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Found 12 results

  1. Looking for 5 Players will supply practice server branding and funding/entry into leagues and tournaments must be willing to grind and learn callouts for all maps, English speaking is A Must. Must be from EU. To get in contact message me on twitter @RooanUK
  2. UnderTake eSports is a UK/EU Multi-gaming Org we have teams in Dota 2 & Overwatch and CS:GO we are now looking to pick up 1 player for our Battalion 1944 team to represent the Org we are looking for players that have played competitive FPS games such as CS CoD 2 and CoD 4 Promod among other you must be active and willing to put the practice and time in to improving you must meet the following requirements to apply.MUST BE FROM THE EUMUST BE AT LEAST 18MUST HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IN CoD 2 / CoD 4 Promod or other FPS titlesMUST BE ACTIVE AND DEDICATEDMUST BE ABLE TO PLAY TO THE PRACTICE SCHEDULEMUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH? JazkaJohNo Shamz WiZ[A]RDWEEKLY TEAM PRACTICE SCHEDULE ALL TEAMS ARE IN GMT TIMEZONEMonday ---> 7:30PM - 11:30PM ScrimsTuesday ---> 7:30PM - 11:30PM ScrimsWensday ---> 7:30PM - 11:30PM ScrimsThursday ---> 7:30PM - 11:30PM ScrimsFriday ---> 7:30PM - 11:30PM ScrimsSaturday ---> TBDSunday ---> TBDPlease get in Contact with me via Steam Discord or Emailhttp://steamcommunity.com/id/sickwizardSickWizard#3668undertakegg@gmail.com
  3. So I've been following BAT1944 since the kickstarter launch (unfortunately it caught my attention a couple of weeks too late.). It's possible that the DEV's have already thought about this, but I was hoping for some details / thoughts on the idea. * I am sure that the DEV's have already thought about this, but I was hoping for some details / thoughts on the feature and understand that it may already be in the pipeline when the demo feature gets integrated in the future PRETEXT For those of you who don't know back during COD4 : Promod days, there was a website called Tek9, which was one of the more active communities for the competitive cod4 promod scene (imho). TeK9 started showcasing frag movies that the community had edited and made, the only game(s) that came close in terms of movie quality at the time was CS1.6/CSS. I feel this helped expose alot of editors, players and helped Cod4 as an eSport - This is the point I want BAT1944 to take on board. IDEA A feature I would like to suggest is some kind of community voting system (like Reddit?) into the game maybe on the main menu or as a separate tab on the main menu that will allow users to watch frag movies and vote on them. Then maybe have a frag movie of the week that would be featured, (whether it would be possible to integrate a video hosting site i.e youtube instead of storing the videos on your servers - would allow creators to monetize etc). A similar/parallel system could be used for "plays" / "clutches" that uses raw demos/unedited videos. Also the usual big tournaments streams but i guess twitch normally has that covered.) - Reward the top picks with some in game currency for use of skins / free BAT1944 merch / cosmetics / banners /icons etc. Additionally you could also allow for a Hall of fame, i.e top 10/5 most voted movie/demo/pro match. or have a year in review every anniversary of the game launch using similar stats . Thanks.
  4. Hello Battalion 1944 Community, im looking for a Team who will take this game to the eSports scene and compete in upcoming Tournaments/Leagues etc. About Me • 20 y/o from Germany, speaking fluent English / German / Hungary • have Experience from Call of Duty scene ( around 5000 hours in CoD4 and Cod2 ) • LANable • Played CS:GO ( around 1000 hours) Played the Alpha / Beta already. Feel free to Add me on Steam or contact me on Discord Discord rethinK#1322 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016166350/
  5. Hello I'm the owner of Current Esports. I recently bought the game and really enjoy it so far. I love the competitive feeling this game has. Even tho I'm new to the game I'm still familiar playing at a competitive level. Still needing to grind up to level 10 to play competitive but thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to find players in the mean time. As of right now I'm looking for mainly NA players but open to picking up EU players. If you're interested please message me on twitter @CurrentEsports @CloudyBaby
  6. Discovery Esports is currently recruiting 3 players to fill our competitive roster (Eu players only) Fill out this application form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDRB4I9iksP4fkYeosNGrxB8b6kXS3xc7KNAoBOWDxt0a_xw/viewform?usp=sf_link Follow us on twitter - https://twitter.com/DiscovEsportz
  7. Hey guys, my name is Adrian 'ROOFEY' K. , I'm 21 years old and played cod4 professionally a few years ago. I'm from Munich (Germany) but can speak english fluently. Battalion 1944 is my chance to come back to FPS e-sports and i def. want to take this chance. I'm very ambitious to reach as most as possible in this game Online and Offline! If you want to know more about me just add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/ROOFEY/
  8. ¿Quienes somos? Somos una organización radicada en Argentina que se encuentra en la búsqueda de un equipo experimentado o semi-experimentado para representarnos en torneos y eventos a lo largo del crecimiento de Battalion 1944. Para aquellos que recuerdan nombres, dos de los miembros del Equipo Administrativo de Sinisters son fundadores de Nocturns Gaming (Organización conocida a nivel nacional). ¿Cual es nuestro objetivo? A lo largo de estos últimos años, hemos visto que el ambiente competitivo de Argentina ha caído muchísimo debido a las organizaciones que forman parte del mismo. Es aquí donde nosotros hemos pensando que sería ideal ofrecer un trato mejor para el ambiente y sus representantes tanto Nacionales como Internacionales. He por ello que nuestro objetivo es simplemente ofrecer un espacio optimo para que aquellos jugadores que buscan convertirse en Profesionales, puedan convertirse en uno sin tener que preocuparse de la mayoría de las cosas que sus antiguas organizaciones no se preocupaban o se hacían cargo. ¿Qué pedimos? Nuestra organización a diferencia de otras, lo único que pide es compromiso, voluntad y seriedad. El resto es algo que nos encargamos nosotros para que ustedes puedan disfrutar de su tiempo en nuestra organización y aprovechen al 100% una oportunidad que no siempre esta disponible para la mayoría de los jugadores en nuestra región. ¿Como me pruebo o me pongo en contacto? Para realizar pruebas grupales podes ponerte en contacto conmigo, enviar un mensaje a nuestra Página de Facebook que está en la imagen arriba o un email con un dossier con los datos de tu equipo (Torneos de X Juego, experiencia previa, etc.) a pr@sinisters.pro para que nosotros nos pongamos en contacto contigo. A su vez, podes ingresar a nuestro Discord para hablar con uno de los dueños utilizando el siguiente enlace: https://discord.gg/Jt3Usre y así podemos explicarte nuestros términos, responder tus consultas, etc. ¡ Esperamos verlos pronto ! Un cordial saludo, AtomiCAST - Dueño de Sinisters eSports
  9. About me About me Hello my name is Roan, I'm 15 from the UK I'm an avid esports enthusiast with a plethora of experience in the eSport scene currently owning my own organisation and also being a Semi-Professional CSGO Player for the last 3 Years competing in a variety of league's tournaments and LAN events, im currently open and am looking to Join A team participating in @ThePlaysGG league. I'm also looking to join a team with an organisation already set up to solidify our professional standing, I'm looking to get top 10 Worldwide teams by the end of 2018. [ Only Serious Inquires] Past Experience 2X LAN Over 15 Leagues and tournaments in CSGO, ESEA CEVO and LAN Owner of the Succesful and newly established organisation. If you want to contact me reply below, and or DM me on twitter @RooanUK, or email me at roan@thehuntesports.co.uk Willing to travel
  10. Hello Battalion Community I'm looking for a team to play with in the competitive scene. About Me 27 years old from Germany , speaking fluent german and english experience from CoD 4 Promod (LAN experience) , Counter Strike since 2003 - around 2000+ hours and some other FPS games like Battlefield, Overwatch etc. i played 2 years professionally World of Warcraft (salary, sponsorships etc.) LANable played the closed Beta from Battalion for more informations, feel free to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/skloomz/
  11. mez


    Hi guys, Just another thought I’ve been having. Perhaps release the maps with pre-determined call outs with as resource to learn the maps quicker and more efficiently. This will also help teams to be more competent in communication as 5’s or even maybe even more valuable for mixes. Me and my pals have been guessing a few calls and they’re starting to stick but would be nice for everyone you play with to be on the same page. It will allow the learning curve to be slightly more subtle (IMO anyway) I’m not saying to go all out like CS:GO and have the call outs up on screen. Just a download even on the forums or viewable on a seperate screen in game. I think it was phantasy who did this for cod4 and helped a lot of people out. I understand, this could be very well on the way already. Love the game, and this is just an idea. wrote this on my phone, so apologies for anything misspelt or wrong grammatically -.-
  12. Hi all, HEAT e-sports is looking for Greek (or natively Greek speaking) players to join our team. We are mainly a Battlefield team, but when given the opportunity in CoD4, starting from zero, we managed to become a well respected Greek team. For players that want to become better in an organized environment, with the help of experienced competitive players, you can join us here.