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Found 5 results

  1. Grassroots competitive Lan?

    This probably only applies to the UK but GAME. have their Lan party rooms now, why not have a nationwide grassroots tournament? Teams compete at locals stores in the first round and then winners from each region progress to a Lan tournament at a bigger venue?
  2. Offline updates

    Wondering how contemporary games work during playing offline (local access)..?? I remember when everyone was playing cod2 with patch 1.3 and cod4 with patch 1.7 so if bunch of people want to play against at LAN so it was not an issue to match same versions of the game and setup local server easily. But nowadays games like lol,dota,wot and csgo (and other multiplayer games) are updated frequently ... Some games once a week so I can imagine situation that at "friends' LAN party" group up f.e.: 10 player... but game update was night before lan starts but not everyone updated his game so not everyone will have the same version of the game ... And it is an issue because it is impossible to match players with different version of the game because one version could have different weapon stat(balance) than others. SO what about implementing an ability for offline playing to update the game thru local network from the player's pc who has newest version of the game.. so everyone who forget to update the game or miss the update will be able to update the game at lan and start playing with friends without an issue. I don't know if this feature is already basic think delivered with multiplayer games or not. I know at big lans and tournaments this thing will not be an issue because of lan preparation and local pc build will be updated but if you want to play with friends offline this feature can kill the pain while setting up the local server. I don't know how others games work .. not sure if every moba game has opportunity to play at local network.. so the local updating idea sounds great for me
  3. Competitive HUD/UI

    What do you think about CoD WWII competitive hud? Would you like to see something like that in battalion? (only for spectators / shoutcasters )
  4. Please keep the discussions civil and above board. Since this game is heavily inspired by COD2/4 chances are this person will try to arrange a new "LAN" or possibly even online tourmanents. http://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/609173/Scammer-Sam-Brown-aka-Sam-Lockton/ Personal note: I have not been affected by this personally but I am very close friends with a team who intended to attend at this LAN and as such made their deposit which they obviously lost.
  5. It felt appropriate to let the Battalion 1944 community know that there is a Call of duty 2 LAN coming up in March 2017. Here is the orignal post from CyberGamer. Feel free to post down below as i will regularly check here and keep you updated about this lan. After hard work behind the scenes with Martin ''gObl'' Neitzel and still ongoing work, we are ready to start accepting the first payments for the LAN in Munich and also provide you with more detailed information about the LAN itself. Basic info:When: Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 March 2017Both days starting at 9.00 AMWhere: Esport-Club MünchenRossinistraße 1785598 Vaterstetten – BaldhamEntry fee: € 250, - per teamPayment deadline:31.01.2017Sponsors & PartnersRazerRed BullLinks:Tickets: Sold OutInformation: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/57f59211140ba0d21d8b456b/informationFB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/822177574583344Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/rikkzBattalion 1944:On Friday the 3rd of March, a day before the event we welcome you to come over and be the first to test Battalion 1944 and give valuable feedback for the game's ongoing development. Quick info:- Friday 3rd of March starting from 18.00 CET - 10 PCs are available- NDA is applicable Toornament App:App includes:- Schedule - Team info- Stream- ResultsAndriod dl: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxent.toornamentappiOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toornament-esports/id974719460Instructions:After installing, open the app, go to the menu on the left side of your sceen, look for ''all tournaments by game'' click that, type in search ''FSL''. The first result should be FSL and its called ''Generic Discipline''. Screenshots: SPOILER: Click to view Discord:Once you have paid, you will receive instant access to the cod2.invite discord. On which you are able to practice against other lan teams or either the best cod2 teams that are currently out there. Venue has:High-End-PC's by MIFcom (40 PCs)120 Hz Eizo Monitor Gaming Peripherals from MadcatzGaming cinema to view the matchesHave a look inside the venue: hereStage-Matches:Lan Crew:Head Admin:gObl90Casters:rikkzTigzzz IT-Support:Keiler175 Pinknockyou Tournament Referees:facilosblueangelbotschi1337 Media content creators: otto "darude" Prizes (at 24 teams): 1st € 1500 + HW 2nd € 1000 + HW 3rd € 500 Accommodation:- 1A Business Hotel- Airbnb- Check here for more accomodation options!Tournament info:Tournament format: Groupstage + PlayoffsMod: zPAM v3.0Maps: Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Carentan, CaenResults map vote: SPOILER: Click to view Paid Teams (24/24) Stofftiere-Online e.V. (select , raptr , morphYy , nedlog , eulb) team eyeshow (vans, Bl4diii, Mav, gObl, jiNNstr) Wonderful5 (Qkesz,Stormy,dency,Sk1lzZ,rampagee) EASYQUEST (BAZSA, honestER, Palad1n, r1VERSE, Sp1RiT) WiLD (Dav, danka, kebit, freakZ, Fleshx) CRIMINAL (crstN, disel278, M4G1CUS3R, TIGGLER, crz) OBSCURE (stck, hokizje, S1ZOX, blavex, ibrazje) unexpected (nodyx, benq, savu, blueangel, nuni) iNFINITE (d3do, ENIt, Matje, solid, snkr) rettans got mullet (tUNE, aero, miLk, Smashval, b1z) ARCANE (danneiz, supreme, jordan, hatton, iconz) gonewild (f3L1X, demonic, onizuka777, mason, koen) owex ( krejziii, kspR, sERIOZA, paty shepard, mozart) dirtyPotatoes (elwzoy, marty, kaya, moneymaker, efuck) virtual World (fajt, Foxiino, FiiKuS, nzaar, CHEWBACCA) GUNRUNNERS (KHILLIXUR,cAASR,Toxic,jackis,dymatize) Strong Enemy (swalker, daviz, vondrka, MartAs, d1mz) eNesible (Vity, flame, dudlajs, network, hurvajz) Harvia Intensifies (vozER, dasJ, berry, Niskala, Nakki) GOTOWNED (devzr, irreeL, yzRz, Lance, pussY) PLAYFIVE ( Dutchboy,FurbyX, Jipst1ck, Facilos, KraakYYtjj) Army of Dumbledore (kemah, lacky, SOLUX, mavor, pha1l) foes (FRANKENNNN, R1lzjee, pwnr, borzi, Nick) critical (rpz, djole, coperx, ludyo, dkqy)If you have any questions regarding the event, please don't hesitate to contact us here via the forum.