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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm an alpha backer and I'm looking at hosting free Battalion game servers for people over at [FSHOST - https://fshost.me] when it's available. I was wondering if this is OK to do so or if there were any restrictions on hosts? UPDATE: So this is now live and working. Thanks to the devs for releasing a game with proper server files. Hopefully see you around! I'm also looking for potential partners on the promoting side. There's already 5,000 unique gamers getting servers per month on the site at the moment. Can't say what percent will use Battalion servers but so far it's looking good.
  2. On dedicated server, it is not possible to decrease the score for a teamkill. teamkillscore=-5 doesn't work, .... it gives +5 instead to -5 ! teamkillscore=0 gives +5 points
  3. I bought a dedicated box to host servers for my community. As we'll need more than one instance (along with web and FTP, etc) it's much cheaper this way and I can manage the box myself. Unfortunately, I cannot launch multiple instances of the Battalion server as there is a .dll being hooked and locked to the first process. This is kind of a big deal, as it means clients (and providers) will likely need multiple virtualized OS's to run multiple instances. That's fine when you're running Linux, but with Windows Server it gets rather expensive. I only have 1 server license on hand. Is there a way you guys could do this differently? I could spin up Hyper-V and virtualize some CentOS hosts to run the game... but that's going to take some beard growing I'm not sure I have time for.
  4. It is possible to change value ingame as admin with : Config.<CONFIG_NAME> <VALUE> It works to change password but it seems you can't cancel "password" (to re-open the server) Note : it is the same if the password is define in the defaultgame.ini or not.
  5. I think some of my feedback have been reported yet but in case of ... Dedicated server version : 10747 1 - I have installed my Bat44 server on a VM hosting Windows Server 2008 CPU : E3 1245V2 (3.4GHz) Mem : 14Go Nothing to say about the installation, it is clear. (DL and install ! ) The configuration of the game is less easy. We need a bit more of details/info about the "Defaultgame.ini" (i spent a lot of time to find the way to stop the win loop ) The wiki page is good but the seciton called "Server + Game Configuration" is really rudimentary and could be improved. IMHO Crash cases : When we try to use a server command the server crash (change map, kick .... ) Server crash often at the rotation specially when several gamemodes (CTF,TDM ...) are used. Random crashes ..... ! ? If Devs needed i can provide logs files ( .bmp) Slots : If you set several gamemode and want more than 10 players, the server browser display always 10 slots. It is possible to set more than 10 slots but only one gamemode (CTF,TDM ...) must be available in the"Defaultgame.ini". In this case the server is showing the correct slot number in the server browser BUT the server accept only 10 players. The player #11 have a message telling "Server Full" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 - I tried to install the Bat44 server on Linux (Debian Wheezy) spec are the same as above but with more RAM. The server is running after updating Glib package but it is not reachable buy the players. Players got the message "Your conexion to the host has been lost". An other member meet the same problem (with other distro) : Check this post or this one Don't know if this is on my side but I don't get this error with others game server hosted on the same machine : I use an Ipfailover to host my game servers but with Bat44 even if i set the Ipfailover on the "Run.sh", it is the main IP of the server (dedibox) which is used/Displayed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The dedicated server needs : - Filters or ability to classify servers by name, map, ping ... - Ability to list all players from the console - Ability to kick/ban player with only a part of the name - Ability to kick/ban player with Game slot ID (It is shorter than Steam ID and really usefull for name with special characteres/typo) - Ability to set a password ingame - Add more information in the game log (Who's join/left, the SteamID with nickname, players actions : who kills who, chat log, map load, timestamp ..... ) - Add welcome/rules messages list in config file Despite this, the game is still fun to play. When it is online, my server is filling up quiclky. What is positive too, is that Bat44 server are not using a lot of ressource. That is a real good point. EDIT : Not so positive : 25-30% of CPU usage with 20 players (server version : 10849) on the windows VM
  6. Alexulmer

    Linux Dedicated Server Support?

    Hey, I have Linux machine and I would like to run a Battalion game server on it, How am I doing it? And if it's not possible at this time, when it is? Thanks, Alex.
  7. Hey everyone! Firstly, I want to say that - despite the chaotic and rocky launch - I'm still more than excited to play this game and see it break out onto the FPS scene. Even though they are issues, the issues that we had at launch are good issues to have! Moving on... I pre-ordered a US-East server from Multiplay about a week before Early Access release. They spun it up for me and had it going right on time yesterday, which I was very grateful for. My buddies and I hopped onto the server to check it out and found the playing experience to be totally fine. I did notice a few issues, though. My EU buddy is booted from the server after anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes Server.<command> commands do not change the state of the server in a timely manner The .ini has no variable for MaxPing or MaxLatency or anything like that The server would randomly restart and drop all players at any point throughout us playing I suspect that some of these issues are on Multiplay's end, but I know that some are built into the framework. I would like to suggest that Bulkhead provide dedicated server owners/providers a list of useful Server.<command> commands and/or the full list of possible Server.<command> commands. If not, as a developer and programmer, I truly do not mind scouring through the in-game console's auto-complete for Server.<command>, but since I know Bulkhead's programmers have been testing the game with these very commands, I don't see why we would have to go on a wild goose chase to find commands. I would also like to suggest that Bulkhead provide both server administrators (also players) and actual players with a little bit more telemetry on certain events. I mentioned above that my EU buddy got kicked from our US-East server every time that we tried to play; he was provided no error message and I could see no error messages or telemetry in the console, in the cmd logs, in the crash dumps or in Multiplay's "Action Log." Because of this dev-induced mystery, I spent probably 30 minutes last night studying the default .ini file to see if any commands existed to limit max ping to the server. I don't think this should be the case when the contrary increases both the satisfaction of the user experience and the information that server providers and players receive. Finally, in the same vein as my last suggestion, I would like to suggest that Bulkhead provide us with information on what the server is actually doing when we enter a Server.<command>, whether it be in the in-game console or in a log file. For instance, upon entering something like Server.ChangeMap Derailed BOMB, which is an auto-complete command, our server simply stayed on the same map and just sat. This was, obviously, after adding my Steam64 ID to the AdminSteamIDs array server var. All in all, I think it would be beneficial for Bulkhead to take a look at the resources that are currently provided to dedicated server providers/hosts and to brainstorm ways to help out the end user or the end server administrator. The wiki is a wonderful tool that does have a lot of useful commands, but when it's difficult for server administrators to even understand why a player was kicked or why the server takes 5 or 10 minutes to change the map, the wiki isn't helpful. Again, I'm so excited to get Battalion up and running and am looking forward to both the fun times and esports opportunities that the community will be provided. And I would like to say that I appreciate the developers' and Bulkhead's commitment to their playerbase. It's been a long time since I've seen a developer as involved in the community and invested in the game as Bulkhead. I truly look forward to BATT44's future Interested to hear your suggestions and responses. Happy fragging, folks.
  8. So I've purchaced Battalion 1944 on steam. I was searching on the web, if I could host a dedicated server on my computer. After few minutes I've found official files for dedicated server: http://wiki.battaliongame.com I've extracted the windows server files and changed external IP address. When I run the run.bat file, it opens console for half of a second. And before that happens, I get 2 exact same error messages. spec OS: Windows 7 ultimate GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 Ti CPU: Intel i5 6600 Ram: 16 GB DDR4 I thank you in advance. THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED ON THE 3. 2. 2018 WHEN THE UPDATED SERVER FILES CAME OUT