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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, bEENZ1 here!

    Hey Guys, good to meet you all I played CoD2 in the glory days!d CoD4 too! Looking forward to some Scrims with you all & keeping my hopes up for a key. C U On!
  2. Hello soldiers!

    Hello, My name is Jurre, I have recently found this game and it got me incredibly hyped. I used to play a lot of CS:GO. Recently this game has just been shitting on me with bad teammates, hackers etc. So that is one of the reasons I quit. I found this game and thought this would be the perfect game to start picking up again! So I went and applied for the beta! I really hope I will be entered otherwise I have to wait until the 1th of Februari which I will not survive! So ye.. that is basically how I got here!, - Jurre (Djorro)
  3. Greetings from Hesper

    Howdy everyone! I'm going to keep my initial introduction quite short for the meantime, but I just wanted to say I absolutely love the concept of this game and I'm very much looking forward to playing in all forms of Early Access, as well as investing heavily in working with map creation in the future! The overall features, mechanics, and gameplay looks very fluid and I'm anticipating a great release of the game! Let's make this happen with some flair fellas! -Hesper
  4. Hi all, Dont know why I didnt do this earlier, Names Alvin, Im a JAFA from NZ. I backed this project on Kickstarter and have been waiting in excitement for its release. I work for a distribution company, have a family with 1 son (5 years old as of post). I love many games if you ever check out my profile I have tones of games, no real faves, but if I had to narrow it down it I spent most of my Xbox/PC gaming years playing Fallout/Elder Scrolls, Followed by Gmod. Sadly I missed out on the first Alpha match, but I hope to play on the next one. So Hi all and look forwards to getting to know everyone.
  5. Aye, I'm Miles

    Hey all, I'm Miles, born in Germany and I used to play the newer CoD's competitivly. I was sadly born too late for CoD2/4 and therefor started playing MW2 in the ESL. The scene was, compared to other games like CS, small and there were only a few LANs but I had a great time. MW3 Promod was actually also pretty good. As the scene got smaller and smaller I decided to switch to CS but never felt like going full tryhard. I do not really know why, the game is great and Ive played it for a long time now but it just doesnt feel right. Guess its just not my type of game. Anyway, since there arent many games left that you are able to play competitivly I'm really hyped for Battalion. Ive first heard of it in a video that phantasy made and I'm excited sine then. Really hope that we are all going to have a great time here. xoxo
  6. Vanir checking in

    Hello lads! My name is Vanir, I'm a Hungarian guy who used to compete in CoD4 Promod at a top level. I've also played some CoD2 CB with my mates way back in the day. I went on to play some CS:GO over 2 years ago, but that game hasn't really had such an impact on me. The physics are nothing like CoD4, and I prefer fast paced games, strafejumps, crazy rushes, ridiculous noscopes and so on. When I've first seen the startup of Battalion 1944 I instantly caught the hype. Then phantasy made some videos about it and now I'm more hyped than I was for any game in my entire life. I'm planning on buying the 35 GBP PC pack as soon as I'll have some spare money. I really do hope this game will be at least as successful as CoD4 Promod was. I wanna go to LANs again and stuff. So I can't wait this game to be released! I have some fragmovies on my YT channel. And some highlights on my Twitch profile. I stream some CoD4 nowadays, as CyberGamer pugs became a thing again. Please excuse my rusty English.