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Found 3 results

  1. Competitive HUD/UI

    What do you think about CoD WWII competitive hud? Would you like to see something like that in battalion? (only for spectators / shoutcasters )
  2. What TEAM matchmaking is going to look like? In csgo we are used to competitive set to BO1 / mr15 - but is's for "solo matchmaking/personal ranking" ... i know we can play with friend but everyone has his own rank(league). It means that I play map which I've choosen. System match 2 teams and autoassign them and then randomly set the starting side(T/CT - Att/Deff) of each team. and team who gets 16 match/map points wins! BUT what we can expect of team matchmaking? 1. What about map selection... What about banning maps in matchmaking >> (similar as league of legends when players banning champs) ... or same as cs/cod players do on LANs. Team will be able to decide which maps they dont want to play in the match. 2. Best of XYZ - number of maps... BO1 is great for solo matchmaking... its fast and work pretty well... BUT for TEAM matchmaking we could do something greater... f.e.: BO3 - mr10/12. It will be great to measure skill on different maps in one match.. every team has the best and the worst map.. Match rounds it supposed to be lower than in BO1... f.e.: 10 ro 12. 3. Competitive gameplay look like... What about KNIFE ROUND at beginning of each map. Winners of knife round will be able to choose SIDE/ROLE - if the want to be attackers or defenders at beginning. 4. ECONOMY system... some of us want to economy system like csgo has. Economy work well for cs franchise and the economy system make core of gameplay/cs-mechanics.. BUT! IMHO lot of us dont want it at all (including me ). Not implementing economy system has lot of PROs and CONs. Cod2-pam/Cod4promodd dont have it and it also works very nice... Big advantage to DONT HAVE ECONOMY is that every round players have same opportunity with no "ECO limitations" etc. we can expect more risk plays... like 1vs5 cause players dont save their guns for next round (1 or 2 guns in team barely made great opportuinity to force enemy) - so saving is little bit useless and spectators are impoverished of sick actions like 1vs5 etc.
  3. Here's a topic for the thing we were talking about elsewhere. @Soldat Ryan, IMO leaving is not fair, because the enemy team will gain lots of advantage over yours. Neither in competitive or casual match, but in a casual match it's okay, because there is no "bet/stake/pot" (I don't know which one can be used here ). I know there can be thousands of reasons why people leave, but I don't really care about what a lots of people saying: -Sorry, my brother just came in and shut the computer down.(haha great joke) -the Wi-Fi has gone on holiday (it's a serious problem in some places, but if you think about it wisely, he should know about the internet connection problems, so he should NOT start a competitive match) -I have to go because we have dinner (tbh I made this mistake in LoL some years ago several times. When I started a ranked game, my mother told me that we are eating now, so I had to leave. Since then I don't start big matches when I know I'll have dinner or something like that soon) I may sound strict, but for me, if a teammate just leaves a match, it's the most frustrating thing in a videogame. I'm not saying that they should be banned for the first time. After the Xth or Yth leaving, they should get a warning or something so they know that if they leave again, they won't be able to play competitive for XY days. This is my personal opinion. My answer for this question is that they should not leave a competitve match just because they are being harrassed by another player this is stupid. For proof on the other hand maybe the chat log (?) can help or the built in voince communication. As for the connection issue, I've said it above. I hope I understand it correctly. So you are saying that people can just leave before the match ends without any progression and "placement points"? If this is the case, nobody would ever have a lost competitve match in their match history, cause they would leave before the end.