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Found 2 results

  1. New Economy Idea

    The cards that were not picked up during a round should go towards a stash, and the winner of the upcoming round should receive all the cards in the stash.
  2. I noticed that in phantasy's video he states that the competitive economy may be based around a cod4 meets csgo meets hearthstone type thing. I want to pitch an idea around that idea; that may work well with the idea that is in place. Let me begin with comparing CS:GO's current competitive mode. CS:GO's current competitive mode is a best of 30 rounds over two halfs, with players gaining money for kills during the round, round wins, round losses in a row, completing objectives (planting/defusing bomb) etc. This works well in that it creates depth to the game, and over time people learn how the games economy works and can predict enemies next rounds, creating some intense strats. I find the problem with 30 rounds though is that sometimes it can be too long, and sometimes team mates do stupid things based around the money and can lead to rounds lost (if playing with randoms). My idea for Battalion 1944's competitive mode is a 4 term based game, best to 24 rounds (6 rounds each term). At the end of each term, the teams swap sides, so that actions on a particular a side by the team cannot become over predictable. Predictable gameplay becomes boring and stale, eventually leading to *yawn gameplay. At the start of each term, both teams are granted 12 buy points per player, to purchase guns, smokes, HE grenades and head armor. During the game, you will have to micro manage your points as during the end of the term your whole team could have 0 buy points. As the rounds go on, a round win is +1 buy point per player for the winning team, round loss is -1 buy point per winning team. Obviously if you survived the round, all inventory on you goes towards the next round. Players could purchase up to 3 particular items per round, spending all of their money for 1 round. Or they could spend nothing at all and scavenge the playing field. I believe this type of depth could create some interesting tactics around the economy. This type of play may not work though, but it is just a fresh idea spawned on a boring Saturday. Let me know what you guys think of this idea, and please expand on it to make it even better. I'm really hoping for this game to be the 2017/2018 killer with a thriving community!!! TL;DR 24 rounds, 4 terms, 12 buy points per player every term.