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Found 14 results

  1. First off, yes I know the game is only in EA, however, I've noticed that there are servers for South America and Australia, so howcome there are no matchmaking servers for Africa in general? South Africa has a large gaming community, and we'd really appreciate having local servers (besides from the community browser servers). The closest matchmaking servers to us are in EU, which puts us at a 200ms disadvantage, which makes playing arcade or unranked very unappealing. Really hoping that ZA servers are in the plans.
  2. If your server is not dropping cards for Pathfinder/Marksman this is because you have copied over your server config to your new server. We added code to make specific cards not drop/drop. Apologies for the inconvenience. Make sure you have the new server config from the wiki Thanks
  3. I understand the business decision to terminate SA dedicated servers, but people already bought the game, and seeing that they wont benefit from the matchmaking nor competitive modes,seems like a lowblow from bulkhead, considering that Brazil in the recent 5 years, have been taking top flag for the Latin American Esport community entirely, being champions under their own end into CS GO/PUBG and DOTA 2, and cutting them out, just like that, seems like the responsability was taken down from them, up to the point that the game will remain unplayable indefinetly for them, IMHO a possible solution such as a refund could work in a good manner, given that the game never stated actions regarding the "now limited" core services(matchmaking/competitive/lootboxes) will remain unavailable for them nor it was stated under NO TOS, nor it was defined by any clause,in case of a situation like this, please, do not let Brazillians out of Battalion 1944, they're a key strategic marketing place to expand the brand in SA once the game meet's a gold standard, please believe my argument, and believe me when i said " BR have been taking top flag for the Latin American Esport community entirely" that's no plug line, that's a fact. Agora in Portuguese Eu entendo a decisão de negócios para encerrar os servidores dedicados da SA, mas as pessoas compraram o jogo, e vendo que eles não se beneficiarão da combinação nem dos modos competitivos, parece ser um baixo nível da antepara, considerando que o Brasil nos últimos 5 anos vem tomando principal bandeira para a comunidade de Esport latino-americana inteiramente, sendo campeões sob seu próprio fim em CS GO / PUBG e DOTA 2, e cortando-os, assim, parece que a responsabilidade foi tirada deles, até o ponto em que a O jogo permanecerá inacessível indefinidamente para eles, a en minha humilde opiniao uma solução possível, como um reembolso, poderia funcionar de forma adequada, uma vez que o jogo nunca declarou ações relativas aos serviços principais "agora limitados" (matchmaking / competitivo / lootboxes) permanecerão indisponíveis para eles nem foi declarado em NO TOS, nem foi definido por qualquer cláusula, no caso de uma situação como essa, por favor, não deixe Brazillians sair do Batalhão 1944,Eles são um lugar estratégico de marketing para expandir a marca em SA, uma vez que o jogo se encontre com um padrão-ouro, por favor acredite no meu argumento e acredite quando eu disse que "BR está tomando topo da bandeira da comunidade latino-americana Esport inteiramente". plug line, isso é um fato..
  4. Twitch.tv/aussiexthunder

    Australian Servers down.

    Hi all, just a quick update the Australian servers do not seem to be working atm in any way. Comp unranked etc Experiencing game crashes on start up aswell.
  5. Wonder if the game currently has servers based on these regions and if not, are there any future plans to make them? Wanted to buy this game BAD but I'm not willing to have a poor ping experience throughout it. Thanks in advance!
  6. I live in SEA and i don't understand why there isn't a SEA server. i've been playing on the AUS server with 200+ ping and I'm not the only one. if there is no SEA server the game will be dead in this region and this is a great game it brings back a lot of old memories for cod4 and cod2.
  7. just rented a high end server from ping perfect, gonna run 5v5 wartide and possibly looking for group of players and another admin or two as i wanna keep it a competitive but not an overly toxic experience if the server does gain any popularity. Server Name is Chicago,US 5v5 Wartide ip is steam id is pizzacuh.tv if anyone is interested, thanks. sorry if post not allowed
  8. JBLxo


    How? You are selling "Be First To Play Package" but you can't actually play. Not even as second player to play. How does it happen. You knew the date of release. You knew there will be pressure on server, so why didn't you prepare. This is just unacceptable. Plus I bought the game as soon as possible for 15 EUR and after 15 minutes the game went to 13,49. Yeah it's just a few but still. I am really disappointed. I was affraid that something like this will happen. Posts from you on social media like "Be hyped", "Be first to play", "Get ready for 17:00" and then you buy the game and still after hour and a half still no progress. Nice jebait guys ++
  9. Here is quote from Dev saying we will get SEA servers at launch Now here is our condition while playing. How can we possibly play ?
  10. Hello, i am from Crimea and i can't play your game. I just dont have an option to do anything but training and open lootboxes. Servers are not available for me unless i use VPN. But the ping with VPN is bad and it costs money. So is it intentional and i must do refund or is it a bug? If it is intentional tell me why? I can play any other game from big companies like Blizzard/Activision/EA but can't play Battalion 1944, really?
  11. Mass

    Oceanic servers?

    I read the thread about the server list and noticed there was no Oceanic or Aus/Nz servers, Without servers in these location there will be little to no players this side of the world. Please considering adding some.
  12. Owzer

    Doubts about servers

    Hello, I have a question about the servers, because I was surprised to see that it does not exist in the Latin American sector (the South has many fanatics of the FPS games) ... I would like to know if it will be implemented for the future (?)... I am the editor of a portal dedicated to videogames (has a lot of followers) and I would like to generate content about this game. I think it would be a good idea considering the Latin sector. Greetings from Chile. PD: sorry for my English.
  13. When will we be able to start pre-ordering game servers?? thought it was going to be yesterday
  14. tjoppie

    South African Servers

    Are there South African Servers and if not, when can we expect to see some?