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Found 4 results

  1. Hello to everyone who may be viewing this page! As with my initial introduction, I plan on keeping this short for now, with intentions to add more later on as the game opens up and makes progress. This page will be the forefront of gaming teams with ideas to expand as more people get into the game as well as the competitive environment of it as well. Given the developer's desire to make this a very competitive game, with deep levels of tactical prowess involved and great gameplay/shooting mechanics, I can expect no less than incredible competition from teams throughout the world. If you would like to get in touch with me, go ahead and reply here on this forum, or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iAmHesper/ I will go further into detail of our plans, as well as introduce more of our members (create an active roster) as I bring more of my members into the fold. -Hesper
  2. Hey guys! Tuna here and I’m happy to announce that we finally received the Alienware Arena Competition Prize and we are finally ready to announce the winner of it! The lucky community member that will be receiving this great prize is @Pte Walker! I hope you will all join us in congratulating him on winning this super cool prize! Every time we get something given to us from a company we do our best to direct it back into our community and next time we receive something awesome we’ll continue make sure we find a way to get it into your hands. We want to thank everyone for voting for us in the Alienware Arena Competition as it really helped us out! Keep up the awesome work and continue being the best community in games! Thanks a lot. Tuna
  3. Here is another idea, which would need to be a feature added later on or even something I would purchase myself to play, why not have a multiplayer shooting range? Competitions like precision rifle shooting at 100-1000+ yards (or 90-914+ meters) where you can use all the bolt action weapons from the war. Kar 98, Springfield, Mosin, Arisaka, and Lee Enfield. Competitions where you have 2-gun runs where in one competition you can have a bolt rifle along with a pistol engaging targets from <100m then engaging targets at 10m with your pistol. Then even automatic competitions where how many targets can you cut in half with your BAR, MG42, Browning M2, or w/e else. Weapon specific matches can be done where you can only use a Tommy and a 1911 or a STG 44 with a lugar or M1 Garand with a revolver. Could be endless possibilities. Though there would have to be ballistics involved in the sense of wind, drop, coriolis effect, and MAYBE temp (temp not so much but why not if possible). Let me know what you think!!!
  4. BattleRank

    So, The competitive platform for the MP part of Battalion1944 is supposed to be based on 'Battle rank' system. That is all that we know. What are your toughts of how the entire platform should look like and what features it should have? I was thinking something in the line of Clanbase where you had your clan info section (tags/ logo/ players/player ID's/website etc), competition ladder (from where you could instantly challenge new clans), (nation and league) cups, hall of fame and dedicated game forums (see my other post) etc etc. Additionally channels to broadcast live gameplay and a decent player reporting / anti cheat section. Any other suggestions?