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Found 2 results

  1. Does it have; TeamSpeak? Yes Discord? Yes Casual Events? Yes Competitive Events? Yes Free Entry? Yes Passionate Admins? Yes THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Gday all, With the relase tonight of Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha 0.1 (at 3AM for me here in Melbourne), we have decided to go live with our new website! I'm Ace (Dr. Ace Misanthrope in full), a Master Sergeant Kickstarter Founder, along with @PGL_Thrillzyy and @PGL_m3tryk. We run a community called Pacific Gaming League. Formerly Insurgency ANZ, the Oceanic competitive Insurgency scene. We cater mostly to the neglected gaming region, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and more) but often open events to other Pacific countries, like USA and parts of South East Asia. Open to all and comprising of several teams, clans and a wide range of individual players, we aim to improve the PC gaming experience for people in our region and beyond, without trying to make money or take anything away from it. We have been keeping a close eye on Battalion 1944 since the crowd funding on Kickstarter. Although we haven't been too active in posting on this forum yet, we intend to improve upon that after playing tonight. We are dying to get playing and see what we can offer the Oceanic / Pacific community, in terms of Battalion events and competitive scenes, as we have done in other games. I understand that server hosting is not available yet but we are waiting and working with our sponsor and server provider PacificES (name is coincidence) to make sure we will be ready. What we do have, is a new website, with improved features and an already set up Battalion 1944 section, with a season to register expressions of interest and draft teams. We have taken our experience of hosting several succesful seasons and events, in games such as Insurgency and Rocket League, and applied that to enhance our website and thusly, our event hosting ability. We have new functionality in our tournament software, as well as improved layout and graphic design. Changes are still being made as the community requests them, which is what we have always prided ourselves on. We are not a business or company, but a community run by its members that gives back to a great gaming community, which too many developers ignore. It is AMAZING to see the response from the developers, to include Australian servers for the Alpha testing, despite the difficulties we face here with many providers. We plan to capatilise on this and help them gain as much feedback as possible from our region. Supporting those that support us is our mission and it seems to be a key one for Bulkhead Interactives as well. That is so great to see. Below are some images for an idea of the website, but we suggest you go and check it out for yourself! We would love to see people interested in Battalion, start to register for the community and our events, but we understand some people will wait until such a time that it's actually possible to run these seasons. That is fine too! We also know Battalion will feature competitive framework and are excited to see its potential. Other communities might also do the same thing and we are not intersted in poaching or competing with them. We are merely an an option for you to choose and we hope that we get to see you compete with us! If you are happy playing solo or with others, then by all means, have fun and happy gaming! www.PacificGL.com | ts.PacificGL.com | discord.PacificGL.com Current Battalion news section as teams begin to register. If you want, create an account and express interest by registering for Battalion 1944 Open Season #1. Insurgency news (with Season #6) for an idea of what Battalions news can look like. View Full Standings Battalion 1944 Season #1 Standings for an idea of what the Battalion season can look like.
  2. Hi all, In the lead up to Alpha release, and a new announcement/video in the works people are starting to get exited, just thought I'd set up a discord for anyone in the OCE region. Discord link below. https://discord.me/battalionoce Cheers