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Found 6 results

  1. Hey. During the wait for Battalion 1944 I would love to play some old CoD. I used to play a bit competitive in COD5 back in the day and I have to tell you that this game rock. I dont know why it never got more popular, tons of cool maps ( 3DLC map packs were free for PC) and mod support ( Commod which works like promod in CoD4 - switch off perks, noob guns, hitmarkers over the walls, improve sounds and amount of fps). Unfortunetly after all these years this game is kinda dead. There are not many public servers but I could host dedicated server if there will be players who would like to play. It could be quite a good warm up before january here are some fragmovies from CoD World at War to tease you : If you are interested comment here or write to me on steam : Shev441
  2. T.I.M.Warfare Clan ITA/ENG

    Hi guys, i'm triccotricco an italian player and i'm the leader of T.I.M.Warfare Clan. The team was founded on ps3 around march 2010 by me, gratefuldead and maxmaverick69. At the time we played mw2/mw3 with other members until 2012. After that year things started to change, i've enlisted new people and we did lots of clan wars on bo2, on 2016 i founded a new section of the team on the PC, and we did some more clan wars. At the moment we're playing BO2, cod4 Promod and CSGO, we are planning to play competitively on battalion so we are waiting for its release. If you are interested let me know on Steam or join my discord so i can tell you more about my clan Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/timwarfareghost My discord: https://discord.gg/Nr3Epmh
  3. Hello Battalion1944 forum! I can't believe I haven't heard about this game until today, lol..?? Battalion 1944 has definitely caught my eye and has my full attention. I have been looking for a game of this caliber and I believe I have found it! I am not into the futuristic type based shooters and have not played CoD since Black Ops. I played source for 10 years and am currently playing GO. About Me: Ex CoD4~7, CSS, CS:GO player with LAN and Invite experience. I will be actively searching the forums in hopes of finding players or teams with similar gaming experience preferably from NA, but will join an Internationally team who plans on playing B1944 full-time and competing at a high level in leagues/tournaments for cash prizes..
  4. Lets all play Promod or COD2 together! My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blaine_ We can even make a group and schedule pugs. Add me! Lets game!
  5. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a quick introduction and a hello to everyone. Some good friends introduced me to Battalion 1944 a couple weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to playing it. The progress and dedication from the developers and staff have amazed me. I can't wait to support the game and see it grow. I started playing Call of Duty since 2003, entered into the competitive scene during CoD2 and continued playing cal-m / cal-i until promod. I really do miss the golden days haha. Crossing my fingers that this game will have a solid competitive scene so I can tapper off from csgo and come back home to a good ww2 shooter. Looking forward to playing with you guys! I already got my early access copy and am counting down the days til march. During the early access will we be able to stream the game? I would love to be able to stream it from day one! See you guys out on the battlefield!
  6. Ello /Zorna

    Hello everyone! My name is Jimmi (my in-game name is Zorna / [Z]<''3) I am from sweden and i have been interested in Battalion for quite sometime and after looking at Phantasys latest video about the game it really got me hyped for this game. I come from Cod4 Promod and i have been playing it for years now and i still play it today, reading and hearing all what you guys are making sounds amazing and hard to belive that something like this would actually come true is just amazing. For me i can't wait for the game to go live. I feel like i wanna be involved in this community more then anything i have been in before. Thanks for reading and wasting your time Zorna