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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys, I'm Enrico " morphYy " Steier, i'm playing for the esports organisation SFTO eSports We used to play Call of Duty2.The last Lan we played in munich this year We stopped playing cod2 because many teams staying inactive after the last tournament. We had the opportunity to play Battalion 1944 in munich. After some minutes of fun, i decide that battalion 1994 is the next game i want to play competetive. I'm searching team mates for a competetive team, playing tournaments, meet each other at bootcamps.. I prefere german team mates. but its not necessary needed. I dont want to build a fun team! I'm playing for victory and glory! if youre interested pls add me in steam:
  2. Hi there, My first post, finally a game I can pour as many hours into than cod2 and cod4 promod! First Request would be to get the config for competitive down. Limit 1 sniper, mr10 or mr12 would be perfect, obviously this is just what i would prefer. Search and Destroy My main question was that, does the sniper shot go straight? Or is it like csgo? Would love to see the no scope frag movies come back in force! Would also like to see afew qerks in there like bullet boost. On cod4, if you capped a teammate with a deagle bullet whilst they were mid jump, theyd get a slight boost to speed in the air but also take a little damage, which would regen by the time you rushed the bombsite! These were the qerks that the dev was talking about in his ESX speech. Good luck with the alpha lads, hope we can get S&D in the alpha and not just TDM