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Found 5 results

  1. Hello This is my first discussion post, but i follow every post on forum. For sure we would like to know much more about maps, so far we known about Manor House, we saw in trailer/gameplay. What else ? Which maps will be applied, any ideas or info ? Enjoy
  2. Open maps and campaign mode

    Hello developers and users I am naturalized Brazilian and I could not read all the information of the game with total understanding. I would like to ask some questions regarding the game: [1.1] Will it have open maps with time-consuming and strategic games? [1.2] The same will campaign mode? (Offline game) Thanks in advance for your attention, readers!
  3. Favourite Maps?

    I'm interested to know what everyone's favourite multiplayer maps are from other similar shooters? Personally "Castle" and "Upheaval" from Call of Duty - World at War are my absolute favourites. What are some of your guys?
  4. Snow and maps

    So i have always been a fan of winter warfare so it's only natural for me that i want to see winter maps in Battalion 1944. My question is, Will there be weather effects or not in this game? If so, It would be nice to have a option to be able to turn it off. Imagine feeling the cold, seeing the ice starting to embrace your weapon as you try to find a perfect shot in a wartorn trainstation while snow is blocking your view. Simply amazing!
  5. Question on maps and map/gametype

    This morning, I m surprised myself because we never ask it before !! lol So my question is for devs, we know you are working on Currahee bootcamp map and D-Day map (kickstarter goals) and since the Vlog_006 video we know you don't name the maps from real place, but how many maps are you working on ? How many maps can we expect from the start ? 3, 4, 5, 10 ... ? Oh ! Other thing, all gametypes (sd, tdm...) will be available for all maps or there will be specific maps for specific gametypes ?