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Found 8 results

  1. Been experiencing issues since release, game seems to be lagging even tho my connection is fine? Every other game I've tried has worked without any problems, heres a video to explain a bit of my problem : Also I am only one of my friends who have this issue, I have found couple of servers where I can play. But if I que into "Unranked" or "Arcade" this problem makes my game unplayable. Also this problem is on most of the servers from server browser aswell. I have tried almost everything, reinstalling windows, reinstalling BATTALION, tried with different internet connections etc. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. - PROBLEM SOLVED - NOT AN ISSUE : Check this post - What's wrong with new version ? Version : 11804 OS : windows Port open : 7777-7780 (TCP and UDP) - same result with firewall off. Server is displayed on server browser but with a 999 ping An other server is displaying the same ping. Ping on server is corretly displayed : Server is displayed on custom server browser : But it is dead on https://www.btl44.com or gametracker : worked correlty with previous version of server files (on windows).
  3. Hey, I have an odd problem with latency on EU servers. I am from finland, yet my ping on EU servers is 150~, whereas on russian servers I get a decent 60. The problem doesn't seem to be servers being overloaded as most of the other players get the normal 20 to 80 ping, and it doesn't seem like it can be on my end either due to my low ping on everywhere else except for the EU servers (Unless my routing is off?) Any ideas what I could do? I don't find any games on russian servers so I can't play there.
  4. Why is no ping displayed in my server browser?
  5. Mvg

    Ping spikes

    Hi guys, I'm from the Netherlands and I play on the Europe server. But I'm suffering from major ping/lag spikes every 5-10 seconds in the game. I've tried reinstalling, texture streaming on/off, updating network drivers but it all doesn't work. This is the only game I'm having trouble with ping spikes
  6. Could we please implement a netcode system like Rainbow Six Siege's and Battlefield 4's once they were fixed? Enemies with high pings used to cause serious problems for stable connection players in those games, but having a server side hit verification system fixed them and made their netcodes top-tier after being atrocious. If a high ping player strafe jumps quickly and prefires you you won't see them by the time they can kill you. I have both done it and been on the receiving end (played with a friend in Australia) and they didn't even have a chance to shoot before my shotgun had killed them. Just like in that top Reddit post the other day, I have been killed by all hits from 200 ping (even 140 ping) enemies strafe jumping and killing me WAY faster than it is possible as the hits all come in one packet. Peeker's advantage is broken as is and needs to be fixed or you will see people not take this game seriously as people did with Rainbow Six when peeker's advantage broke the game pre-fix. People would intentionally queue and play a certain way just to get a BS advantage.
  7. Hello, There are a few servers that give me over 100 or even more than 150 ping, even though they are located pretty near to me, and I should have around 30-40 there. What could cause this? My connection is stable and I have no ping issues in other games. Thanks in advance!
  8. Exactly what it says on the tin. The few times I've managed to get into a game via the multiplayer browser it always seems to be somewhere in the EU based on the ping I get; hope you get it sorted lads