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Found 15 results

  1. Was fighing a bunch of blatant cheaters so me and my friends decided to quit the competitive match. As a result to that we're all having a 5 minute cooldown. Great... Being punished for not willing to play versus cheaters. Is this something that will be in the final version of the game? Because if it is then I'll pass and buy a differend game. I'm sick and tired rules like this.
  2. Competitive Suggestions

    Hello I dont know if anyone had mentioned what im about to say, but i feel like it has some sort of a relevance in terms on how people are gonna be thrilled about this game. First to say, i have not played the game yet, but i have seen the game footage, and i already have a formed opinion about the game, due to the fact that i played most cods, i had a cs team, and i played DOD, the first one for years. in a 5v5 scenario, the damage mechanic is some sort of weak, because there's no feeling of reward in killing a guy extremely fast with 3 or 4 shots in the chest. Im very aware that this is how its meant to be. But it weakens the clutch situation, and the excitement that comes with it. I feel like head shots are very much irrelevant, specially on close quarters, that in the long run makes the game a little bit boring, specially for high skilled players, since its kinda easy to finish the enemy like this. At long range it might have a difference, i don't know yet. It would be amazing to have some sort of head shot relevance, decreasing how fast you can kill from the chest and giving a slightly edge for the ones that aim for the head. So nerfing some machine guns in the chest would open oportunity for LMG in the future. Spray control, tap, and variance are things that make cs go an exciting game, and i also remember that in dod, It was reasonably dificult to control and master those weapons, and it felt very good to be able to. Some weapons can fire fast, do less damage, as well others can shoot slower and be more powerfull. I remember how hard it was to control the BAR standing, First guy kinda easy, second guy gun was going crazy, but manageable, third guy if you kill you are insane with that weapon. it was really fun. Kar98 and Sniper, as well as the other rifles, should do more damage waist up, less damage waist down. If its not implemented it should be, it could be 50% , as no one should die one shot on their feet. i think headshot mechanics is what makes games more exciting. and the very well unique character of the weapons. other than that, it has to be meaningful to plant a bomb, and to defuse it as well. A good rewarding system, Someone can buy a locked class in game if he gets the most plants or kills, A high ranked soldier, ( captain) for instance, with an unique weapon, uniform, or skill, whatever that gives the meta game a slight twist. Versatility is important, people like to trade weapons, make arrangements, savings, all elements that can make the game more immersive. Giving the players oportunity to make unexpected moves, angled grenades and all that. Some people may say that they dont want a game that is like cs go, or exactly like COD, and thats something i strongly agree, but mixing elements of success can improve the gameplay in a good way. this game is full of potential in a competitive scenario, and should be exploited as such. If arranged in a good way, i can see it running side to side with cs go. thats all i had to say. feel free to post your opinions as well.
  3. Hey, I played scope in a preinv. team in cod4 promod back around i42. Played with and against lots of the well known inv. players like phan, diablo, qlimaxzu, stevy etc. After cod4 i founded a mixteam in csgo called dotsefi with which we made some decent results beating numerous T2 teams in the competitive scene. Im going to give this game an honest try (finding/founding a team and mby goin pro if the game itself makes it), and am interested in trying to get together with like minded people for the grind. Hit me up in a PM and let me know who you are and where you come from if youre interested! Europe only, LANning has to be an option. Thx -D
  4. Hey, I played scope in a preinv. team in cod4 promod back around i42. Played with and against lots of the well known inv. players like phan, diablo, qlimaxzu, stevy etc. After cod4 i founded a mixteam in csgo called dotsefi with which we made some decent results beating numerous T2 teams in the competitive scene. Im going to give this game an honest try (finding/founding a team and mby goin pro if the game itself makes it), and am interested in trying to get together with like minded people for the grind. Hit me up in a PM and let me know who you are and where you come from if youre interested! Europe only. Lanning has to be an option. Thx -D
  5. Name: Constantinos Kyprianou Nickname: Phosphene Age: 21 Birthday: January 3, 1997 Nationality: Cypriot Languages: English, Greek (Bilingual) Info: I grew up in Cyprus, a small island in the Eastern Mediterranean, but I also lived in the UK for a year. I studied here in Cyprus, and successfully completed the Seminar given in the Art Of Tattooing, I'm currently working now as a Seasonal and Part-Time Tattoo Artist in ''E. R. Tattoo & Piercing Studios'' https://www.facebook.com/easyridertatoopiercing/. I'm a really friendly guy and can easily get into a team mood I'm kind of a perfectionist, this might seem a bit negative for some people but, for me.. I think it's a great advantage for what I'm focusing and aiming for. Now, let's talk a bit about my experience etc. I have been playing FPS games since 2009 and competitively for the past 7 years, (since 2010). During this years I participated in many competitions hosted by CB/ESL and also participated in Local Tournaments by playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Overwatch where I successfully managed to achieve a great amount of titles. I have good communication, teamwork and management skills due to the fact that I have experience as Top Tier E-Sports Player, Shot-Caller and Analyst Coach in many teams where any interaction and communication was required. My work ethic, effort and dedication helped me advance in understanding the merit of competitiveness in depth and acknowledging its issues in analytical ways. Additional Info: Availability to travel. Sponsored by Six Lounge inSpot (http://www.inspot.gr/) Experience with Tier 1 & 2 E-Sports Teams Overwatch SOLO Rankings - TOP 156 in Europe Overwatch Average Scrim Ratings High++ (Top 500) Overwatch Player Role: Hitscan DPS 700+ Hours of Scrims [Overwatch] 3000+ Hours of Scrims [Call Of Duty Franchise] 2 times winner of the Title 'Best Cy. Overwatch Player' hosted by CYOC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIp-2MXWUjA&t) [1on1 Finals] Experience with Video Editing on Sony Vegas Pro Media: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvt8D3PNnHAY2kATs3KCvYA/videos? Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/phsphene some of my Awards/Experience Overwatch 1st. Place - 1on1 Tournament hosted by Cyprus Overwatch Community 2017 .Cyprus 1st. Place - 1on1 Tournament hosted by Cyprus Overwatch Community 2016 .Cyprus 1st. Place - 6on6 Tournament hosted by Gosu Gaming Spot 2016 .Cyprus 1st. Place - 6on6 Tournament hosted by Blizzard/Bionic/Kinx at Cyprus Comiccon 2016 .Cyprus Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 3rd. Place - 5on5 ESL Greek Ladder Cup 2012 .Greece 7th. Place - ESL Versus. Winter Season 2012 .Europe Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 1st. Place - 5on5 LAN Event by Bnet. 2014 .Greece 1st. Place - ESL Versus. Summer Season 2014 .Europe 5th. Place - 5on5 ESL Autumn Cup 2014 .Europe Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1st. Place - 5on5 ProMod LAN Event by Alliance Gaming Lounge 2014 .Cyprus Contact Me: *feel free to contact me on the forum, media or any of the following: Steam (New/B44 Account): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198409787114/ Email: constantinosphosphenekyprianou@outlook.com Overwatch DUALTAGE - Tournaments/ESL Highlights Overwatch Tournaments/ESL Highlights Overwatch SNIPER Fragfilm *you can find more fragfilms and highlights on my YouTube channel, hope you enjoy, adios!
  6. competitive ranks??

    Hi just wondering if battalion 1944 will have competitive ranks like cs / dota / lol
  7. Grassroots competitive Lan?

    This probably only applies to the UK but GAME. have their Lan party rooms now, why not have a nationwide grassroots tournament? Teams compete at locals stores in the first round and then winners from each region progress to a Lan tournament at a bigger venue?
  8. R6 siege is not the best game out there but there is a few things this game make right. You should watch this video if you have not done yet. R6 siege' spectator mode is great and the game could be great source for inspirations (technical game side). !!! It will be great to make opportunity to open the replay in the spectator mode. So you can analyze your gameplay with your teammates in whole new perspective and also this could be a gamebreaker while streaming a tournaments... or basically you could make a stunning montages (cinematic shots) I remember cod:bo has cinema mod and everyone liked it ... but this spectator mode will be even better. There is something like that in WOT.. where you can spectate every tank in the battle(replay). I want to ask you, players, what do you think about it?
  9. Hey mates do you think cod will have a competitive Mode For pc ?
  10. Competitive HUD/UI

    What do you think about CoD WWII competitive hud? Would you like to see something like that in battalion? (only for spectators / shoutcasters )
  11. Greetings from Hesper

    Howdy everyone! I'm going to keep my initial introduction quite short for the meantime, but I just wanted to say I absolutely love the concept of this game and I'm very much looking forward to playing in all forms of Early Access, as well as investing heavily in working with map creation in the future! The overall features, mechanics, and gameplay looks very fluid and I'm anticipating a great release of the game! Let's make this happen with some flair fellas! -Hesper
  12. Search & Destory

    My apologies if this has already been announced that it will be part and parcel of the game, if not then I would like to highly suggest that it is implemented. I remember mainly playing this game type pretty much, all the time during Call of Duty 2. It was fun, immersive, suspenseful and tactical. Not only that but playing a 10v10 S&D game on a public server back then, especially with VOIP, it was a lot of fun and you felt as if you were a team. For those who aren't familiar (very rare), it is an objective based gamemode where the attackers can win by planting the bomb on one of two objectives or by simply wiping out the opposing team. The defending team wins by defending the objectives successfully by disallowing the enemy to plant explosives at said objective, or by wiping out the attacking team. Would like to know other people's opinions and feedback on this.
  13. I noticed that in phantasy's video he states that the competitive economy may be based around a cod4 meets csgo meets hearthstone type thing. I want to pitch an idea around that idea; that may work well with the idea that is in place. Let me begin with comparing CS:GO's current competitive mode. CS:GO's current competitive mode is a best of 30 rounds over two halfs, with players gaining money for kills during the round, round wins, round losses in a row, completing objectives (planting/defusing bomb) etc. This works well in that it creates depth to the game, and over time people learn how the games economy works and can predict enemies next rounds, creating some intense strats. I find the problem with 30 rounds though is that sometimes it can be too long, and sometimes team mates do stupid things based around the money and can lead to rounds lost (if playing with randoms). My idea for Battalion 1944's competitive mode is a 4 term based game, best to 24 rounds (6 rounds each term). At the end of each term, the teams swap sides, so that actions on a particular a side by the team cannot become over predictable. Predictable gameplay becomes boring and stale, eventually leading to *yawn gameplay. At the start of each term, both teams are granted 12 buy points per player, to purchase guns, smokes, HE grenades and head armor. During the game, you will have to micro manage your points as during the end of the term your whole team could have 0 buy points. As the rounds go on, a round win is +1 buy point per player for the winning team, round loss is -1 buy point per winning team. Obviously if you survived the round, all inventory on you goes towards the next round. Players could purchase up to 3 particular items per round, spending all of their money for 1 round. Or they could spend nothing at all and scavenge the playing field. I believe this type of depth could create some interesting tactics around the economy. This type of play may not work though, but it is just a fresh idea spawned on a boring Saturday. Let me know what you guys think of this idea, and please expand on it to make it even better. I'm really hoping for this game to be the 2017/2018 killer with a thriving community!!! TL;DR 24 rounds, 4 terms, 12 buy points per player every term.
  14. What TEAM matchmaking is going to look like? In csgo we are used to competitive set to BO1 / mr15 - but is's for "solo matchmaking/personal ranking" ... i know we can play with friend but everyone has his own rank(league). It means that I play map which I've choosen. System match 2 teams and autoassign them and then randomly set the starting side(T/CT - Att/Deff) of each team. and team who gets 16 match/map points wins! BUT what we can expect of team matchmaking? 1. What about map selection... What about banning maps in matchmaking >> (similar as league of legends when players banning champs) ... or same as cs/cod players do on LANs. Team will be able to decide which maps they dont want to play in the match. 2. Best of XYZ - number of maps... BO1 is great for solo matchmaking... its fast and work pretty well... BUT for TEAM matchmaking we could do something greater... f.e.: BO3 - mr10/12. It will be great to measure skill on different maps in one match.. every team has the best and the worst map.. Match rounds it supposed to be lower than in BO1... f.e.: 10 ro 12. 3. Competitive gameplay look like... What about KNIFE ROUND at beginning of each map. Winners of knife round will be able to choose SIDE/ROLE - if the want to be attackers or defenders at beginning. 4. ECONOMY system... some of us want to economy system like csgo has. Economy work well for cs franchise and the economy system make core of gameplay/cs-mechanics.. BUT! IMHO lot of us dont want it at all (including me ). Not implementing economy system has lot of PROs and CONs. Cod2-pam/Cod4promodd dont have it and it also works very nice... Big advantage to DONT HAVE ECONOMY is that every round players have same opportunity with no "ECO limitations" etc. we can expect more risk plays... like 1vs5 cause players dont save their guns for next round (1 or 2 guns in team barely made great opportuinity to force enemy) - so saving is little bit useless and spectators are impoverished of sick actions like 1vs5 etc.
  15. Here's a topic for the thing we were talking about elsewhere. @Soldat Ryan, IMO leaving is not fair, because the enemy team will gain lots of advantage over yours. Neither in competitive or casual match, but in a casual match it's okay, because there is no "bet/stake/pot" (I don't know which one can be used here ). I know there can be thousands of reasons why people leave, but I don't really care about what a lots of people saying: -Sorry, my brother just came in and shut the computer down.(haha great joke) -the Wi-Fi has gone on holiday (it's a serious problem in some places, but if you think about it wisely, he should know about the internet connection problems, so he should NOT start a competitive match) -I have to go because we have dinner (tbh I made this mistake in LoL some years ago several times. When I started a ranked game, my mother told me that we are eating now, so I had to leave. Since then I don't start big matches when I know I'll have dinner or something like that soon) I may sound strict, but for me, if a teammate just leaves a match, it's the most frustrating thing in a videogame. I'm not saying that they should be banned for the first time. After the Xth or Yth leaving, they should get a warning or something so they know that if they leave again, they won't be able to play competitive for XY days. This is my personal opinion. My answer for this question is that they should not leave a competitve match just because they are being harrassed by another player this is stupid. For proof on the other hand maybe the chat log (?) can help or the built in voince communication. As for the connection issue, I've said it above. I hope I understand it correctly. So you are saying that people can just leave before the match ends without any progression and "placement points"? If this is the case, nobody would ever have a lost competitve match in their match history, cause they would leave before the end.