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Found 2 results

  1. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Aim-Punch is when your crosshair 'flinches' into the air uncontrollably when you get hit by a shot. Balance-wise, is there an actual reason for it to be in the game? Just because it's 'realistic' doesn't make it balanced and, therefore, a good reason to have it in the game. Imo, no, there isn't. Example: PlayerA gets shot in the back by PlayerB's first shot, causing PlayerA's aim to flinch into the air. PlayerB proceeds to miss the next 3-5 shots, but that's okay because PlayerA is still having to wait for their crosshair to recover from the aim-punch in order for them to be able to return fire accurately. PlayerB finally lands their 7th, 8th, and 9th shot, fragging PlayerA. In this example, you can see how aim-punch can benefit the player with more inconsistent aim. It actually prevents PlayerA from being able to fight back for the duration of the aim-punch. It snowballs the fight in favor of the first player to land a shot (which isn't always the better player). Some people will say that there needs to be a punishment for taking a shot, and I would agree with them. The punishment already exists, you have taken damage, therefore, you have less health. There is no need for another punishment, especially one that snowballs the fight in favor of the worse player. If you were to remove aim-punch, PlayerA would be able to punish PlayerB for missing those 3-5 shots by quickly turning around and landing 4 shots back to back, fragging PlayerB. This means the better player will come out on top, like they should. What are your thoughts?
  2. A more authentic feeling

    Dear Battalion 1944 developers, I personally love the idea of creating a skill based WW2 FPS game, like back then with CoD 1 and 2, or Battlefield 1942 and to not ruin the game experience for me, I would like competitive and also authentic matches and for that I'm going to recommend three things: A destructible enviroment (like eg. in Battlefield): This point is for the feeling of the battles, if grenade explodes near a house, the windows have to shatter and the walls have to break, only that way the player feels the power of the grenade and can become one with the battleground. No (automatic) HP regeneration: This is for the player to fear the enemy, to think twice about running in enemy territory and shoot everything that moves, because without a medic, he's going to die fast, if he isn't carefull. Friendly fire: That's for the player to be punished if he shoots a team mate unintentionally, and if he kills to many, or kills them on purpose he should be kicked for ruining the fun and exitement. That is all I have to say and I really hope, that will at least read this text and respond to me. Best wishes Bastian Gröger (Basti.Grog)!