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Found 17 results

  1. Australian Servers

    Sup, First off I'd like to say that i am incredibly pumped for this game and can not wait to see where it goes. I am hoping this game will become my main game for years to come and get me out of this slump i have for games at the moment. My question is, Will there be Australian Servers? I understand that we are a relatively small community compared to NA & EU however as somebody who constantly deals with terrible ping, it would be amazing if there were servers for us. In the past, Australia has/had a large community as it pertains to games such as Cod4, Cod2 and CsGO. MY conclusion is that as this game mostly resembles those shooters, I have no doubt that the servers would then warrant themselves with the amount of Australians flocking to play this game. Hopefully you guys will take into consideration what i have said. Kindest Regards, Kaiser.
  2. Hello everybody! I would like to introduce the -{HGH}- Honorable Gaming Hierarchy to the Battalion 1944 community. We are a group of like minded gamers who love WW2 and FPS shooters, who have been around and active for over 8 years. We have been watching this game grow, with many of us participating in the numerous Alpha tests over the past months. Our roots are firmly entrenched in COD2, with CTF servers still booming to this day! We also play a modded version of the game called 'Tactical Realism', something we hope to bring forward to Battatlion 1944 as soon as its able to be modded, with the support of other TR units Please feel free to browse our website, hit up our COD2 servers or drop into our Teamspeak server to say hello! (And soon to be, Battatlion 1944 servers!! Yay!) Server Address: ts.thehgh.com Server Password: HGH HGH Website: http://www.thehgh.com/modules.php?name=Forums If you are interested in joining, please head over to the 'Join Us' section on our website! All of us are SUPER stoked for this game; We look forward to seeing you on our servers in Battatlion! - -{HGH}- Turner
  3. I know this game only from short movies posted by crew and interviews, unfortunetly havent played it myself yet, but am I the only one who thinks that game's graphic is various depending which map we are playing? Mannorhouse and new CTF map looks really polished, high quality like other AAA titles available on PS4 or Xbox One. On the other hand we have map like coastal - it looks clunky, empty, flat and blurry like early ps3/x360 games. Some shots from other maps located in town also looks average. Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of these people who can be found in comments under video who say "omg graphic look like in ps1, why you make a game - we already have cod ww2". As a former Cod2/COd4 I have been expecting this game since about May 2017 when 1st gameplay from TDM got publicated. I wasn't really active here before due to lack of public information for several months and the fact that I haven't backed game on kickstarter so it was hard to review a gameplay. But I have at least informed few of my friends about a game and provided them with links so I guess i can say that I care about this projekt. Whether we like it or not we need to accept that for majority of people visuals are most important and it might decide - at least among more casual players - if game will succed or not. + I know that devs are able to improve it. +few questions: Will there be possibility to play all game modes on all maps like in CoD games or on maps will there be only one available gamemode (the one that they were created for? ) Are you planning to add M3 Grease gun for American side? I know it was a bit underdog in Cod2 but I liked to play with it. Would be nice to see this weapon in Battalion44 too. In terms of gameplay it seems very good. Probably will post my opinions after finally playing the game during beta tests (hope will get a key) or - worst case scenario - Early Access. And for now going back to practice before realese in CoD4
  4. So glad i found this community! I've been waiting years for something like this to resurface. I grew up playing DoD, vCod, Cod2 and CS 1.6. After cod2 when they introduced perks and the leveling system it basically turned the franchise into a console, exp grinding arcade game and abandoned the PC e-sports community entirely. This game looks very nostalgic to me and i can't wait to hop in. Call of duty had a chance to take over the spotlight of what CS:GO, LoL, and Overwatch is today but decided to pursue a trashy recyclable console game that catered to casual players. Glad you guys are keeping it simple and skill based. Competitive FPS games should always be about weapon balance, skill, and map control (not unlocking perks and calling airstrikes). What i hope to see: I love the concept of a competitive, ELO based matchmaking system. But don't forget about a casual community with dedicated server lists (more than 10 players max) along with mod support.Thanks for all your hard work. Sad i had to miss the kickstarter and couldn't support your team earlier. http://battaliongame.com/features After browsing the site a bit more i noticed the features section already highlights most of these! Anybody know if there are plans for games larger than 5 vs 5?
  5. Was watching some old CoD2 fragmovies and caught myself having some manly tears rolling down my face, really hope battalion can live up to those days of clanbase etc. Just a hype - Solz CoD2 | Matje WE ARE Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 2 Movie - WE ARE STILL HERE The Last Stand | A CoD2 Frag Movie CZECH THIS OUT 2
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if there is anyone around on these forums that used to play in the old large scale Call of Duty tournaments Battle for Europe and Breaking Point? A lot of hours of my younger days spent playing those, lot of memories and a lot of friends still with me. Look forward to hearing from you!
  7. Please keep the discussions civil and above board. Since this game is heavily inspired by COD2/4 chances are this person will try to arrange a new "LAN" or possibly even online tourmanents. http://eu.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/609173/Scammer-Sam-Brown-aka-Sam-Lockton/ Personal note: I have not been affected by this personally but I am very close friends with a team who intended to attend at this LAN and as such made their deposit which they obviously lost.
  8. Lets all play Promod or COD2 together! My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blaine_ We can even make a group and schedule pugs. Add me! Lets game!
  9. Just wanted to say hi :)

    Hey there! Since the CS:GO era started I kinda forgot how much I loved COD2 when I actually played it with my friends. I'm glad somebody was brave enough to make a game which represents such oldschool gameplay. I saw the early alpha footage yesterday, it gave me chills. I'm sure some of you know me just by the nickname, probably even more played against me in numerous occasions, but I'll introduce myself; In 2004 I bought a new game which was called Call of Duty: United Offensive. That wasn’t exactly beginning but there I started enjoying playing online computer games a lot. On the beginning I was playing in some random teams but seriously I’ve started playing since 2007. My first real and famous COD2 team was FLS-Gaming. We were participating in offline and online cups which were necessary for my further career development. In September 2009 I’ve started playing Call of Duty 4 with crosq and then we built such as great team (craven, crosq, r0lka, alZ, crv) which survived untill April with some great successes. Till June 2010 I'm again playing with my old team (craven, pix, WaRdanceR, loko, h3lioS_-) FLS-Gaming. We were playing together for over five years. Since February 2008 we were known as the best polish Call of Duty 2 team. We participated in four EuroCups in 2 of which we qualified to playoffs. During these years we were playing together, we proved that real friendship is the most important factor in bulding great team. Decication, friendship, skill, that was all what helped us to be one of top european teams. Now almost all of us have chosen their own way, but some of us still want to participate and increase experience in esport. I picked CS:GO, but I'm willing to come back to my roots. I overslept the humblebundle thing before it ended, but if you want me to and give me proper tools I can provide a very useful feedback. See you all on the battlefield, when the time comes of course! COD2: #1st place@CoD2LAN Polkowice 2008 #1st place@Polish Championships 2008 #1st place@Polish Championships 2009 #3rd place@Polish Championships 2011 #1st place@Clanbase.pl ladder 2k8, 2k9, 2k10 #2nd place@Clanbase.eu ladder 2k8, 2k9 #7th place@Clanbase EuroCup XVII #11th place@Clanbase EuroCup XVIII #4th place@Clanbase EuroCup XIX #9th place@Clanbase Eurocup XXII #1st place@OneDayCup by p13&Headshot TV #1st place@rage-gaming Night Cup! with rage-tv. #1st place@ODC4 by p13&HSTV #2nd place@Gamers Invasion COD2 WROCLAW 2011 #2nd place@Gamers Invasion #2 COD2 WALBRZYCH 2011 #Clanbase Nations Cup XII - COD2 S&D Player #Clanbase Nations Cup XIII - COD2 S&D Player #Clanbase Nations Cup XIV - COD2 S&D PlayerCOD4: #2nd place@tempus moriendi challenge by PIFPAF #1st place@Cybercup Winter 2010 Wroclaw #1st place@ESL WinterCup 5on5 SDLAN Experience: C2P Polkowice LAN by Divicom 2008, Poland Cybercup Winter Wroclaw 2010, Poland LAN Poznan 2k10, Poland Gamers Invasion COD2 WROCLAW 2011, Poland Gamers Invasion #2 COD2 WALBRZYCH 2011, Poland Honorary FLS-Gaming: craven, pixxx, WaRdanceR, loko, h3lioS_- BTW. Wanted to contact developers via email etc. but couldn't find any contact sheet, so here I am!
  10. Hey, Will the "Reload Kar98K Jumpshot" be part of the game like in CoD2? it was one of my favorite things in the game and it feels so satisfying to do. Hope you guys will consider this adding to the game! example of the "Reload Kar98K Jumpshot": https://youtu.be/Ez8gv4hONz4?t=5s
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a quick introduction and a hello to everyone. Some good friends introduced me to Battalion 1944 a couple weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to playing it. The progress and dedication from the developers and staff have amazed me. I can't wait to support the game and see it grow. I started playing Call of Duty since 2003, entered into the competitive scene during CoD2 and continued playing cal-m / cal-i until promod. I really do miss the golden days haha. Crossing my fingers that this game will have a solid competitive scene so I can tapper off from csgo and come back home to a good ww2 shooter. Looking forward to playing with you guys! I already got my early access copy and am counting down the days til march. During the early access will we be able to stream the game? I would love to be able to stream it from day one! See you guys out on the battlefield!
  12. Hello everyone I'm so excited, i can't wait to play this game. I was COD2 player with big competetive experience and with more than +5k hrs in this game When i saw background scene's in last vlog, remember these memories from cod2 scene. Currently im playing CS:GO but for sure i will change platform for BATTALION 1944 . Im looking forward for this game, i waited for game like this since COD2 was decline. Sad times Like i said, now im very happy cuz on the horizon is Battalion Im also the owner of youtube channel, if u want visit me at yt/sumacz . See you in Battalion battlefield
  13. Hello Battalion 1944 Community! This is my first and probably last Call of Duty 2 movie. I've made several CoD2 smaller clips, but never a longer movie. I messed up with the resolution so unfortunately the Youtube -version has black bars in it. Sorry about that. I figured I'd share some CoD2 footage with you guys, since it might be the end of era for CoD2. Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I had making it! Enjoy! Introducing vozER - 13 Years And Counting Resolution: 1024x768 (this is where I went wrong) FPS: 60 Codec: mp4 / bitrate 50.000.000 Music: Our Last Night - Radioactive Millencolin - No Cigar Feeder - Piece by Piece Player: vozER Frag dates: 2016 - 2017
  14. Check this out, "Call of Duty 2 SP" in 4k video mode, epic stuff :
  15. Hello guys, I have few questions I would like to ask the devs about the sniper rifles . I didn't see any thread going in specific details about this but if it was already discussed, please feel free to share the link with me. I Would like to ask the following: 1. What are the devs plan about the weapon sway and hold breath mechanics? Is it going to be like COD2 and COD4, with a hold breath button? Is it going to be like Day of Defeat and VCOD, no breath button but the weapon sway changes depending on the stance? (standing,crouch,prone) Or is it going to be like COD4 ProMod and Counter-Strike, where there is no weapon sway at all? I honestly don't mind which one is going to be used. While some are more challenging then others, I find them all fun. 2. If a hold breath button is implemented, will it be possible to bind multiple actions to one key and not having predefined double binds with no way to change them? What I mean here is nowadays, most games automatically merge their hold breath button with the sprint button and there is no way to change it. In both COD2 and COD4, you had the option to bind each action separately or use the one where it combined both. In COD2, the merged actions were the melee/breath and in COD4, it was the sprint/melee actions. As an old COD2 player, I've always preferred to bind my hold breath on my melee button. To manage around it in COD4, I had to make a custom bind in the console/config to make it like cod2 (bind "key" +melee_breath). But some games do not allow multiple binds to the same key and you are forced to make a compromise, while other games allows you to bind multiple actions to the same keys which allow for a more customizable experience. The ability to do that can also be useful for other actions and is not entirely specific to the hold breath function. We each have a different control setup and the more customization we have, the better it is for the players. What do you guys think?
  16. Jump + zoom

    I didn't find subject about this in the forums. Even though I like CoD2 a lot, I think it's an error to be able to jump + zoom in and shoot accurately. In CoD1 this was not possible. I think it adds a little more frustration to the game. What do you guys think? Vote up!
  17. It felt appropriate to let the Battalion 1944 community know that there is a Call of duty 2 LAN coming up in March 2017. Here is the orignal post from CyberGamer. Feel free to post down below as i will regularly check here and keep you updated about this lan. After hard work behind the scenes with Martin ''gObl'' Neitzel and still ongoing work, we are ready to start accepting the first payments for the LAN in Munich and also provide you with more detailed information about the LAN itself. Basic info:When: Saturday & Sunday, 4 & 5 March 2017Both days starting at 9.00 AMWhere: Esport-Club MünchenRossinistraße 1785598 Vaterstetten – BaldhamEntry fee: € 250, - per teamPayment deadline:31.01.2017Sponsors & PartnersRazerRed BullLinks:Tickets: Sold OutInformation: https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/57f59211140ba0d21d8b456b/informationFB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/822177574583344Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/rikkzBattalion 1944:On Friday the 3rd of March, a day before the event we welcome you to come over and be the first to test Battalion 1944 and give valuable feedback for the game's ongoing development. Quick info:- Friday 3rd of March starting from 18.00 CET - 10 PCs are available- NDA is applicable Toornament App:App includes:- Schedule - Team info- Stream- ResultsAndriod dl: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxent.toornamentappiOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toornament-esports/id974719460Instructions:After installing, open the app, go to the menu on the left side of your sceen, look for ''all tournaments by game'' click that, type in search ''FSL''. The first result should be FSL and its called ''Generic Discipline''. Screenshots: SPOILER: Click to view Discord:Once you have paid, you will receive instant access to the cod2.invite discord. On which you are able to practice against other lan teams or either the best cod2 teams that are currently out there. Venue has:High-End-PC's by MIFcom (40 PCs)120 Hz Eizo Monitor Gaming Peripherals from MadcatzGaming cinema to view the matchesHave a look inside the venue: hereStage-Matches:Lan Crew:Head Admin:gObl90Casters:rikkzTigzzz IT-Support:Keiler175 Pinknockyou Tournament Referees:facilosblueangelbotschi1337 Media content creators: otto "darude" Prizes (at 24 teams): 1st € 1500 + HW 2nd € 1000 + HW 3rd € 500 Accommodation:- 1A Business Hotel- Airbnb- Check here for more accomodation options!Tournament info:Tournament format: Groupstage + PlayoffsMod: zPAM v3.0Maps: Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville, Matmata, Carentan, CaenResults map vote: SPOILER: Click to view Paid Teams (24/24) Stofftiere-Online e.V. (select , raptr , morphYy , nedlog , eulb) team eyeshow (vans, Bl4diii, Mav, gObl, jiNNstr) Wonderful5 (Qkesz,Stormy,dency,Sk1lzZ,rampagee) EASYQUEST (BAZSA, honestER, Palad1n, r1VERSE, Sp1RiT) WiLD (Dav, danka, kebit, freakZ, Fleshx) CRIMINAL (crstN, disel278, M4G1CUS3R, TIGGLER, crz) OBSCURE (stck, hokizje, S1ZOX, blavex, ibrazje) unexpected (nodyx, benq, savu, blueangel, nuni) iNFINITE (d3do, ENIt, Matje, solid, snkr) rettans got mullet (tUNE, aero, miLk, Smashval, b1z) ARCANE (danneiz, supreme, jordan, hatton, iconz) gonewild (f3L1X, demonic, onizuka777, mason, koen) owex ( krejziii, kspR, sERIOZA, paty shepard, mozart) dirtyPotatoes (elwzoy, marty, kaya, moneymaker, efuck) virtual World (fajt, Foxiino, FiiKuS, nzaar, CHEWBACCA) GUNRUNNERS (KHILLIXUR,cAASR,Toxic,jackis,dymatize) Strong Enemy (swalker, daviz, vondrka, MartAs, d1mz) eNesible (Vity, flame, dudlajs, network, hurvajz) Harvia Intensifies (vozER, dasJ, berry, Niskala, Nakki) GOTOWNED (devzr, irreeL, yzRz, Lance, pussY) PLAYFIVE ( Dutchboy,FurbyX, Jipst1ck, Facilos, KraakYYtjj) Army of Dumbledore (kemah, lacky, SOLUX, mavor, pha1l) foes (FRANKENNNN, R1lzjee, pwnr, borzi, Nick) critical (rpz, djole, coperx, ludyo, dkqy)If you have any questions regarding the event, please don't hesitate to contact us here via the forum.