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Found 5 results

  1. Im going to keep this nice short and sweet ,to the point... the garand... alot of people are asking for a bolt action allied weapons(including myself) but devs have written this off.. so i propose a few changes to make the garand seem more inviting to use . firstly ill start with the weapon, A reload system for the m1 garand would be so helpful!.. for these reasons. when youve killed someone a team mate would normally come to find you, lets say you have 2 bullets left and want a full clip. you have to shoot those last 2 and get a reload but this will show you exact position on the radar... not very good for getting into a sneaky position for a counter attack. when you reload regardless of whats left in the clip disappears from ammo count and a brand new clip is loaded. secondly a hitbox damage change for kar98k at the moment i believe they use boxes and not spherical shapes.(not being technical just ideas) something like this. as you can see the torso and head are one hit kills.. legs and arms just damages alot but not kill. if you. had a one hit kill for just lungs and head and belly be lets say 99 dmg but again wont kill... then this might help with the balancing of the kar98k and garand. slightly more flinch would also contribute but not essential on to snipers... maybe when sniper is equipped there wont be a crosshair this will help with not lining up shots for quickscopes making them not seem so powerful... and i know what youll say.. they will just put a dot in the middle of their screen... , thats all well and good but how many will actually do this? also make the hipfire be more random. a slightly bigger increase of inaccuracy while jumping and moving for all guns... just even though its perfect for close ranges im still finding people using this technique at a much longer distance and becoming successful... this isnt a major problem for me but its something ive seen pop up on forums and elsewhere... please let me know what you think.
  2. HearShift

    Soviet Union

    Add Soviet Union!
  3. Choosing between a flash or smoke during the buy stage would be pretty sick. This is would be able to make sites easier to take and punish teams/players that are too pushed out. Aim punch would be a nice addition to this game as well. My friends and I would out react a sniper lay a few shots into them but still die to that same player cause him aim seems unaffected. It gives snipers and bolt players absolutely no punishment for being out reacted or even being caught out of position against a smg/rifle player. Please remove the hitmarkers. It makes spamming smoke less of a knowing the angle kind of thing and more spraying moving the mouse left and right til you see a hitmarker. Make the sprint time longer. The way that the current stamina system is implemented makes the movement feel a bit clunky. The way that jumping works also doesn't help with clunky moving 1 jump is high and then you have to wait for a reset. Which doesn't feel too good in my opinion. I would personally like to see jumping stay the same height consistently. Give the snipers some jumping/ slight movement inaccuracy. Bullet spread is too wide when not ADS'ing. A player shouldn't feel they need to aim down the sights when the enemy player is 2 feet away from them. A loss bonus or 2-3 extra cards per class would be a very nice improvement to the game. It feels almost impossible to win a game when your team is being stomped. This would be a way to give the losing team a better way of making a comeback. This one is an idea people probably wouldn't like but it would be nice to hear some thoughts about it. All the cards you pick up in a round can be dropped. Example of this would be that you just got a 4k and the last player of the opposite team kills you. Punishing the other player for being too kill hungry and not playing back and holding site and the other guy would have a huge incentive to save because he now has his team mates cards. Would make for some incredibly tense and fun to watch rounds.
  4. VikVek

    Bugs, ideas, opinions

    For start, This list is full of my opinions. If you agree or disagree, comment down and be reasonable. Bugs Multiple grenades in a row cancels animation You can Knife while running.. no animation + OP Unbalanced games always 3v5 sounds while spectating.. (while spectating player, spectator hears players own steps and its very confusing) Visual QUE NOTIFICATION, (It could be something like grey box. just so it wont blend on background) Que counter, timer to tell how long and how many players are in que currently. Player animations are horrible…. i think that this is already on your list Example of this is Q and E animations. . Guns are too close to face. Running meter, show how long can i run from now on Tell player what to press while being on bomb site My opinions: Starting countdown is too long Bullet holes would be awesome Remove scoping if player jumps while aiming Recoil on snipers Improvements: create easy to launch server creation tool. Work on skins/loot boxes after game works properly Stay vague on patch/update/release dates because if those wont hold on, players get disappointed Make small tutorial at the start Profanity filter on chat Make hud to show Game launch speed Pros: weapon models are well done Game mechanics work DISCLAIMER This list is not meant to mock devs or community, its just what i SUGGEST that could be added.
  5. WEku

    My two cents

    Hi! I've been playing COD4, CS:GO, Shootmania and Overwatch semi-professionally, and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about what the developers want to do with this game, so here are my two cents. 1) 45s bomb timer. I believe with the current movement speed 45 seconds is too little, maps are around the same size as in cod4 but the movement is slower, which means you have to pretty much rush the other bombsite if you want to defuse, maybe try 50s timer? 2) Strafejumping I guess everyone who played COD4 remembers how satisfying strafejumping was, it actually had a feel that you were going faster, and you were. In battalion i don't get that feeling. I feel like you could make strafejumping a bit faster, even if the jumps were the same length. That's pretty much all the ideas I currently have, ofcourse the game still has stuff to do, but I think most of the other tweaks have been said often enough and I trust the devs completely. Great job guys!