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Found 14 results

  1. Lets see how widespread this problem is,
  2. Hi Developers, I purchased the game last night to try it out, but I have run into 2 issues: Firstly, upon launching the game, I receive the 'Battalion has crashed' error message that other people have reported as well. After I close the error message, the game just loads fine and I can start playing. My other issue is -I'm not sure if it's in connection with the previous error message and something goes wrong in the background- that I can't press 'MoveLeft/MoveRight' and 'LeanLeft/LeanRight' at the same time, so in my example: I can't press A and Q or D and E together, because my character wouldn't move while leaning. It accepts leaning, but then wouldn't move to the direction that I'm pressing. My PC: Windows 7 Intel Core i5 4440 Nvidia GTX 760 8 GB RAM I have the game installed on HDD. Keyboard: Speedlink Snappy USB Keyboard I can live with the game has crashed error message, because the game loads eventually, but the issue with leaning is quite annoying. Any input in resolving that issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel
  3. Hi ! New player here. Been playing for like 1 day, everything seemed to work. But now, when i'm launching the game through steam, the launcher runs, i select my region and click play, the game runs on the start screen but this message is appearing : "Game was run without anti-cheat enabled. Please restart from the laucher." I've seen many people talking about this issue but there is no real fix Thanks for your answers if you have some !
  4. Wollum

    Game keeps crashing

    Hello, so after this new update my games just crashes, it starts whenever I boot the game, it says Battalion has crashed, but the game still works but when I try to join a server it crashes again. I'd like some help with this. What i've tried so far: (None of these worked so far) -Verify game files on steam. -Reinstalling.
  5. Arcune

    Unreal Engine 4 Crash

    Whenever i try to start the game via Steam it keeps crashing with an Error Message like this: What can i do about this? Greetings, Arcune
  6. nuiie

    Frequent crashing

    This is on behalf of a friend as he asked me to help him out with this. He is having pretty frequent crashing out of game, usually happens mid way through matches, doesn't appear to be any pattern to it, crash reports most of the time do not come up ill try to get one to you if we can but haven't had any luck getting one today. Ive attached a speccy and a dxdiag to this post hopefully those can assist if you need anything else let me know and ill get it to you asap. Thanks, Nuiie DESKTOP-LT7SQV7.txt DxDiag.txt
  7. NoBody1337

    Crashing after update

    Hello, I bought Battlion before yesterday patch and everything worrked well, except long loadings, but after patch i cant event join game. When I start Batt, I choose server and waiting. Game launches and send me error "Battalion has crashed" And game is still on. When I load any game, I will wait to long to join so I get "Lost connection to host" and if Im fast enough, game crashes with same message. "Battalion has crashes"
  8. epcblue

    Can't restart PC

    Just installed the game about 30 mins ago, opened it up, it crashed while loading. So I launched it again, got to the play menu, and started a search for arcade. It starts loading a map, and I hear the map loading music. All of a sudden the screen goes black, a crash error message appears, but the music keeps going. I try to Alt tab out, which doesn't work, so I try to Alt f4, which also doesn't. I open task manager, but can't tab to it. So I decide to restart my PC. Just after my motherboard loading screen part, I get a blue screen saying my PC wasn't able to restart, and that windows would try and restart itself. That doesn't work, but I try it again, again not working. So I unplug it, plug it back in, turn it on again, and I get another blue screen, with two options. Either try the restart thing again, or reset my PC, where I'll have to reinstall all my applications. Devices team, if you're aware of this issue and know a fix, I'd love to know it, because I'd actually enjoy to try the game, and failing that, actually enjoy being able to use my PC. Edit: my Pc has a ryzen 1300x, an Asus gtx 1060 6gb, an msi b350m mortar motherboard, and 8gb of ddr 4 ram
  9. Hi I am having an issue that when my server hosts 24/24 people and when we come to the end of the round that we crash It boots all players and says there was a fatal error Regards Koopa
  10. Hey there, so I've bought this game a few days ago and I couldn't actually play a single round yet. Whenever I join a server it just crashes completely after being stuck in the loading screen for a few minutes followed by this error message: https://gyazo.com/ca1e87462934e14478a00f62def65d23 (This one says 30 secs, I've also had errors which said 60 secs but I guess that is non important.) I really don't know what to do so I am asking you guys for help. I actually don't want to refund but this might be the only option for me if the problems recur. My Pc specs GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti 2gb CPU: Amd FX-6300 (6x3,50 Ghz) RAM: 8GB HDD: 1TB Windows 7 Professional 64bit Best regards.
  11. KunninLynguist

    Server Error: 139

    Recently moved our 16 slot London server to Gameservers.com due to the lack of access to the Deck .JSON files with Multiplay and we're encountering a repeated error that crashes the server after an undetermined period of time OR when the server starts to fill up. Encountered these initially with update 10849, switched servers to different locations (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and back to London) and haven't been able to get the server running at all on update 10849 (refuses to start, keeps displaying error 139 and eventually reaches restart limit) Since then I've reverted to the default server (sans 10849 patch) and the server has been up and running again... but it has gone back to crashing after so much up time / so many players join. I've notified GS about this issue, but they're saying it's a game issue, rather than a server issue. Attached is the recent crash log, our DefaultGame.ini and TDMDeck1.json. I'll update this thread with more information - going to attempt to measure how long it takes to crash when the server isn't close to full capacity. CrashLog.txt DefaultGame.ini TDMDeck1.json
  12. Hello, first I'd like to express how much I appreciate your development of this game. Promod has been my personal highlight in competitive gaming and I got so hyped when I heard you guys developed a game with promod, movement and bare bones being a big source of influence, I really want this game to succeed! The product as of now also LOOKS great, but I can't launch the game. You see, I've disabled all of Microsoft's telemetry and privacy invading background services, aka their system wide espionage (last step before emigrating my main desktop to Linux ;)). You can do this by disabling services manually and editing the registry, or you can use a tool like W10 Privacy. Your anticheat system in use seem to have dependencies on said services.. I've never encountered this error with any of the other current popular games. On top of this, you get a bit disheartened reading topics like this: ..Realizing That this horrific flaw in the anticheat system isn't even there for the greater good. No gain, all pain..? I hope you consider implementing an ordinary, stable and field-tested anticheat system which doesn't build upon shady privacy invasion, or at least provide a workaround.
  13. Deeds4life

    Game Freezes then Crashes

    Getting an issue where in the middle of a round, game freezes, sound loops (usually while firing weapon) then game crashes to desktop prompting to send report. System Info: i5-8600k / Asus Z370-G / 2x8gb Corsair Vengence / EVGA GTX 970 FTW / Windows 10 (fully patched and updated)
  14. KunninLynguist

    Server Log Day 1

    Hello, Just thought I'd pop the log up from Day 1. Noticed a lot of crashes relating to too much CPU being used for 0 players, hope it is of some use.