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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys, i kind of like the map, but you need to do something at the manorhouse/around the manorhouse, rest is ok. The map should be built a little bit more open since it's for arcade. And please fix the lightning! It's actually cancer. >FIX THE LIGHTNING PLEASE< it is so dark. Another idea: Instead of putting more and more work into this map take it out of the map pool at all.. maybe just use a part of the new manorhouse v2 and cut off the way "a long". The map is compact, reworked, most players are used to it and taking away the "a long" part makes it perfect for arcade. You wouldn't waste more time and the map is good to go. Btw it's irritating for new players since there are like 2-4 versions (if you count server lists). Make a final conclusion. I hate seeing all these manorhouse versions. Every game and every patch another one..."reworked"
  2. Hello. Has anyone have the new map Invasion on their servers yet? My provider couldn't yet implement the new map to their servers.
  3. Hey! I think a lot of players would like to use a lot easier and simpler mini map than it is at the moment. You should design the mini map based on games like CS:GO. Thats's fair enough and very easy to see what's going on. Also, since every player has a color, you should signal their color next to their nicknames or profile pictures so we could know which color belongs to each player. Again, just like in CS:GO. Because it is a very good idea to give colors to your teammates but for example, at the moment you have no idea who is the red player unless you don't ask about it in-game.
  4. v2 is slow with to many long angle mids and way to much crouch walking this is what you can do in v1 way better than any other map
  5. connect Has worked wonders for improving my aim especially since you come into engagements far more quickly than you do in S&D or even TDM on the likes of Coastal. EDIT: Server is based in London.
  6. Hey Guys, I noticed during wartide on manohouse v2 that the linesystem is too big for a 5v5 or 6v6. You can barely hold all lines and crosses with only one player for each sector. it makes it really complicated since you have 3-4 ways through mid, 3 or 4 ways to get on A side and atleast 2-3 ways to get on B spot. You should close the long right corridor on a side (from CT perspective) and maybe rework the mid a bit. In my opinion the map is not playable on wartide, atleast when you play with randoms.
  7. I'm new here so please forgive me if this isn't the right place for this but I have some thoughts about Outpost. - The 'bunker' area is too easy to defend/camp. Especially when playing domination with one or two friends you can literally cover all entrances. I believe that there should be more entrances and less cover (you can literally go prone/crouch behind six or seven covers and only your head/upper body is visible). - At least with my settings the viewing distance/fog (?) makes it very hard to spot enemies hiding behind trees or being prone in the grass. Unless you use a sniper but people have already pointed out how OP the Kar98/Springfield is. - You can get stuck in a hole. Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiUT027TZ1Y&feature=youtu.be Greetings, scientiam
  8. 1suky1

    Map feedback

    Coastal The biggest issue I had was the clipping. A site has some weird clipping around the destroyed edge. Game doesn't let you jump/move/slows you down. Same happens in a few more areas that I can't remember specifically, one might be the boxes on the seaside arches. There is also black decal at the bottom that goes around A house and you can clip onto it when close to the wall. The window(s) at B house are just a bit too small to go through them standing up. It's like the player model is a few pixels taller than the window. Overall it's pretty good but I didn't feel like there are any opportunities for some tactics with smokes/nades. Maybe that's just the way I started to think after playing CSGO because even in COD4 there wasn't that much setup either. Derailed The B cross is kinda weird. It's too wide and requires two smokes to completely cover. I don't feel like there's some way to throw a smoke, besides maybe over the houses that lands close to the tunnel but without strats for now we would just chuck them close to the cross and the pavement would block the smokes sometimes. Later we just started to ignore the smokes and just rush B as fast as possible because it's really easy to get there and if we get the picks and plant we pretty much win the round. There's just no good place to defend from as axis. The site is too small and too many directions to consider. You plant B and you can hide in the cinema, broken house, upper cinema, B hallway, B tunnel... You can sortof know by how it's planted on which side the enemy is but if you plant towards cinema it can be from 180 degrees around the plant. A site is kinda better, but when compared to B why'd you even bother going there. I feel like by the time you clear the tank and pass the two chokepoints the axis can already rotate from B and if you didn't also have someone going through mid then they can easily flank. If you do manage to plant then there are only 3 directions you need to cover and as axis you need to worry about only 4 spots. Overall the map just plays like who has the best rush spawn and who gets lucky with potato nades currently. The B cross if you have 2-3 guys looking at that as axis they can easily get 2-3 picks on allies. But if not then allies can just storm B and take it before axis even had the chance to setup. I think you can't even get to the cinema entrance before the fastest ally peeks around the broken house spraying you.
  9. Cpines

    Mini Map Style

    The minimap is not very detailed, it is difficult to distinguish between streets and buildings or corridors. You could do it a little more tactically, similar to Counter Stike or COD 4. Thanks!