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Found 8 results

  1. WaxWeazle

    Toxic community..

    I don't know if I'm one of the fewer ones who's bothered to death by this - but I'm more and more tempted to just uninstall Battalion 1944 for a while and give it a break. As much as I'm loving the game itself, the toxic behaviour that I see in 99% of the games is absolutely atrocious and it genuinely puts me off to play any more. I myself come from COD4 and loved playing it to death. It's via COD4 that I met one of my current day best friends and the game's given me a lot more friends as well that I still keep in touch with today. The social aspect of a game like this is an important part for me. If a game is perfect for the full 100% but has a toxic community - I won't bother with it. I really cannot enjoy the continuous flaming, disrespecting and trolling with vote-kicks all the time. To give an example of how bad it is for me; In the past 5 games, I've had 3 matches where I was receiving vote kicks all the time by some flamer for no reason. In all of those, I got whined at continuously for not doing what someone else wanted me to do. Fun detail: I'm talking about Unranked as well as Arcade. Not Competitive. Is there ANYTHING that will be done towards trying to get this community to be less toxic like this? It's really offputting in many, many ways and I honestly can't see people enjoying this game if they don't even get a chance to play it casually without being flamed left/right or vote kicked. I know turning off text and voice chat is an option - Voice chat is already disabled for me. I do not need to hear continuous flaming in my headset while I'm trying to have fun. Text chat is not disabled however, because I still want to try and get in touch with those very few non-toxic players that are out there who don't seem to feel the need to whine every time they die, or who feel the need to troll and just be downright disrespectful to others. I've had a few friends who were interested in Battalion 1944 who also hooked off very early because of the toxicity going around. I'm currently at around 85 hours and I will try to continue to support the game as long and as much as I can - however if this toxicity is going to continue like this, for me it'll end up with me writing the game off; despite the game being a pure bless of a shooter already.
  2. serjaah

    Weapon skin files???

    When will community be able to make skins for this game and how will skins be chosen to hit the game? Top rated or by devs?
  3. comagnum

    Message to the players

    First of all, I’m glad we have a good platform for constructive and productive conversation and ideas. Between here and Reddit I’ve seen a number of good points, ideas, suggestions, etc. However, we as a collective need to understand a few things. Firstly, issues with launches happen. Especially early access launches. This game is by no means a finished product and we need to take that into consideration before losing our minds on forums/threads/review pages. That’s not to say we should ignore said issues, but we also need to be realistic with our expectations. We’re currently a week removed from launch day and the devs have already taken action on a number of aggravating and game hindering bugs. As I type this, they’re still currently testing fixes, addressing crashing issues, and things of the like while also trying to improve the overall experience with map fixes, gameplay additions, balancing fixes, and economy based changes to the card system. They’re being active in their approach to this game, not resting on their laurels, and trying to put out the best product they can. Be mindful of these things when you’re having issues of your own. With that being said, please also realize that the issues and things you experience, especially related to crashes, are not everyone’s experience. There are a ton of different hardware configurations out there and I am fairly certain it takes a small development group a lot longer to pinpoint these issues and implement fixes than a larger group. Again, be mindful of this. While there may be issues right now, it seems like there’s a few of us (the loudest ones usually) that are convinced that the game is crap, will always be crap, and it’s never going to improve. These people are not productive members of our community. The devs are clearly passionate about improving on their game and I’m willing to bet that in 3-6 months time the game we have then will be much improved over the current landscape. Battalion will continue to improve, will continue to be balanced, will continue to have features added, and will continue to grow. And I’m hoping that we can come together as a whole and be patient, respect the process, and acknowledge that we’re still in this games infancy. Best wishes.
  4. Hello community! A friend and I created a website called B44.gg (adfree!) to provide you with player & game statistics, server browser, maps with callouts and many more features in the next weeks. Currently the progress (e.g. kills, wins, ...) in-game does not get saved so we are not yet able to receive all the data but as soon as the data comes available your player profiles will automatically be updated with your latest stats (with graphs and more). While we wait for this update to happen (sadly we were so far not able to catch one of the developers to ask when the data will be available) we are working on even more features (e.g. better server browser with detailed view, rcon tool, ...). If you have any feedback, wishes or ideas please let us know so we can keep improving this platform with the help of the community. Thanks a lot for your interest! Be sure to keep our site bookmarked so you can come back as soon the site is fully operational.
  5. [FR-NGBC]NotGoodButCrazy (-UK- version) (Version FR voir plus bas) About [NGBC] : We are a French "tactical" community born on Feb 2013. We are a young community, but the founders come from an old European community (died in 2013) which played the COD series for 6 years. We are the French reborn people of the former group. We are hosting our own servers games and we are playing mainly on Arma3 and COD4 (crouch tactical style). We are running also servers for Minecraft and TF2 The community is focused on "Battalion1944" and we have backed one x18 clan pack. We have big expectations about the game and we hope we will not be disappointed. It does not matter if you do not speak French we have opened a special section on our forum for "English speaking gamers" About "tactical": To be clear the "tactical" comes from our game play on COD. We try to fight together but we are not fanatic of simulation and orders to follow. We are not structured as a military organisation. Everyone play as they want, thinking before running in front of enemies’ bullets. About Recruitment : Even though the community is young, we have some experience of online gaming. Our goal has always been to game in a friendly spirit, avoiding those who are “ World Champions” and “Trolls” . We play tactically respecting all gamers. Our recruitment is based on the quality of the indivividual members and not the quantity. Our objective is not blanket recruitment; we are selective. First of all, we want to know our members, they are required to participate in the forum, join us on TS and of course they have to play regularly with us and be gamers with a sense of humour and great attitude. Conditions are on our website. Notice : If you want to become an [NGBC]Member, the recruitment is open. Read well our rules on our website. Where to find us : Website : https://www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu Twitter : @notgoodbutcrazy Steam group Facebook Page Google+ Twitch See you in game or on our website, you are most welcome. Best Regards ************************************************************** [FR-NGBC]NotGoodButCrazy (version -FR-) A propos des [NGBC] : Nous sommes une communauté "Tactique" Francophone, née en février 2013. Nous sommes une jeune communauté mais les fondateurs viennent d'une ancienne communauté Européenne (dissoute en 2013) qui jouait sur Call of Duty depuis 6 ans. Nous avons bâti les [NGBC] avec les membres francophone de cette communauté. Nous hébergeons nous même nos serveurs de jeu et nous jouons principalement sur Arma3 et COD4 (crouch tactical style). Nous avons également des serveurs Minecraft et TF2. La communauté NGBC suit avec attention "battalion1944" et nous avons pris un pack clan x18. Nous avons de grandes attentes sur "Battalion1944" et nous espérons ne pas être déçu. A propos du mot "tactique" : Pour être clair l’appellation "Tactique" vient de notre style de jeu sur COD. Nous essayons de jouer ensemble mais nous ne sommes pas des fanatiques de la simulation et des ordres à suivre. Nous n'avons pas de hiérarchie militaire. Chacun joue comme il l'entend tant qu'il reflechi avant de courir n'importe où et de se jeter sous les balles ennemies. A propos du Recrutement : Même si nous sommes un jeune communauté, nous avons une certaines expérience du jeu en ligne. Notre objectif a toujours été de jouer dans un bon esprit en écartant les "champions du monde" et/ou les "trolls" dans un esprit tactique et dans le respect des autres. Notre politique de recrutement est orientée sur la qualité de ses membres et non sur la quantité. Notre objectif n'est pas de recruter tout le monde, à tour de bras. Avant toute chose, nous voulons connaitre nos membres. Ils doivent participer au forum, nous rejoindre sur le TS et bien-sur jouer avec nous quelque soit le jeu, dans un bon esprit. Les conditions sont décrites sur notre site. Note : Si vous voulez nous rejoindre au sein des NGBC le recrutement est ouvert. Bien lire les conditions sur notre site. Où nous trouver : Site web : https://www.notgoodbutcrazy.eu Twitter : @notgoodbutcrazy Groupe Steam Facebook Google+ Twitch A bientôt en jeu ou sur notre site. Cordialement.
  6. Hey you... Yeah you.. Got your Funderwear on? Looking for a diverse Multi Gaming Commmunity? Tired of gaming alone or with people that wear their undies to tight? Venom Squad Gaming is here for you! Oh yeah baby.. We got you covered like mud on the tires of your Jeep Willy. What we offer? You know you want to know more.. Sorta like that moment when you're asked what the hell you do all day? WE GAME!! Our Care Package includes.. Boots on the ground laid back community. We use Discord for Coms sweetie, the way you love it. New Call of duty is right around the corner and we are prepared for that too. No limits, to how far we will go. You have ideas or suggestions to help with the growth of our community (We accept it) Over 100+ members and growing. Must be 18+ to be recruited.. Minimum age 16+ we consider. Are you ready to Join? Click HERE to join the fun! To join our ranks contact me on steam: UCJOHN or in our Discord. Sincerely, VSG_UCJOHN
  7. Kaiser

    Australian Servers

    Sup, First off I'd like to say that i am incredibly pumped for this game and can not wait to see where it goes. I am hoping this game will become my main game for years to come and get me out of this slump i have for games at the moment. My question is, Will there be Australian Servers? I understand that we are a relatively small community compared to NA & EU however as somebody who constantly deals with terrible ping, it would be amazing if there were servers for us. In the past, Australia has/had a large community as it pertains to games such as Cod4, Cod2 and CsGO. MY conclusion is that as this game mostly resembles those shooters, I have no doubt that the servers would then warrant themselves with the amount of Australians flocking to play this game. Hopefully you guys will take into consideration what i have said. Kindest Regards, Kaiser.
  8. Hello everyone! I've been waiting for more than a year for this game to come out. I used to be a semi-pro player in cod4 promod in the greek scene (there was no pro scene unfortunately). Had the pleasure of even playing in the same team with Thomas 'choobie' Mead for a greek lan that took place in Athens. Ever since I saw Battalion 1944 I got so excited and could not wait for it to come out since it promised promod movement mechanics like strafing (glad to see phantasy helping out on that since he was the best one in strafing). Just like other promod players I could not find a game to fit my playstyle (trust me it is hard especially for an smg player that strafes around the whole map), hence I've been jumping arround games for many years now not enjoying them as much as cod4. Therefore, the moment I found out about Battalion 1944 I started talking with friends from cod4 to immediately start playing the game and go hard on the competitive side. Hope things will work out. Bottom line, we really want to see this game succeed, so we just made a FB page to start gathering the greek community in one place. I hope you could help us out a little bit by letting people know about us so they can follow and make us able to create contacts (already have some people that can help organize lan events etc). A quick shutout on FB will probably be helpful for us to reach some people. Our page is called Battalion 1944 Greece. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for making this game! Zylion