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Found 18 results

  1. Are you feeling difference between dedicated and rented servers too? I have about +30-40 ping on dedicated servers, sometimes it's not even playable. On rented servers the ping is always okay. I have wifi connection btw, but still, on rented servers it's just fine.
  2. I have a server with PingPerfect. After update server version is: 16023. My game version is: 16037. After update when I choose weapon I get a blackened screen. Unable to choose a weapon. Also when I hit escape I can walk around with no weapon. When I look down I can see my unattached arms with no weapon. See attached pics. Please help!! Thank you.
  3. MrWhiskey

    Can't join any server

    Hey, Sadly I'm not able to play the game. The Beta ran smoothly and so does the "training-mode", however, whenever I try to join a server (regardless which mode) the game loads forever and then simply crashes. I hope you can help me. Specs: I7-6500U CPU@2.50GHz 8 GB RAM GTX 950M Cheers, Flo
  4. With the new rank game play will South Africa get a dc server to play rank on as we play with a ping of 234 and its hard to play with that ping so if you guys can look in to it plz
  5. HarryG

    Best server hosting service

    Whats the best service to use to buy my own scrim server probably only need 10-12 slots
  6. connect Has worked wonders for improving my aim especially since you come into engagements far more quickly than you do in S&D or even TDM on the likes of Coastal. EDIT: Server is based in London.
  7. Hey, I know there's more important stuff to work on atm so i don't expect this to be fixed "right away". But i also know that Devolpers (I'm one myself..) need to know about issues to track them down and fix them. Currently it is (seemingly) not possible to start the dedicated linux server with systemd. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS It almost takes off but then hangs at BattalionServer[10471]: Setting breakpad minidump AppID = .... Funny enough it actually starts running once you call systemctl stop <battalion-service-name>: BattalionServer[10471]: Setting breakpad minidump AppID = .... #this is where it enters "stale" state after starting it with systemd systemd[1]: Stopping Battalion 1944 Server... BattalionServer[10471]: 4.17.2-0+++UE4+Release-4.17 513 0 BattalionServer[10471]: Disabling core dumps. BattalionServer[10471]: eac_server.so [x64] :: OnLoad() BattalionServer[10471]: CWorkThreadPool::~CWorkThreadPool: work processing queue not empty: 1 items discarded. systemd[1]: battalion-server.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=143/n/a Here's the systemd service I used in my experiments (i have removed some sensible data) on Ubuntu [Unit] Description=Battalion 1944 Server After=network.target Wants=network-online.target [Service] User=<user> Group=<user> Type=simple ExecStart=/opt/Battalion/Battalion/Binaries/Linux/BattalionServer /Game/Maps/Final_Maps/Derailed?Game=/Script/ShooterGame.BombGameMode?listen -broadcastip="<ip>" -PORT=<server-port> -QueryPort=<query-port> -log -defgameini="../../../DefaultGame.ini" Restart=on-failure RestartSec=5 StartLimitInterval=120s StartLimitBurst=4 [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target gdb and/or strace haven't given much of a hint about what's wrong, which I somewhat expected due to missing debug symbols and possibly some built-in some debugging/hack protection stuff. All of this is no major issue, one can start the server fine using screen and handle it from there. If you need any further information I'm glad to help you out.
  8. KunninLynguist

    Server Error: 139

    Recently moved our 16 slot London server to Gameservers.com due to the lack of access to the Deck .JSON files with Multiplay and we're encountering a repeated error that crashes the server after an undetermined period of time OR when the server starts to fill up. Encountered these initially with update 10849, switched servers to different locations (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and back to London) and haven't been able to get the server running at all on update 10849 (refuses to start, keeps displaying error 139 and eventually reaches restart limit) Since then I've reverted to the default server (sans 10849 patch) and the server has been up and running again... but it has gone back to crashing after so much up time / so many players join. I've notified GS about this issue, but they're saying it's a game issue, rather than a server issue. Attached is the recent crash log, our DefaultGame.ini and TDMDeck1.json. I'll update this thread with more information - going to attempt to measure how long it takes to crash when the server isn't close to full capacity. CrashLog.txt DefaultGame.ini TDMDeck1.json
  9. Title says it all... pls help!
  10. Hey Everyone, I was tired of manually updating the dedicated Linux binaries so I wrote this quick python3 script for updating or installing server binaries. You can download it here: https://github.com/jvanst/battalion-dedicated-server What it can do: - Install Linux binaries from official source - Check for updates (does not overwrite custom loadouts) - Create new .sh scripts for servers What it can't do yet: - Modify server configs nicely - Modify loadouts nicely This saves me lots me a bunch of time, hopefully it will help others!
  11. JBLxo


    How? You are selling "Be First To Play Package" but you can't actually play. Not even as second player to play. How does it happen. You knew the date of release. You knew there will be pressure on server, so why didn't you prepare. This is just unacceptable. Plus I bought the game as soon as possible for 15 EUR and after 15 minutes the game went to 13,49. Yeah it's just a few but still. I am really disappointed. I was affraid that something like this will happen. Posts from you on social media like "Be hyped", "Be first to play", "Get ready for 17:00" and then you buy the game and still after hour and a half still no progress. Nice jebait guys ++
  12. Here are my 24 man server issues Stability with crashes on a map Kicks everyone when it changes map Locked to 10 men so why have 24 man server (Multiplay are your partners) Had to lock to get a game Reserved slots need to come quick Turn off nade marker for everyone Deathmatch Mode is needed Start of a match should be 2 people and we had to configure for this Auto balance should be better as I had a 9 vs 1 TDM where I was the one. Had great kill streaks though Regards Koopa
  13. KunninLynguist

    Server Log Day 1

    Hello, Just thought I'd pop the log up from Day 1. Noticed a lot of crashes relating to too much CPU being used for 0 players, hope it is of some use.
  14. Greetings, unfortunately I was not able to post this on the Technical Support sub so I decided to add it here. I'm currently setting up my Battalion 1944 private server both on an Ubuntu 17.10 and 16.06 LTS box hosted by DigitalOcean. I have followed the setup mentioned here - both using the Run.sh (after editing to have the broadcast IP correctly point to my external IP) as well as handcrafting the command for the BattalionServer. For the most part, things kind of worked (after adjusting permissions lazily to 777 for everything under the /LinuxServer/ path) however I noticed two things: 1. When spinning up the server engine, the output is rather vague.. kept me thinking that something was wrong: root@battalion1944-server:~/LinuxServer# ./Run.sh 4.17.2-0+++UE4+Release-4.17 513 0 Disabling core dumps. [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 489940 eac_server.so [x64] :: OnLoad() I'm assuming the OnLoad() is some event trigger that is supposed to spin up everything. However it would be nice if the Wiki included some example output to compare to. 2. There are no detailed logs for when users join in. Whenever I try to join, I simply get to the loading page and then disconnect. Looking back at the server all I see is: STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket created STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket created STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed Keep in mind that ufw is disabled entirely and nothing is blocking TCP/UDP packets over any port (the connection infact is being made). However there isn't anything else I can troubleshoot over here. Nothing under /var/log/syslog blows up either.. Was hoping one of the devs (one myself) could help me out -- I'm willing to better document the whole process for you guys should I get it to work smoothly.
  15. I tried to kick someone from my server (hosted on Linux) but the server seems to crash everytime I try. Also happens when I try to kick bots. Also, is there a way to quick connect to the server? connect ip:port doesnt seem to work.
  16. Anyone else experiencing the below error when trying to run the bat file... the ShooterGame.EXE opens after the Bat file and this is all that is shown?
  17. Few questions for the DEVS about rentable dedicated clan servers: Will they be ranked? Can weapons be limited (IE 1 sniper etc) without losing server ranked status? Can the server run custom map rotations with default maps without losing server ranked status? Will spectate tools be provided by Bulkhead? Will an ingame server admin be able to spectate players without being mentioned on scoreboard? Will a spectator take up a server spot? Any word on this would be appriciated.
  18. Kaiser

    Australian Servers

    Sup, First off I'd like to say that i am incredibly pumped for this game and can not wait to see where it goes. I am hoping this game will become my main game for years to come and get me out of this slump i have for games at the moment. My question is, Will there be Australian Servers? I understand that we are a relatively small community compared to NA & EU however as somebody who constantly deals with terrible ping, it would be amazing if there were servers for us. In the past, Australia has/had a large community as it pertains to games such as Cod4, Cod2 and CsGO. MY conclusion is that as this game mostly resembles those shooters, I have no doubt that the servers would then warrant themselves with the amount of Australians flocking to play this game. Hopefully you guys will take into consideration what i have said. Kindest Regards, Kaiser.