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Found 6 results

  1. FastFrags - Competitive Gaming League will be hosting weekly Battalion 1944 (B44) Tournaments during early-access and beyond! When do events start? [NA] ShellShock Saturday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Saturdays @ 2PM EST (SS Sat #2 - Feb 17th). [EU] ShellShock Sunday (64 Team Single Elimination) Event Rules & Details - Weekly event check-ins will be Sundays@ 2PM GMT+0 (SS Sun #2 - Feb 18th). Does it cost to play? No! While the game and competitive scene establishes itself, our Tournaments will be open entry, free-2-play events with smaller prizes. We plan to add larger scale invitationals and pay-2-play events with bigger & better prize pools as the competitive community grows. What Game Mode(s) will be supported? Tournaments may vary between the Wartide, TDM, and CTF game modes from week to week (depending on the demand from the community and support from the developers). What are the Prizes? Prizes for this week's series of tournaments will be $50 in steam gift cards to the winning team (5x $10 cards codes). Still need a team? No problem! Check out our ‘Team Finder’ to quickly find and apply directly to teams that are recruiting competitive players like you, or visit our discord https://discord.gg/jmmKUJg Join, Create & Build your team’s roster today @ https://fastfrags.com
  2. I decided to create my own team(LIFELINE is the name rn, but I would like to get player feedback on that), with the intent of working from the ground up. I would actually PREFER if you had little competitive experience. I want this team to be a starting point for anyone looking to get their feet wet in a competitive community. Obviously, I want to get to the highest level of play, but im not worried about being the best team of the bat. I want to develop players, and the team, into something great. So if you have little competitive experience, but want to take the game seriously, and try to scrim/play in cups, add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/flowreach/ Some more info: Would prefer NA west players, but if east players have a free schedule, and are fine playing at later hours then feel free to join. If you dont want a team, but just want to find people to play ranked with etc. feel free to join as well. Id like to have a little hub of serious players. 18+ preferred but if you're serious, and act normally I don't really care lmao. I would prefer to coach/be an analyst, but id probably have to play until we find enough players. Want to spend almost every night, if everyones schedules permits, scrimming or going over demos etc, but I DO realize people have lives and school, including me, so it wont be super strict.
  3. I will be recruiting to fill the last few spots for a five man lineup who will compete in any available Na tournaments over the coming months in hopes of getting picked up by an org. Experience: must have at least a minimal experience in a team environment cs , cod or other fps games... (This may include league teams scrim teams or other lineup exp) Age: would like to get anyone over 18 however we would make exceptions for younger people provided they can prove they are responsible enough to make pracs Schedule: evenings after 6 mst on weekdays, weekends tbd but likely most of the day Expectations: i realize that alot of people want to go pro in this new game so what we need is people who are willing to go above and beyond but not have outrageous expectations as ultimately this team is for fun scrims firstly and to try to win tournaments and make an org is just a hopeful result of hard work Contact info: STEAMID : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Harry_G/ OR MESSAGE HERE Will be doing tryouts in scrims and pugs
  4. Age: 20 Language: English Region: US (West/central) Schedule: Nights are always open (5pm MST) Goals: Join an NA team, and build from the ground up. Develop my analytical skills, and apply those skills to the teams' strategies, tactics, and approach to the meta. I want to assist in a team getting to the highest level. I also just want to be apart of the scene at the start, its a huge opportunity to get involved when the game is in its early stages. Experience: I have coached Overwatch teams in the early release, and have done analyst work for them as well, so I have a bit of experience(I still consider myself a novice though). Also played on those teams, in weekend cups (gosu gamers). Played tons of FPS besides that, but nothing super competitive, just weekend tournaments here and there. Always been above average in FPS games (Diamond in Overwatch fairly easily, Global Elite in CS:GO etc). Other: I COULD sub into scrims if need be, but my focus isn't to be a professional player as of right now.
  5. i5 | execrate_

    immoraL 5 NA

    immoraL 5 will be looking for players when EA starts. Will be trying to play the first tournament so we need guys quick. REQUIREMENTS: MUST BE NA MUST BE 16+, PREFERABLY 18+ DEPENDING ON MATURITY LEVEL MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY 4-5 DAYS A WEEK, AROUND 25 HOURS NOT TOXIC WILLING TO LEARN AND PROGRESS LONG TERM. NOT LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS THAT TEAM HOP. SHOULD HAVE vCOD, COD2, COD4 EXPERIENCE, IF YOU DON'T YOU MAY BE CONSIDERED JUST REPLY WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE. We are looking to go far in this game, and already have 2 sponsorships lined up for release. If interested post up here with your experience, steam link, availability, etc. We will be trying people out this weekend and the following week. Thanks for checking this out.
  6. Hey soldiers! I have created a Steam group that lists all Battalion 1944 regional groups! Check it out HERE You can use this group to find people to play with.