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Found 4 results

  1. Anoxiq e.V. is an official registered club and at the moment the one and only eSport-club in Augsburg with the aim of increasing the eSport as well at the social level, as at the political level in Germany and Augsburg. The core areas of this field should be strengthened and accepted as a meaningful hobby. The eSport will be more and more popular in our society, especially in the younger generations. Anoxiq e.V. offers - establishing of teams and groups into the eSport scene - a friendly, family and loyal community - internal events & tournaments (Public Viewing, AXQ-LAN, tournaments on the movie screen, etc.) - a big diversity of played games - expansion of your own gaming capability - a competent club management - a professional designed homepage - a TeamSpeak3 - game-specific areas - Support by sponsors and partners of our club (soft-/hardware, consumption goods, etc.) - Gameservers for teams and public aswell Anoxiq e.V. requires - membership - at least 16+ years old - our statute must be observed - a certain maturity - a working microphone - a suitable capacity for teamwork and playstyle - must be from germany As a member of Anoxiq e.V. , you are involved by participation of building up an official and real eSport club. Make your vote count. One man, one vote! That’s why we also want to participate with a competitive team in the newcomer game Battalion 1944. If u have any futher questions or if you are interested in joining our club and our Battalion 1944 team do not hesitate to contact me via pm or add me via steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/atomzwieback
  2. Hey guys, i have some questions about the "First official LAN Tournament", but i didn't find that much informations on the site or in the forum. So here they are: Will there be a qualifier? Is it only for one region or spread across the world? Joe Brammer said: "It’s also worth noting that whenever you buy a chest from Battalion 1944, it gets reinvested by us into making more content such as maps, weapons, factions, and it also goes into a tournament prize pool." -> Will it be like in dota 2, where the prize pool rises in fact on how many chests/skins are bought or you guys say "okay, we have collected this amount of money and we take X dollars for increasing the prize pool" Will there be cooperations with league organisations? I have many more questions but i think the time will come, you guys are speading some informations about the tournament Greetings, Fire PS: Sorry for my bad written english
  3. Hello everyone!

    Hi and Best Regards for everyone! A little bit about me. When I was 16, I started playing BF3 and quickly got into the e-sport community. I played 3 years in BF3, after this "ea" released a BF4... then I ended my e-sport dreams with battlefield. After this I had nice years with CS:GO, I was on few polish offline tournaments, but nothing more. Now I'm in Germany, I working here and I'm doing a online marketing. I Still searching this dream game - maybe Battalion1944 will be.
  4. Battalion FB Community

    Hello! Everyone who will be interested in playing Battalion 1944 and would like to be informed about planned leagues and lans, updates and many other things. Feel free to join our group which is the best way to be informed about the competitive scene the fastest way! EU - https://www.facebook.com/groups/287680145035387/ CZ/SK - https://www.facebook.com/groups/810570392434188/