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  1. Hey everyone! For those that aren't yet in the loop, we'd just like to quickly announce that we have just launched our brand new home for Battalion 1944 over at Our new look Battalion 1944 website! From there you'll be able to access our brand new (and 100% spam free) community forums as well as our brand new web store hosted by Humble. This will allow anyone who missed the Kickstarter to still gain access to the Alpha, Beta and Early access versions of the game via Paypal! The cool thing about all of our pre-orders being facilitated by Humble is that 10% of the funds raised will go to charity whilst the rest will go directly to Battalion 1944's development. This is a great way to support the development and make Battalion 1944 even more polished. If you'd like to support development and pre-order your place in the Alpha, Beta and Early Access versions you can do so right here. Make sure to tune in tonight! Quick message from Senior Producer & Game Designer, Joe Brammer: That's it for this update! We're looking forward to talking to you all tonight at 9:30 BST on Twitch and joining the conversations happening over on our community forums. See you there! - Howard Philpott, Creative Producer at Bulkhead Interactive