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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone!

    Hi and Best Regards for everyone! A little bit about me. When I was 16, I started playing BF3 and quickly got into the e-sport community. I played 3 years in BF3, after this "ea" released a BF4... then I ended my e-sport dreams with battlefield. After this I had nice years with CS:GO, I was on few polish offline tournaments, but nothing more. Now I'm in Germany, I working here and I'm doing a online marketing. I Still searching this dream game - maybe Battalion1944 will be.
  2. Battalion FB Community

    Hello! Everyone who will be interested in playing Battalion 1944 and would like to be informed about planned leagues and lans, updates and many other things. Feel free to join our group which is the best way to be informed about the competitive scene the fastest way! EU - https://www.facebook.com/groups/287680145035387/ CZ/SK - https://www.facebook.com/groups/810570392434188/
  3. Giving the game a competitive edge, getting people hooked. First things first, To have my opinion slightly more notable in this area, I’ve competed at a relatively high level in a fair few FPS, infantry only games. Such as this aspires to be. Cod1, cod2, cod4 and CS:GO. Configuration of the games / rounds: Whilst allot of people who don’t understand the community of players playing Call of duty competitively the one single thing that was imperative to the cod genres success in “Competitive Gaming” was essentially PAM mode or promod as its later state is now called. These mods would change little things, disable the annoyances and create a balanced bit of gameplay. However, Counter-Strike isn’t exactly the same however has pretenses that are similar, such as in game config changes to bomb-timers, round time and money changes (last on was kind of old-school, never needed to be applied in the newer versions of cs) but it still stands that changes will probably need to be made from this vanilla game from the COMMUNITY that cries out for these things. Another absolutely massive need for competitive play in such a game are the maps, I know this sounds mad, people have favorite maps but popular balanced and maps that are widely known for competitive gaming from EVERY FPS game have 3 choke points I’ll elaborate on the importance of this later in the thread Choke points: Choke points are where people meet, where the attacking side in a defussal mission would need to push to get to their desired location ie bomb points for example. As said before every single massive FPS esports game infantry only style will nearly always have 3 choke points. DUST2 – Tunnels/mid-short/long Carentan: MG/Midgarden-rushhouse-North Citystreets: A/market/blong I can go on for so long, in so many maps. And this is SUCH an escential thing the game developers need to consider in the game, it creates balance, default positioning and team work. Having random scattered maps will completely CRTL - X the fuck out of the posibility of any competitve sense of the game. Also having them too large creating a more boring atmosphere would be detrimental. - Gamemodes: Games that people are exilerated by are the importance of lives in the game and the importance of risk-reward. This in my opinion is why games such as cod1,2,4 CS:GO etc are hooking and have/had huge followings is because of bomb defusal modes. It makes peaking a risk, trading a kill a must and teamplay needed to eliminate the enemy team. The timers make it imperitive to work fast, use things such as smokes to gain crosses along choke points, repositioning in players and tactics possible with in a game, giving the game new metas even in such long lasting games also gives a wide variety of ways to play the game on a team level, entry heavy, timing heavy, tacticly heavy, split pick aim heroes. This is SO important to me as a competitive gamer its unbelievable. TL:DR Slight modding, or even just ways of changing minute things for competitive play 3 Choke points SD / DE missions( bomb defusal 5 a side ) I will add any futher opinions and ideas in either seperate threads or replies in this thread. Thanks for taking the time to read this, allot of competitive gamers wont step up to the plate and really lay down whats important to them, I have my eyes on this as another chance to become great at a large community game. Have a comunity grow like they did on the old WW2 shooters and CS games where leagues, LAN events etcs were made possible by the producers and by the community, this in turn will make the game massive, LAN events get revenue make people think I want to be like that guy, play and play and play and create yet another COD1, COD2, CS. Its what the FPS community needs in my opinion.