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Found 15 results

  1. This is a game footage on me playing the game on the first 2 hour. I tryed to make it funny. enjoy
  2. I wrote everything down in a google document so click click
  3. Player Animation For planting/defusing bomb?

    I know it's not a priority atm, although i noticed when you are Planting/Defusing the bomb there is a Animation of your character doing so. But when you watch a enemy or team mate do the same thing you don't see one. Thoughts guys?
  4. Sensitivity Settings

    Hi all, I've been waiting for this game to hit EA and finally got to play one game last night. When I tried to edit my sensitivity settings it didn't work. My general is currently on 2 and I think aim scale is 1. If I try to set general to something like 1.8, the game automatically puts it to 1. The same goes for aim scale. Any ideas or suggestions?
  5. I have just a short and simple question: Is it allowed to create commented Gameplay of Battalion 1944 during the Alpha/Early Access and upload them uncommercially to Youtube? If not is it then allowed when the game fully releases? Thanks for every Answer I'll get!
  6. Mouse Acceleration?

    Hi, Will there be an option to turn on (and change the amount of) mouse acceleration? (csgo as an example: https://gyazo.com/effad2bd22d349f44a3f234127225a2c) Having to play a different sensitivity than the one I'm so used to would be a bit annoying, I know only a small amount of players have the same problem as me as not many FPS players use mouse acceleration, but it would be really nice if you could add it in a future update if it's not in the game already.
  7. Leaning

    Hey I didn't get a hand on the game yet. If someone could tell how I can try out the game, that would be awesome! But that's not the topic of this post. I saw that the game has the 'lean sideways' possibility implemented, just like in my beloved cod4. I wondered how strong the lean is. How much less of the body do you show? Which keys do you guys bind it on? I'd like to keep 'Q' and 'E' for something important like flashbangs and it shouldn't interfere with the movement. I can't think of any useful keys for leaning.
  8. I was thinking, would it be possible to add colored points on the minimap for each players(as on CSGO) instead of just greens. really helpfull in ranked soloQ and for team that are used to have the same color on each player to make the map awareness better
  9. Nothing major, I'm a big fan of the game and think it's in great shape for it's current stage. Maybe for the ability to see what class or card everybody on your team has picked on the scoreboard (tab) might be a decent suggestion. Not so helpful for competitive but might be useful in pubs. Small idea and won't break the game either way.
  10. 1. I think the time to kill is way to fast. Its impossible to react and it feels like you get one hitted by auto rifles or MPs.. 2. Sniper rifles are overpowered. Im very a very bad sniper in like every shooter ive played, but in battalion my best rounds and highest killstreaks were the ones ive played with sniper rifles. its very easy to handle them because they are basically instant kills without obstacles (the scope shake in black ops 1 would be a good balancing method i guess) 3. The performance in large/open/wide areas is very bad. My rig: Ryzen 5 1700X, GTX1070, 32GB RAM. i always get 100+fps in 1440p but when i look at open areas like on the trench map (forgot the name sorry ) my fps went from like 120 to 60. so its a massive and noticeable drop 4. it happened a few times that i got killed when i was already beyond a wall or around the corner. 5. i dont know how to describes it best but the gameplay (running etc.) feels clunky. thats about it. i really enjoy the idea of the game and i want it to be succesfull thats why i wrote all this. i also must say that english isnt my native language so maybe some sentences sound weird but i guess you understand what i mean ^^ Greetings and best wishes! Maddox
  11. Grenade Cooking

    Searched the forum but for some reason i could not find a thread like this? Mabye i missed it. Anyway.. Is grenade cooking ever gonna come to Battalion? I'm sure this question have been asked and answered 100 times already so sorry for being repetitive.
  12. Yesterday NVIDIA released video about Battalion 1944. Check new weapons guysss !
  13. Aim-Punch, Is It Needed?

    Aim-Punch is when your crosshair 'flinches' into the air uncontrollably when you get hit by a shot. Balance-wise, is there an actual reason for it to be in the game? Just because it's 'realistic' doesn't make it balanced and, therefore, a good reason to have it in the game. Imo, no, there isn't. Example: PlayerA gets shot in the back by PlayerB's first shot, causing PlayerA's aim to flinch into the air. PlayerB proceeds to miss the next 3-5 shots, but that's okay because PlayerA is still having to wait for their crosshair to recover from the aim-punch in order for them to be able to return fire accurately. PlayerB finally lands their 7th, 8th, and 9th shot, fragging PlayerA. In this example, you can see how aim-punch can benefit the player with more inconsistent aim. It actually prevents PlayerA from being able to fight back for the duration of the aim-punch. It snowballs the fight in favor of the first player to land a shot (which isn't always the better player). Some people will say that there needs to be a punishment for taking a shot, and I would agree with them. The punishment already exists, you have taken damage, therefore, you have less health. There is no need for another punishment, especially one that snowballs the fight in favor of the worse player. If you were to remove aim-punch, PlayerA would be able to punish PlayerB for missing those 3-5 shots by quickly turning around and landing 4 shots back to back, fragging PlayerB. This means the better player will come out on top, like they should. What are your thoughts?
  14. My personal opinions:Things I would change 1. No sprint2. More recoil on all weapons.3. Movement is way too fast4. Red dots off5. Seems to reward too much on jumping6. The hit indicator7. Weapons are too accurate when firing unzoomed 8. Map should be a compass(On the other hand* The movement is smooth* The KAR98K looks really nice * Weapons look quite good* Map layout seems good* Well...everything else seems quite good
  15. This topic is for the developers to perceive what the audience thinks about the movement speed. Personally, I think it's way too fast. What do you guys think?