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Found 7 results

  1. I wrote everything down in a google document so click click
  2. Movement / Hitbox

    Yo, The game so far is nice to play. I dont even want to talk about bugs and shit cuz its normal in EA and the devs already working on it. Well, I dont want to complain or probably its a Problem of my Nerd fingers... LOL - I dont like the Toggle run, it feels like the Movement is clumpy/clunky... When u dont have "RUN" on Toggle u cant Jump/strafe like in cod uo / 4. I personally use "RUN/SPRINT" on leftalt and there is no response on the Spacebar while running. (#IKNOWTHISISNOTCOD4) Would be nicer to make it possible to run while its not on toggle and jump while ur in sprint in this function. - Topic Hitbox: The Hitbox is nice, but I think its a bit Overpowerd. U hit nearly every shot with the kar even with Hipfire or quickscope. Its 2ez atm... U can do nice shots with that, but its hard for the comp. game i think. I mean even noobs can hit everything. I miss the skillbase on that gun atm Just want some feedback here even from other players. What are ur thoughts ? Greetz
  3. I put in a solid 30 hours to see if I like it. Overall, I don't. But, I don't know why exactly... I'm a competitive player who plays to have fun, not to be the best. But, that said I was playing with top tier/2nd tier NA players for the last few days. The specific statement I can make is, the maps don't seem to fit the game-type, or the movement doesn't seem to fit the maps, or some combination of the two. I had a blast playing CTF, the maps and movement worked. Wartide didn't feel natural though. I played about thirty 10 mans and a few scrims. I want to like it, I want to compete, but unless there's a big change or two... Suggestions: Simplify EVERYTHING Some maps are messy with a huge amount of spots to get peeked from Leaning is way off, like the engine was messed with to accommodate lean and it just doesn't work and it feels like you're in quicksand etcetera
  4. My two cents

    Hi! I've been playing COD4, CS:GO, Shootmania and Overwatch semi-professionally, and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about what the developers want to do with this game, so here are my two cents. 1) 45s bomb timer. I believe with the current movement speed 45 seconds is too little, maps are around the same size as in cod4 but the movement is slower, which means you have to pretty much rush the other bombsite if you want to defuse, maybe try 50s timer? 2) Strafejumping I guess everyone who played COD4 remembers how satisfying strafejumping was, it actually had a feel that you were going faster, and you were. In battalion i don't get that feeling. I feel like you could make strafejumping a bit faster, even if the jumps were the same length. That's pretty much all the ideas I currently have, ofcourse the game still has stuff to do, but I think most of the other tweaks have been said often enough and I trust the devs completely. Great job guys!
  5. I'll try not to say everything I thought as a lot had already been mentioned looking at other posts. I relate my feedback to the huge amounts of hour I played CoD 2 and 4. Many of those hours competitively (not saying I was any good mind) A couple of the main things I found: 1. There's a slight delay on hitting the ground after jumping/strafing which affects the fluidity of the game play. If this could be removed it would flow much better 2. There's also a slight delay when you throw a grenade before the animation actually starts to throw it. Again mainly affects fluidity. 3. As expected you can't aim down sight while sprinting i.e. When you are holding shift. Again their seemed to be a delay from releasing shift to being able to aim down sight. This was mostly noticeable when you strafe around a corner to try and kill an enemy. The movement was sluggish due to slight delays. 4. Guns. Feel and look great. Some are still over powered. Rifles I found kill nearly every time regardless of where you hit the enemy. You do get tags here and there, but I feel on rifles, and other weapons more disparity regarding where you hit the player against damage done would be better. 5. Smoke. Perhaps a little over the top. Hard to explain but it felt so thick when in it thst I couldn't discern what direction I was moving in. Of course you shouldn't be able to see anything, but I run I high end rig and found it strangely disorientating. Others might find this a positive I guess though. Overall though I thought the game was excellent. I really did get the feeling I was playing a mash up of cod 4 and cod 2. The hitboxes especially I thought were spot on. Really excited to continue playing this.
  6. Hi! Firstly let me say that I am very exited for this game, and I absolutely love the direction the game has. I have seen a lot of talking about strafe jumping in this game, but I would like to compile a few "features" of the all kinds of games that give just a small advantage to the player who masters them, but makes the game feel a lot more deep. 1. Silent jumps / spots on maps (Mainly in cod4) Theese small gltiches made an extrodinary deep movment for many smgs in a lot of maps (backlot and crash spring to mind the most). The ability to move fast without sound around the map IF you knew where to go and how to get there, or jump down from crash roof to the small wooden pallet and clutch the round when the enemy thought you were on the roof were deeply satisfying. 2. Bounces (Mainly cod4) Bounces were a nice touch to the movment system, if you exclude the mega bounces you could do. But the smaller ones you did from the concreate walls when running down with the smg were pretty nice, and could help get the advantage in a firefight. 3. Running faster when hugging the wall (Cod2/Cod4) If you ran a bit "into" the wall you would walk faster, not a lot but just the right amount to make a few rushes before the nades land in. 4. Boosting (CS) This Is a feature i guite like in CS, makes for innovative strategies and hold positions. Also the "jump boosting" where the guy on top gets flung fast forward is quite fun, and I thinkg it could fit in the batallion gameplay. 5. Cancelling fall damage by climbing a ledge (Cod4) You could cancel your fall damage by climbing up a ledge when you were falling, if you timed it right. I am not suggesting to implement everything, But I hope that you devs could let us experiment with a few during the alphas/betas. A bit of a "broken" game could increase the skill gap significally CU 26.5 Brothers 5on5 server on High++ Fast PM ME!!! -CookieBot
  7. This topic is for the developers to perceive what the audience thinks about the movement speed. Personally, I think it's way too fast. What do you guys think?