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Found 7 results

  1. Weapon skin files???

    When will community be able to make skins for this game and how will skins be chosen to hit the game? Top rated or by devs?
  2. The Turing Test MP40

    How do i receive this skin i just bought the game so i could get the mp40 skin? i bought the Turing test that is*
  3. I just opened a Flawless Kar98k Bavaria and its selling with the Battle-Hardened and War Torn skins as well. I may sound greedy but shouldn't the player be rewarded for receiving a Flawless skin?? I am just looking at it from a CS:GO stand point and I feel it's unfair to create conditions for skins if they aren't differentiated based on it.
  4. All skins

    u can see all the skins in here https://battalionskins.com/#!
  5. Hey, I was wondering what the general consensus was in the community about skins and crates. Seeing that just recently Battlefront 2 was heavily bashed for their practice with lootboxes and consequent wave of critisicm towards other games or the infamous, shady market and betting sites with Csgo, Pubg skins etc. I would expect people to be very opposed to this concept. But that is not the only reason why I dislike this approach. To me this game is absolutely not suited for skins for its theme and era. It just looks weird to me to see M1 with a flashy, colorful, patterned skins or even stickers. I know that as of now only a few, kinda polished skins were confirmed, but keep in mind that Csgo also began just with weapon skins and now they have gloves skins and whatnot. When I first heard about game I just imagined a remastered version of CoD 2 with some fixes and the few PITA features to be tweaked. What I've seen in the past few months has surprised me, in a very positive way. It is not exactly what I imagined, it is probably even better since it's not just CoD but I sense a bit Day of Defeat, HoM, possibly some Csgo similarities... However, in none of those oldschool FPS games were skins, which is why, and for many other reasons, they are labeled as oldschool and that's what Battalion wants to be. Suddenly, the game becomes a bit less about gameplay whilst the desire for an exlusive item or the urge of being the cooler kid in the yard, takes a fair share. To put everything in perspective, I absolutely understand the reasons why the chose to do so. The initial price of $15 is really low for such an amazing product, additional DLC content is supposedly free and skins seem to be the way to pay for assets, development etc. My question is why isn't the price a bit higher at the sacrifice of skins? I definitely wouldn't mind paying more, the same goes for the DLCs. What do you think?
  6. https://steamdb.info/app/489940/items/ Skins have different conditions, ie: Flawless, Battle Hardened, War Torn. Skins have different grades, marked by different colors. It appears that these grades don’t have names yet. Skins will be able to be purchased and sold in the Steam Marketplace. Remember that cosmetic items will be able to be unlocked by playing the game and earning XP, though some items, such as Shroud’s Signed Silver STG-44 might not. From the official website: “Our progression system will not under any circumstances offer game breaking advantages to players of higher rank but instead will offer a purely cosmetic based unlock system. When you gain XP you will be rewarded with visual upgrades for your character, accessories and weapons within our realistic art style guidelines. This way players can shape their own soldier's identity and become a renowned and recognisable player within the community.” From the latest interview between PC Gamer and Joe Brammer: “What kind of cosmetics are available, and how will they be earned? We have ‘Warchests’ containing tastefully relevant and designed weapon skins which can be purchased in the Battalion armoury in-game, don’t worry, you also get one every time you rank up, which is pretty regularly in Battalion! It’s also worth noting that whenever you buy a chest from Battalion 1944, it gets reinvested by us into making more content such as maps, weapons, factions, and it also goes into a tournament prize pool. So if you get involved with our ‘Warchests’ you know your money is helping make the game and your playing experience better.” Examples, found on the database: Thoughts?
  7. New Idea - Weapon Crates

    Ok, Here is my idea. Before my idea, I have to rant, I'm super disappointed in the weapons crate in battlefield 1. So this is where my idea comes from. I hate the idea that I just get a skin for an existing weapon. I would much rather work for "making a weapon". So to clear up my idea. How about earning (or possibly finding <-- within a map) weapon crates that would give you pieces of a weapon that you could then assemble/make at some later time in the game. So lets say you have your base weapon(s), this idea would give you something to work for in earning a newer weapon. Each crate you earn/find would give you a piece of that weapon. You would need to get say 5 or so pieces to make you new weapon. You might find a barrel, then a stock, then a clip, rounds for that gun, a scope, or whatever you need to complete that specific gun. Other ideas would be to find just a scope for an existing gun that you start with in the initial game. You could have one or two weapons per class (like sniper, infantry, support) or how ever the game is setup. Think how fun it would be to find that final crate that makes a new BAR or MG34 or cool sniper rifle that hardly anyone else has in the game! Another idea along this line is, how about the base weapons that you start the game with somehow deteriorate and wear down with use, the more you fire them the more they get damaged just like in real life! So eventually you could have weapons that are useless and you lose entirely. This would tie in perfect with the above idea for weapons crates. Some crates would give you a new barrel or repair your gun 10% or 25% or something to that effect. Also you could randomly have more damage depending on how you die, if you get shot there is little to no damage, but if you get blown up with a mortar or grenade you have much more damage or lose your gun you are holding instantly on next respawn! This would change the game entirely because instead of always just shooting people you could try to kill with grenades in order to make them lose their equipment. I just think that after playing battlefield 1 and getting hundreds of useless crates that something had to be done. It is such a waste. This idea could be expanded to clothing, ie: sniper outfits that make you more invisible with better camo, or larger clips for weapons, ideas are endless. Lets get rid of these dumb "skins" for weapons and make the game more interesting. Sure its fun to run around and kill everyone, but just think if you were rewarded better for it. You could also expand the idea of earning crates by completing tasks or kill streaks, things like that. Opinions?? Jamey - PS I have a real ww2 gun collection, so I practice shooting the real thing, haha! I have lots of ideas, lets make this game amazing!!