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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, are german moh:aa players here who have played medal of honor at the time?
  2. The First to Fight...

    Hi, my name is Harald and I'm from the Netherlands. Recently, I googled the term "new WW2 games" and Battalion 1944 came up... unexpectedly to be honest. I played all the WW2 MoH and CoD PC games (CoD, CoDUO, CoD2, CoDWaW and MoHAA, MoH: Pacific Assault, MoH: Airborne) as many of you probably have played as well. The unique feel and gameplay in MoH and CoD is in my opinion unmatched throughout the years. And that is exactly what I'm looking for in Battalion1944 as well. I guess I'm just an old-timer who reminisce about the days when MoH and CoD2 were the games to play...and since those days... well, the modern warfare games are not quite my style and appetite. I got carried away with the prospect of enjoying old days again and bought the closed Alpha access already. So, I guess I'll be among the first to fight. I hope to meet a bunch of old (and new) timers on the battlefield and maybe some Dutch guys along the way as well. Can't wait.