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Found 14 results

  1. Some say the gameplay feels even smoother with stable 150fps than 200fps. Any comments? Which one should I use?
  2. hi since last update i've been noticing that my game reset my config settings, but in the settings menu they still the same as i want, the game looks maxedout but the settings still on low ... but its random... sometimes config reset at launch, sometimes don´t, sometimes at every new map....
  3. Hello! So today's update brought some serious FPS loss for me. I never really dropped below 100 before, but now I drop down to 80 a lot, sometimes even lower. It really hurts my eyes on 144 Hz. I didn't really mind dropping to 100, but this is annoying. I know the settings did reset, and I have changed them back just the way they were.
  4. Hello! Me(26) and my friend stati(23) are looking for a serious competitive team to play with. We are from Hungary, and have 10+ years of competitive FPS experience behind us. We were both part of hungarian national team in W:ET(7k+ hours) attended on several LANs, played CB:EC, OC prem, ESL EMS, etc. Few years of Quake Live(2k+ hours) duel experience. Attended LANs in CSS and CSGO (2k+ hours). Stati also played COD4 competitively. We prefer a stable "team" with 3 members already, but new projects are also welcome. We are aiming to play on LANs, Cups, tournamets. Contact me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/norman230566stol3n/ Cheers
  5. 6bomber


    I've been having bad performance with Battalion 1944, i used to fix them setting high priority on task manager but today i can't do anymore, i get access denied. Yesterday i could do it and everything was fine.
  6. Soldat Ryan

    FPS drop on Outpost

    I notice a huge FPS drops on the map Outpost with ultra or low settings. FPS Drops happends sometimes on Battery and Liberation too. FPS are stable on Coastal and Derailed. Game settings on the video: All "LOW" Foliage OFF Frame cap : 90 (happend at 60 too) Texture Streaming OFF Resolution : 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- My spec (old PC but still efficient ) : CPU : Intel I7 990X Extreme Edition RAM : 24 Go GPU : R9 280X - 3GB GDDR5 system : SSD 840 pro (System) - HDD WD VelociRaptor 10000t/mn (game)
  7. Hey everyone! Help bring the community together! Calling out to all experienced VCOD, COD2, COD4 Promod, .6, CS, CSS, CSGO etc.... There's a lot of us looking to start teams, or just begin developed gameplay now. Let's start getting players with vet'd experienced together and get pick up games and more chugging like the grand ole days. The only way we're going to re-live those good times and reproduce the unique hyper-competitive community is to get those same players connected. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Battalion1944PUG
  8. Since the release of EA I've got troubles streaming my games. I've got a constant FPS of 200 and sometimes a drop to 150 when I'm at some parts of the map. I'm playing everything on Ultra at 1920x1080 resolution, but changing this won't help the FPS drops. Also no changes in Full screen mode or any other windowed mode. As soon as I start up OBS my FPS will drop between 70 and 100, without me even streaming. Tried to turn off the preview in OBS, but that doesn't change a thing... Below are my specs. Power Supply: Corsair RM750X 750W Motherboard: Asus PRIME H270-PLUS CPU: Intel Core i7-7700 GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Dual OC Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H115i RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2x8 GB SSD: 120 GB (Only windows, Battalion and OBS are installed on this) HDD 1: 500 GB HDD 2: 1000 GB Not sure if anybody else has those problems, but it's getting pretty annoying. First is with OBS, second without.
  9. NoName Wir suchen Member für unser Team. Du solltest: 16+ sein, nicht dauerhaft rumschreien & behaupten der Gegner hackt, Discord installiert haben. Zu uns: Wir sind 17 Jahre alt, viel Erfahrung im Gaming-Bereich (FPS), Bei uns wird hauptsächlich Battalion 1944 & CoD (falls mal wieder ein gutes kommt) gezockt. Bei Interesse oder Fragen: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dead_brother/
  10. Automatically close the launcher when game launches. We have noticed it eats some fps.
  11. Grasshopper

    How can you see your actual FPS?

    In Call of Duty you could set your FPS by using /com_maxfps 250 , but that didn't mean your FPS would be a steady 250 ingame. To see your actual FPS in Call of Duty you could use /cg_drawfps 1 . In Battalion you can set the FPS to a certain number in settings, but how can you see your actual FPS ingame?
  12. Macabre

    FPS issue

    Ive been playing this game since the very first weekend availability for Kickstarter supporters, and I was very excited to jump in and play Battalion now that it is for sale and available for all. Unfortunately, the game in its current state is completely unplayable for me. Im getting terribly low FPS no matter my graphics settings. Ive lowered everything as low as possible and its still chugging, with little to no FPS gain. My current set up: AM4 1700x, RX 480, 16GB DDR4. I really doubt the issue is my set up being that I was able to run the game in its Alpha state with 60+ FPS. Is this a known issue? Please tell me if this is not an issue and it is indeed something on my end, because as I've stated the game is completely unplayable in it current state for me.
  13. Hey you... Yeah you.. Got your Funderwear on? Looking for a diverse Multi Gaming Commmunity? Tired of gaming alone or with people that wear their undies to tight? Venom Squad Gaming is here for you! Oh yeah baby.. We got you covered like mud on the tires of your Jeep Willy. What we offer? You know you want to know more.. Sorta like that moment when you're asked what the hell you do all day? WE GAME!! Our Care Package includes.. Boots on the ground laid back community. We use Discord for Coms sweetie, the way you love it. New Call of duty is right around the corner and we are prepared for that too. No limits, to how far we will go. You have ideas or suggestions to help with the growth of our community (We accept it) Over 100+ members and growing. Must be 18+ to be recruited.. Minimum age 16+ we consider. Are you ready to Join? Click HERE to join the fun! To join our ranks contact me on steam: UCJOHN or in our Discord. Sincerely, VSG_UCJOHN
  14. In cod2/4 you could have a fps advantage that made you strafe further or higher , like 333 fps was banned on cod 4 promod i think for having jump advantage , so most of the people out here are playing with 125-250 is there gonna be a advantage in battalion 1944 for people who have got a good pc , and people who have low end pcs , who even can't get above 100 fps , idk if this something about the engine , but i was just thinking about it , i know this (doesn't really make a differents though)