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Found 13 results

  1. Competitive HUD/UI

    What do you think about CoD WWII competitive hud? Would you like to see something like that in battalion? (only for spectators / shoutcasters )
  2. Greetings from Hesper

    Howdy everyone! I'm going to keep my initial introduction quite short for the meantime, but I just wanted to say I absolutely love the concept of this game and I'm very much looking forward to playing in all forms of Early Access, as well as investing heavily in working with map creation in the future! The overall features, mechanics, and gameplay looks very fluid and I'm anticipating a great release of the game! Let's make this happen with some flair fellas! -Hesper
  3. This is a place holder for the time being until we can get our official people on it. We are a multi-national tactical gaming clan that has been around the FPS world for over a decade. If you are interested you can stop by our website here: http://www.the82ndab.net
  4. Does it have; TeamSpeak? Yes Discord? Yes Casual Events? Yes Competitive Events? Yes Free Entry? Yes Passionate Admins? Yes THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Gday all, With the relase tonight of Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha 0.1 (at 3AM for me here in Melbourne), we have decided to go live with our new website! I'm Ace (Dr. Ace Misanthrope in full), a Master Sergeant Kickstarter Founder, along with @PGL_Thrillzyy and @PGL_m3tryk. We run a community called Pacific Gaming League. Formerly Insurgency ANZ, the Oceanic competitive Insurgency scene. We cater mostly to the neglected gaming region, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and more) but often open events to other Pacific countries, like USA and parts of South East Asia. Open to all and comprising of several teams, clans and a wide range of individual players, we aim to improve the PC gaming experience for people in our region and beyond, without trying to make money or take anything away from it. We have been keeping a close eye on Battalion 1944 since the crowd funding on Kickstarter. Although we haven't been too active in posting on this forum yet, we intend to improve upon that after playing tonight. We are dying to get playing and see what we can offer the Oceanic / Pacific community, in terms of Battalion events and competitive scenes, as we have done in other games. I understand that server hosting is not available yet but we are waiting and working with our sponsor and server provider PacificES (name is coincidence) to make sure we will be ready. What we do have, is a new website, with improved features and an already set up Battalion 1944 section, with a season to register expressions of interest and draft teams. We have taken our experience of hosting several succesful seasons and events, in games such as Insurgency and Rocket League, and applied that to enhance our website and thusly, our event hosting ability. We have new functionality in our tournament software, as well as improved layout and graphic design. Changes are still being made as the community requests them, which is what we have always prided ourselves on. We are not a business or company, but a community run by its members that gives back to a great gaming community, which too many developers ignore. It is AMAZING to see the response from the developers, to include Australian servers for the Alpha testing, despite the difficulties we face here with many providers. We plan to capatilise on this and help them gain as much feedback as possible from our region. Supporting those that support us is our mission and it seems to be a key one for Bulkhead Interactives as well. That is so great to see. Below are some images for an idea of the website, but we suggest you go and check it out for yourself! We would love to see people interested in Battalion, start to register for the community and our events, but we understand some people will wait until such a time that it's actually possible to run these seasons. That is fine too! We also know Battalion will feature competitive framework and are excited to see its potential. Other communities might also do the same thing and we are not intersted in poaching or competing with them. We are merely an an option for you to choose and we hope that we get to see you compete with us! If you are happy playing solo or with others, then by all means, have fun and happy gaming! www.PacificGL.com | ts.PacificGL.com | discord.PacificGL.com Current Battalion news section as teams begin to register. If you want, create an account and express interest by registering for Battalion 1944 Open Season #1. Insurgency news (with Season #6) for an idea of what Battalions news can look like. View Full Standings Battalion 1944 Season #1 Standings for an idea of what the Battalion season can look like.
  5. I noticed that in phantasy's video he states that the competitive economy may be based around a cod4 meets csgo meets hearthstone type thing. I want to pitch an idea around that idea; that may work well with the idea that is in place. Let me begin with comparing CS:GO's current competitive mode. CS:GO's current competitive mode is a best of 30 rounds over two halfs, with players gaining money for kills during the round, round wins, round losses in a row, completing objectives (planting/defusing bomb) etc. This works well in that it creates depth to the game, and over time people learn how the games economy works and can predict enemies next rounds, creating some intense strats. I find the problem with 30 rounds though is that sometimes it can be too long, and sometimes team mates do stupid things based around the money and can lead to rounds lost (if playing with randoms). My idea for Battalion 1944's competitive mode is a 4 term based game, best to 24 rounds (6 rounds each term). At the end of each term, the teams swap sides, so that actions on a particular a side by the team cannot become over predictable. Predictable gameplay becomes boring and stale, eventually leading to *yawn gameplay. At the start of each term, both teams are granted 12 buy points per player, to purchase guns, smokes, HE grenades and head armor. During the game, you will have to micro manage your points as during the end of the term your whole team could have 0 buy points. As the rounds go on, a round win is +1 buy point per player for the winning team, round loss is -1 buy point per winning team. Obviously if you survived the round, all inventory on you goes towards the next round. Players could purchase up to 3 particular items per round, spending all of their money for 1 round. Or they could spend nothing at all and scavenge the playing field. I believe this type of depth could create some interesting tactics around the economy. This type of play may not work though, but it is just a fresh idea spawned on a boring Saturday. Let me know what you guys think of this idea, and please expand on it to make it even better. I'm really hoping for this game to be the 2017/2018 killer with a thriving community!!! TL;DR 24 rounds, 4 terms, 12 buy points per player every term.
  6. Competitive League

    Hello, my freind built a website which is very similar to what Clanbase was. For anyone who doesnt rememeber clanbase, it was an ELO based ladder system. I can get Battalion added if there are clans who would be interested. Post some support here and I will show him this thread if I get a few replies. His website is called Scrimbase if you want to check it out.
  7. Search & Destory

    My apologies if this has already been announced that it will be part and parcel of the game, if not then I would like to highly suggest that it is implemented. I remember mainly playing this game type pretty much, all the time during Call of Duty 2. It was fun, immersive, suspenseful and tactical. Not only that but playing a 10v10 S&D game on a public server back then, especially with VOIP, it was a lot of fun and you felt as if you were a team. For those who aren't familiar (very rare), it is an objective based gamemode where the attackers can win by planting the bomb on one of two objectives or by simply wiping out the opposing team. The defending team wins by defending the objectives successfully by disallowing the enemy to plant explosives at said objective, or by wiping out the attacking team. Would like to know other people's opinions and feedback on this.
  8. What TEAM matchmaking is going to look like? In csgo we are used to competitive set to BO1 / mr15 - but is's for "solo matchmaking/personal ranking" ... i know we can play with friend but everyone has his own rank(league). It means that I play map which I've choosen. System match 2 teams and autoassign them and then randomly set the starting side(T/CT - Att/Deff) of each team. and team who gets 16 match/map points wins! BUT what we can expect of team matchmaking? 1. What about map selection... What about banning maps in matchmaking >> (similar as league of legends when players banning champs) ... or same as cs/cod players do on LANs. Team will be able to decide which maps they dont want to play in the match. 2. Best of XYZ - number of maps... BO1 is great for solo matchmaking... its fast and work pretty well... BUT for TEAM matchmaking we could do something greater... f.e.: BO3 - mr10/12. It will be great to measure skill on different maps in one match.. every team has the best and the worst map.. Match rounds it supposed to be lower than in BO1... f.e.: 10 ro 12. 3. Competitive gameplay look like... What about KNIFE ROUND at beginning of each map. Winners of knife round will be able to choose SIDE/ROLE - if the want to be attackers or defenders at beginning. 4. ECONOMY system... some of us want to economy system like csgo has. Economy work well for cs franchise and the economy system make core of gameplay/cs-mechanics.. BUT! IMHO lot of us dont want it at all (including me ). Not implementing economy system has lot of PROs and CONs. Cod2-pam/Cod4promodd dont have it and it also works very nice... Big advantage to DONT HAVE ECONOMY is that every round players have same opportunity with no "ECO limitations" etc. we can expect more risk plays... like 1vs5 cause players dont save their guns for next round (1 or 2 guns in team barely made great opportuinity to force enemy) - so saving is little bit useless and spectators are impoverished of sick actions like 1vs5 etc.
  9. Hey all, dF| (Deadly Forces) are currently recruiting in anticipation of Battalion. Established since the inception of online FPS and competitive since MoH:AA, we are looking for like minded members to join us ready for the release of Battalion. We have known each other for a long time and have grown as a family. We attend the iSeries every year and would love for you to join our community. Currently playing all types of games while we wait. Please feel free to drop by our website for more details... Deadly Forces Cheers, Wilks.
  10. Here's a topic for the thing we were talking about elsewhere. @Soldat Ryan, IMO leaving is not fair, because the enemy team will gain lots of advantage over yours. Neither in competitive or casual match, but in a casual match it's okay, because there is no "bet/stake/pot" (I don't know which one can be used here ). I know there can be thousands of reasons why people leave, but I don't really care about what a lots of people saying: -Sorry, my brother just came in and shut the computer down.(haha great joke) -the Wi-Fi has gone on holiday (it's a serious problem in some places, but if you think about it wisely, he should know about the internet connection problems, so he should NOT start a competitive match) -I have to go because we have dinner (tbh I made this mistake in LoL some years ago several times. When I started a ranked game, my mother told me that we are eating now, so I had to leave. Since then I don't start big matches when I know I'll have dinner or something like that soon) I may sound strict, but for me, if a teammate just leaves a match, it's the most frustrating thing in a videogame. I'm not saying that they should be banned for the first time. After the Xth or Yth leaving, they should get a warning or something so they know that if they leave again, they won't be able to play competitive for XY days. This is my personal opinion. My answer for this question is that they should not leave a competitve match just because they are being harrassed by another player this is stupid. For proof on the other hand maybe the chat log (?) can help or the built in voince communication. As for the connection issue, I've said it above. I hope I understand it correctly. So you are saying that people can just leave before the match ends without any progression and "placement points"? If this is the case, nobody would ever have a lost competitve match in their match history, cause they would leave before the end.
  11. Hi! I have hundreds of hours into both CS GO and CoD and I am looking for a clan filled with nice people, but people also looking to climb the ranks to be #1.
  12. Giving the game a competitive edge, getting people hooked. First things first, To have my opinion slightly more notable in this area, I’ve competed at a relatively high level in a fair few FPS, infantry only games. Such as this aspires to be. Cod1, cod2, cod4 and CS:GO. Configuration of the games / rounds: Whilst allot of people who don’t understand the community of players playing Call of duty competitively the one single thing that was imperative to the cod genres success in “Competitive Gaming” was essentially PAM mode or promod as its later state is now called. These mods would change little things, disable the annoyances and create a balanced bit of gameplay. However, Counter-Strike isn’t exactly the same however has pretenses that are similar, such as in game config changes to bomb-timers, round time and money changes (last on was kind of old-school, never needed to be applied in the newer versions of cs) but it still stands that changes will probably need to be made from this vanilla game from the COMMUNITY that cries out for these things. Another absolutely massive need for competitive play in such a game are the maps, I know this sounds mad, people have favorite maps but popular balanced and maps that are widely known for competitive gaming from EVERY FPS game have 3 choke points I’ll elaborate on the importance of this later in the thread Choke points: Choke points are where people meet, where the attacking side in a defussal mission would need to push to get to their desired location ie bomb points for example. As said before every single massive FPS esports game infantry only style will nearly always have 3 choke points. DUST2 – Tunnels/mid-short/long Carentan: MG/Midgarden-rushhouse-North Citystreets: A/market/blong I can go on for so long, in so many maps. And this is SUCH an escential thing the game developers need to consider in the game, it creates balance, default positioning and team work. Having random scattered maps will completely CRTL - X the fuck out of the posibility of any competitve sense of the game. Also having them too large creating a more boring atmosphere would be detrimental. - Gamemodes: Games that people are exilerated by are the importance of lives in the game and the importance of risk-reward. This in my opinion is why games such as cod1,2,4 CS:GO etc are hooking and have/had huge followings is because of bomb defusal modes. It makes peaking a risk, trading a kill a must and teamplay needed to eliminate the enemy team. The timers make it imperitive to work fast, use things such as smokes to gain crosses along choke points, repositioning in players and tactics possible with in a game, giving the game new metas even in such long lasting games also gives a wide variety of ways to play the game on a team level, entry heavy, timing heavy, tacticly heavy, split pick aim heroes. This is SO important to me as a competitive gamer its unbelievable. TL:DR Slight modding, or even just ways of changing minute things for competitive play 3 Choke points SD / DE missions( bomb defusal 5 a side ) I will add any futher opinions and ideas in either seperate threads or replies in this thread. Thanks for taking the time to read this, allot of competitive gamers wont step up to the plate and really lay down whats important to them, I have my eyes on this as another chance to become great at a large community game. Have a comunity grow like they did on the old WW2 shooters and CS games where leagues, LAN events etcs were made possible by the producers and by the community, this in turn will make the game massive, LAN events get revenue make people think I want to be like that guy, play and play and play and create yet another COD1, COD2, CS. Its what the FPS community needs in my opinion.
  13. Tenacity Gaming Clan

    Tenacity are a well evolving community of like minded players. Our Requirements are: 16+ Years of Age Mic for Curse chat Non Toxic Personality Sense of humour Our goal is to establish a decent sized group of players who communicate on the forums, on Curse and in game, play together on a regular basis and escape the toxicity of the masses. We currently have several teams active in games we play. Tenacity is an open community and providing you are a decent human being all are welcome. Tenacity Gaming – named for this groups never say die attitude, never surrender, but fight to the last.