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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! Please stop messaging me about being invited to the Alpha Discussion Forum! My inbox has been swamped with requests. We will add you all that needs to be in over the next couple of weeks. Don't worry you're not missing anything! Thanks Tuna
  2. Hey all and welcome to the brand new Battalion 1944 forums! We've launched them a little early to test for issues and make sure everything's running smoothly before the website launches. I hope you find all of the new features and the new layout to be a much needed and generally better user experience than our previous forums. The new website and Paypal store will be following in the next few days. First of all, I want to thank the community moderators and members who have helped us keep the forums clean during the transition period over the past few months. It absolutely hasn't gone unnoticed, so from the Bulkhead team: Thankyou. From now on we're expecting minimal to zero issues with spam bots. We're looking forward to getting back to what this forum is most useful for: your design ideas and feedback for Battalion 1944. We've added a new modding section ready for when the mapping/modding support becomes available. We know some of you have already began experimenting with Unreal Engine 4 and it'd be great to see some of your early ideas for the game shared in that section of the forum. We have our next livestream this Friday with a small weapons teaser to show you the level of quality we're working with right now in terms of the entirety of Battalion 1944's visuals and design. You can hear more about the stream right here: For now I hope you enjoy the new forums and please let us now of any teething issues! Thanks, KingHoward
  3. Search engine

    For new members (and older), please think to use "search" bar on top right before to post a new thread. After the migration of the forum between Phpbb and IPB, it was not possible to find the oldests threads. But today, All threads are now included (thank you BigTuna). - Even the oldests. Looking for something in the forum should be more efficient.
  4. I know. It is stil lang run from now but i was playing Devil's Advocate the other day and asked myself the following question: "what would be the use of this forum once Battalion1944 has been succesfully released?" Of course the purpose during Alpha and Béta stage is as clear as water. But why would anyone return to the forums when we have been presented a finished game and pretty much 80% of it's playerbase will only focus on the MP part of it? Perhaps this is where the answer lies? Extending this forum with an official section for BattleRank so that the forums wont turn to dust and people always log in here to get to the competition platform? Most of you have probably known the Clanbase website which held both clanpages, competition ladders, playing rosters, national cups etc AND the game forums where most people would gather. Would this be a good destination for our current forums in the future? To turn this into THE place where clans would meet and discuss things? Just wondering and curious about what you guys think. I for one won't expect to show up here that often if BattleRank becomes a system on its own with its own forums which makes this place superfluous..