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Found 6 results

  1. It's early access so what to expect? one might ask...? Game is far from finished (afaik) so it should see a player boost once it hit full potential. However, as a long time backer i have to say i'm fairly disappointed about the state of the game in early access (sorry my dear devs and early backer comrades!).. Despite the low player numbers i feel the maps still lack any immersion nor have this "addictive! i need to play daily!" feel to it. Might have to do with (note: no offence nor meant to be cocky!) pretty average skill level of most players i have met from whom i strongly doubt they have played the game's role models in the form of COD2 and COD:MW. Probably most of them being players which simply tend to be far behind in terms of skills compared to the top teams i played and played against in the named COD's and who i expected to meet in here again... Anyways, besides that i simply expected to be flabbergasted by this game but maps simply look dull and don't have that great flow as mentioned COD maps did. Too many wide and empty areas and blocked way points which should not be there (example: bus wreck near church). Bad capture zones that are in the wide open (example: invasion map) and to few CQC areas to fight in and really measure skill levels. Weapons have clear favorites, such being the BAR with no doubt the easy mode gun in the game, outperforming the hailed tommy gun. Simply because there are too many long range area's in pretty much every map where tommy gun is kinda useless. The game runs smooth, though i have set everything to medium and play on 1280x1024 and capped fps to 90 to do so. Guessing the video / graphic part is far from optimized seeing the specs of my rig can cope with heavier settings with ease? Not that i care much about graphics however; i actually like these settings best since the come close to what COD2 looked like and i dont like useless smug/details that only work distracting when in the mid of a fight Last but not least i think the embedment of the game in Steam was a terrible decision and i would like to have seen this game to be a stand alone game with a user forum on ESL for example. If only to kind of revive the days of when this crappy (sorry) Steam platform did not exist yet and clans and players met and discussed the game on Clanbase. Anyways, I hold my breath for this game if full version wont see any major changes! So far, and i have to be fair and square with you guys in here, i'm really missing the addiction factor in Battalion:1944 which triggers me to play each day. And this is being said by one of the biggest early backer fanboys Wondering what my fellow old backers think (honestly). Greetings yinmastah p.s. sorry for being AFK for so long mates. Just been a very busy man and could not find the time to go online much!
  2. [GUN-PLAY] Pathfinder Needs a direct damage nerf. The fire rate and hip-fire accuracy will still keep this gun very relevant and powerful close range. But the way it is right now, you have almost no time to react when fighting an SMG close range…. Even against an operator Operator This class is EXTREMELY clunky. The screenshake is very laggy and can sometimes teleport the player. I suggest removing the screen shake altogether. Slow down fire rate. The fire rate increase was a step in the right direction but I feel it was a bit much as it is just too strong Increase the spread. This will reduce the long range “rifle-like” kills and make it a more consistent kill closer range. Shotguns are supposed to destroy close range, and at this current moment, it feels more or less like a hit or miss gamble close range. Rifleman / Marksman I might suggest possibly adding a bit more aim punch to help keep these classes in check. I know a lot of people don’t like aim punch, but it’s needed so that way these classes aren’t crazy strong when getting tagged still. COD2 best implemented this aimpunch. All weapons I’m not sure if double switching was purposely left out (to prevent cod4 wait bind abusers) or not, but it feels so clunky when swapping weapons. If this was indeed done to prevent that, might I suggest mimicking COD2’s weapon switching. The faster switching will help keep the gameplay faster and less clunky. At the same time, if the double switch was implemented (double switch when pulling out a weapon to cancel the weapon equipping animation and immediately do an action out if it), it would also keep the speed of the game faster. [LEAN] Leaning feels useless in a higher level play environment. Leaning gets you killed more than give you advantages currently. You just show way too much of your body in 3P in comparison to 1P. Because of this, this encourages people to just spam their jump key. I feel like if leaning or slow peeking a corner was a viable option, there would be less people jumpings corners. Another perspective, as someone who’s leaning a corner; since you show a lot of your body / hitboxes, someone who jumps the corner on you has the advantage because it’s easier to hit someone leaning. Leaning (in my eyes) should be the most optimal way of peeking / holding angles, because that means your positioning is better. Jumping should be used as a curveball peek to throw someone off. Again, in my eyes, COD2 implemented leaning the best (in my eyes), maybe a slight bit more. This will indeed slow the game down some, and reward players who are leaning and positioned better. It will also help punish players who jump out a lot because it’ll be harder to hit someone leaning an angle correctly. Rifles and Snipers will benefit from this, but mix this in with the increased aimpunch will help keep them in check. [MOVEMENT] Jumping There needs to be a more harsh landing lag. The more I scrim teams and play, the more I realize the most efficient way to cover a part of the map or take part of the map is mashing your jump key on every corner. I suggest adding landing lag if you fire a shot while mid-air. This will help keep some fluidity in movement (early round sprinting), but make it much more risky when jumping a corner and shooting. I feel like jump height is crazy high right now. I understand that this might not be good to reduce based on fluidity of maps. I would suggest decreasing the height of regular jumps, and keeping crouch jumping the same height. This will add an extra skill layer in movement that the average joe gamer cannot do consistently well without good movement practices Strafing I feel like strafing is way too easy. Strafe jumping is supposed to be somewhat skillful when doing. I’m not sure how, but I feel like making the “inputs” for strafing more strict to do a strafe jump. Again, this will increase the skill ceiling in terms of movement, which is a large part of the gameplay in Battalion. Speed I feel like the movement speed is in a good spot right now. My suggestion would to be to slightly increase walk speed with pistol out. This will help bait rifle shots by “jiggle peeking” with pistol. [GAMEPLAY] Health Regen I feel like it is WAY too slow right now. Doesn’t fit the speed of the game. I saw spectator and see that regen jumps to the closest 5th factor, then regens 5 every regen instance, maybe bumping this up to 8 would help speed up the game a bit. Kill-feed Please give us an option to remove the “white” from kill-feed. I’d much rather see Red / Blue as I can glance down and see which direction the flurry of kills are going. Also, the white name kill-feed is really buggy as even assists make it colored weird. I am posting this as a player who has been here since 0.1 alpha. Since being able to actually scrim the game at a high level, these issues were glaring. This post is meant to be from a Competitive player's standpoint and focuses heavily on ingame mechanics and gunplay. I truly hope the devs read this and takes this feedback into account. The game's playerbase is slowly dwindling, even the hardcore people who were waiting for this game to scrim has been dying off. Some of these gameplay fixes will help keep the Competitive players in, the matchmaking server fixes will help bring in newer players.
  3. Like most people I've been waiting for this game since 2016 and after two long years of hyping myself up for this game, it's finally here. I've played several matches so far and assume most of you have now that the servers are working better than during launch. That begs the question: was Battalion 1944 worth the wait? I'm aware that the game is still in early access, but I doubt the game will change radically in the future. From now on I only expect minor changes like adding server filters, fixing bugs and maybe in the future more maps and armies. But nothing that will drastically change the gameplay. To answer my own question: yes and no. In the last two years I've extremely overhyped the game for myself to a level that no gaming developer in the world could make it. So when it was released I was pretty underwhelmed. It didn't bring back the good old COD2 memories from when me and my friends would play Clanbase all night and make tactics for the game during lunchbreak. It felt more like COD4 with WW2 skins. Which isn't a bad thing, but I always loved COD 1, UO and 2 more than COD 4. Putting my nostalgic feelings aside and judging the game on what it is, a new game and not a remake of COD, I actually enjoy playing it. No killstreaks, pink camo's or other bullshit. I doubt Battalion will become my 'main game', but it will be a game I enjoy playing besides Battlefield, Call of Duty 2 and other games for hours and hours. What are your thoughts?
  4. sh0tyz

    Demos for EA?

    I was wondering if there is going to be a way to [ /record DEMO_NAME ] when EA is released, like the old COD days. Recording a demo would help put out EA frag movies (more publicity ) This is NOT the same as theater mode (so please don't reply saying about this being released in Q4). Even just a simple way to record, distribute, and replay demos.
  5. Hello, Might be just to early here and apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn't find it quickly if it is! Entered my early access code into Steam today to get it downloaded and installed ready for Thursday but the download was only 176mb in size? I figured it might be a download launcher, but when trying to open the game it advises files are missing. I've had early access before and not had issues. On activating the game it called it 'Battalion 1944 for Beta testing'. The actual game in the steam game list is just Battalion 1944 however. Not sure if it's relevant but didn't seem quite right. Anyone had the same? Am I just getting ahead of myself and it can't be downloaded yet? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Everyone. As you know Early Access is right around the corner and we will be sending out codes for this very soon! Some of you might know that a few people have been having issues with our code emails going into their Spam / Promotional Folders. This has been out of our control however there are steps you all can take to make sure it doesn't happen, to combat this I recommend that you: Add "info@bulkheadinteractive.com" to your "safe senders", "White-list" and / or "contacts". Make sure you set a filter for this email into your inbox. Keep checking the email accounts you gave us or the one you signed up to Kickstarter / Humble Bundle with. Use your search bar and search for "Bulkhead Interactive". This is really important as we don't want you missing out on your chance to play. Thanks for your continued support and we are trying our hardest to make this process as easy for you all as possible! Tuna and the Bulkhead Team