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Found 2 results

  1. The issue isn't with jumping around a corner in this game, it's the jumping around the corner combined with insane lag compensation, more noticeably with high-ping players, I am frequently dying to players before they are even fully visible on my screen and if you watch the deaths in shadow-play it's crazy how prevalent it is. This is why newer players are getting frustrated and saying "corner jumping is OP" it's not the corner jumping per say, it's when corner jumping is combined with the most insane lag comp I've ever seen. I die after crouching behind cover/running around a corner more in this game than I do in any CoD. Until the lag comp is fully working as intended it simply shouldn't be in the game as it is now. At the moment players with worse connections are getting advantages they should not have. By default it was disabled in Promod on almost all servers and it should be disabled here too. TL:DR; Corner jumping is not OP. It IS OP when combined with the lag comp that's in this game and it's driving newer players away which is bad overall for the game and community. EDIT: I'm sorry some players have bad connections wherever they are in the world and it isn't fair but it's also not fair to give them an advantage and penalize players who are willing to spend more money for good connections.
  2. Could we please implement a netcode system like Rainbow Six Siege's and Battlefield 4's once they were fixed? Enemies with high pings used to cause serious problems for stable connection players in those games, but having a server side hit verification system fixed them and made their netcodes top-tier after being atrocious. If a high ping player strafe jumps quickly and prefires you you won't see them by the time they can kill you. I have both done it and been on the receiving end (played with a friend in Australia) and they didn't even have a chance to shoot before my shotgun had killed them. Just like in that top Reddit post the other day, I have been killed by all hits from 200 ping (even 140 ping) enemies strafe jumping and killing me WAY faster than it is possible as the hits all come in one packet. Peeker's advantage is broken as is and needs to be fixed or you will see people not take this game seriously as people did with Rainbow Six when peeker's advantage broke the game pre-fix. People would intentionally queue and play a certain way just to get a BS advantage.