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Found 8 results

  1. https://gyazo.com/0e412bdab288eed08f75f8bfe7c701cc I'm able to now matchmake although when the game goes into the loading screen for the match, I receive "Your connection to the host has been lost". I tried to convert the game to HDD and the SSD drive did not help. I from poland bump
  2. hello Everybody! I am Tac0, and yesterday i promised to do a giveaway and im here to keep up to my promise. Its very simple! In about one HOUR after posting this i will start my stream and the giveaway'day will officially have started.. So how will it work? I will randomly gift a player the game through steam, Keep in mind that depending on demand i might actually buy more than 1 key to gift away! Why are you doing this? I really really Enjoy this game, The developers have been very nice to inform us and keep us a part of the development. I simply want to show gratitude to the developers and do my party to help build up the game and the community, So if you have any friends or know someone that want a copy of the game, look no further! I've done this multiple times before and it has been very successful, so im hoping i can be of help again. Where and when and how? Time: In one hour from this post, that'll be 12:39 Gmt+1 Heres the stream How to be part of the giveaway : Be a follower and be in the stream as the giveaway happens!
  3. HOW?

    How? You are selling "Be First To Play Package" but you can't actually play. Not even as second player to play. How does it happen. You knew the date of release. You knew there will be pressure on server, so why didn't you prepare. This is just unacceptable. Plus I bought the game as soon as possible for 15 EUR and after 15 minutes the game went to 13,49. Yeah it's just a few but still. I am really disappointed. I was affraid that something like this will happen. Posts from you on social media like "Be hyped", "Be first to play", "Get ready for 17:00" and then you buy the game and still after hour and a half still no progress. Nice jebait guys ++

    Sup, The name's Kaiser. Please Lord, make this game a great game, the game to end all games. The game that will save me from the endless wave of garbage coming out now. Please and thank you. Kindest Regards, Kaiser.
  5. What about nominating battalion in steam awards as the "Soul Of Vitruvius" ?
  6. Hey guys this Topic is about colored player names I thought it would be nice to have. Here is an example : Pros: Looks good more name variations clantags / names can be made cooler if 2 or more players are used to play with the same name ingame it could be more variated with colors Cons: hmm idk maybe some players wont like For me it would be cool to have such a feature in the game but i would recommend to have a different system as cod 1- 2. ind CoD it was a code to to make different colors in the name. Colorcodes:^0 = black^1 = red^2 = green^3 = yellow^4 = darkblue^5 = lightblue^6 = lila^7 = white For example:seta name "^1your ^2Name" = your Name Maybe u make an option for lik 10 preset colors players can use or idk u have to decide if u implement it Greetings TheGoog
  7. Hello! So i really dont know if this is the right place to post it due to it's not as "crucial" as many of the other titles. There's a few dev teams out there who's using Trello boards to give the community a little bit "in-sight" of which things are being worked on in somewhat more real-time.. That means someone will be "forced" to update the Trello board from time to time! I think this is a great way of show the progress towards the community without having to do every day a new forum post with loads of text of what's been fixed or a steam discussion! But like i said, it also requires someone to keep the Trello updated @[CM] BigTuna <----- ??? So what i want to say is.. will there be a Trello board when the game gets out from a NDA?
  8. Bought the game after preorder ended

    So I kinda messed up and now I am wondering what is going to happen. Today I was reading up on when the closed alpha is going to be a announced (which is today) but saw an older blog post about how the preorders were going to close on the 31st of March. This made me wonder when I ordered the game with closed alpha access. Looking into my humblebundle purchase history I saw that I had ordered it on 2nd of april. So my question is: am I in the closed alpha or not? Thanks in advance