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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Battalion Community, Me and my Friend are looking for a top eu team to get back in a pro state asap. Coming from ? COD/CS/Quake Here is our infos : Dylan "Revvyy" ReymondAge: 23 and will be a father soon (but wife told me it's ok)Location: SwitzerlandLanguage: English/FrenchLans Attended(most valuable): UTT Arena, Gamers Assembly, DHACK Open, OoF, Lanup, AEF, CC7, many many Swiss lans and French Lans.Weapon: Scope Sašo "ZeBear" UljarevičAge: 20Location: SloveniaLanguage: English/SlovenianLans Attended(most valuable): EpiCenter, DHACK,GfinityWeapon: SMG/Rifle Revvyy past teams : 2005 - 2006 : Mousesports (mou, cLy, mintR, Revvyy) 2006 - 2008 : Team Decerto (Revvyy, SLOWI, Sypher, EDDEMAN, KALLBERG) 2008 - 2008 : eXpensive (Revvyy, Domi, roben, fake, robon) 2008 - 2010 : eMpathy / TCM (Revvyy, davey, RsK, roben, blckmn) 2010 - 2012 : PlayingDucks (Revvyy, DAVE, JiNX, SLOWI, EDDEMAN ) 2013 - 2013 : ACES. (cLy, dave, NTM, Denis, Revvyy) 2013 - 2013 : Infinitus (Revvyy, mofFerz, absor, methan, rpr) 2013 - 2014 : ROCK/ (Revvyy, BOTM, Bjorg, Muna, Striker) 2014 - 2014 : Inovacio (Revvyy, FGHIRZ, PARADiZE, mNSTRZKGG, RAiKZOR ) 2014 - 2015 : DeadPixels / myInsanity (KNOXy, lennoN, chrisM, austra, Revvyy) 2015 - 2015 : Esqu1re (D3ck, SERiNGA, MuzAa, KubanaN, Revvyy) ZeBear past teams : LowLandLions tartarus masterbait NerdRage AWPOnly if needed here is our steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/officialrevvyy http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049407433/
  2. Could we please implement a netcode system like Rainbow Six Siege's and Battlefield 4's once they were fixed? Enemies with high pings used to cause serious problems for stable connection players in those games, but having a server side hit verification system fixed them and made their netcodes top-tier after being atrocious. If a high ping player strafe jumps quickly and prefires you you won't see them by the time they can kill you. I have both done it and been on the receiving end (played with a friend in Australia) and they didn't even have a chance to shoot before my shotgun had killed them. Just like in that top Reddit post the other day, I have been killed by all hits from 200 ping (even 140 ping) enemies strafe jumping and killing me WAY faster than it is possible as the hits all come in one packet. Peeker's advantage is broken as is and needs to be fixed or you will see people not take this game seriously as people did with Rainbow Six when peeker's advantage broke the game pre-fix. People would intentionally queue and play a certain way just to get a BS advantage.
  3. NoName Wir suchen Member für unser Team. Du solltest: 16+ sein, nicht dauerhaft rumschreien & behaupten der Gegner hackt, Discord installiert haben. Zu uns: Wir sind 17 Jahre alt, viel Erfahrung im Gaming-Bereich (FPS), Bei uns wird hauptsächlich Battalion 1944 & CoD (falls mal wieder ein gutes kommt) gezockt. Bei Interesse oder Fragen: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_brother/
  4. I am a very competitive FPS player and I need all rifles to be able to have exact values. If I set my sensitivity up properly, I have the mouse aim scale at "1" so my hipfire transitions smoothly and precisely with my ADS with all non scope rifles. However, doing this makes my scoped rifle sensitivities WAY too high and even the smallest mouse movement will cause my crosshair to skip about 4 pixels on the screen and move ~7 times faster than I'd like (unusable). CSGO and PUBG and many other games have a scoped sensitivity option that is separate and I would appreciate the same in this game so I can enjoy it in its entirety as I hope to make this my main competitive focus game. Lots of other players are requesting this on the subreddit. Thanks Devs once matchmaking is fixed this game will skyrocket. Love the game!