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Found 4 results

  1. Bots for Offline

    Apologies if this sounds stupid but if we buy the game but have weak Internet will we be able to play with bots offline, or can we use bots to experiement with mods to see out they could play out?
  2. Multiplayer Browser Feature

    One of the things that frustrates me is when searching for a game I want to actively filter server OUT that have particular players, effectively a blacklist. Sometimes there are players who you highly suspect of cheating etc but haven't been banned - don't want to see servers that have those players on them...minor request I know....
  3. Dear Devs, I really enjoy split-screen games to play with friends, however most FPS games don't support split-screen on PC (which is my preferred platform, with the steam link). I would love to have battalion 1944 support split screen on PC for multiplayer (online and off).
  4. BattleRank

    So, The competitive platform for the MP part of Battalion1944 is supposed to be based on 'Battle rank' system. That is all that we know. What are your toughts of how the entire platform should look like and what features it should have? I was thinking something in the line of Clanbase where you had your clan info section (tags/ logo/ players/player ID's/website etc), competition ladder (from where you could instantly challenge new clans), (nation and league) cups, hall of fame and dedicated game forums (see my other post) etc etc. Additionally channels to broadcast live gameplay and a decent player reporting / anti cheat section. Any other suggestions?