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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Firstly let me say that I am very exited for this game, and I absolutely love the direction the game has. I have seen a lot of talking about strafe jumping in this game, but I would like to compile a few "features" of the all kinds of games that give just a small advantage to the player who masters them, but makes the game feel a lot more deep. 1. Silent jumps / spots on maps (Mainly in cod4) Theese small gltiches made an extrodinary deep movment for many smgs in a lot of maps (backlot and crash spring to mind the most). The ability to move fast without sound around the map IF you knew where to go and how to get there, or jump down from crash roof to the small wooden pallet and clutch the round when the enemy thought you were on the roof were deeply satisfying. 2. Bounces (Mainly cod4) Bounces were a nice touch to the movment system, if you exclude the mega bounces you could do. But the smaller ones you did from the concreate walls when running down with the smg were pretty nice, and could help get the advantage in a firefight. 3. Running faster when hugging the wall (Cod2/Cod4) If you ran a bit "into" the wall you would walk faster, not a lot but just the right amount to make a few rushes before the nades land in. 4. Boosting (CS) This Is a feature i guite like in CS, makes for innovative strategies and hold positions. Also the "jump boosting" where the guy on top gets flung fast forward is quite fun, and I thinkg it could fit in the batallion gameplay. 5. Cancelling fall damage by climbing a ledge (Cod4) You could cancel your fall damage by climbing up a ledge when you were falling, if you timed it right. I am not suggesting to implement everything, But I hope that you devs could let us experiment with a few during the alphas/betas. A bit of a "broken" game could increase the skill gap significally CU 26.5 Brothers 5on5 server on High++ Fast PM ME!!! -CookieBot
  2. This topic is for the developers to perceive what the audience thinks about the movement speed. Personally, I think it's way too fast. What do you guys think?