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Found 6 results

  1. Hallo zusammen, wir von Old and Rusty Gaming suchen gleichgesinnte die mit uns gemütlich in den "Ruhestand" zocken wollen. Okay, so alt sind wir dann doch noch nicht. Aber wir haben festgestellt das wir in Clans mit 18 jährigen "Buben" nicht mehr glücklich werden. Aus diesem Grund haben wir "OaRG" gegründet. Ein Clan für alle 30+ Gamer dieser Welt. Wir sind ein Funclan, in dem Spaß ganz vorne steht. Es gibt nicht mehr das Ziel überall erster und bester zu sein. Das Ziel bei OaRG ist Spaß zu haben, nette Abende zu verbringen und gemütlich zu zocken. Wenn auch dich unser Angebot reizt würden wir gerne von dir hören. Aber nochmal zurück zu OaRG. Was wir bieten: - Eine moderne Clanwebsite (https://www.old-and-rusty-gaming.de/) - Einen privaten und einen öffentlichen Teamspeak 3 Server - Einen Battalion 1944 und zwei CS:GO Public Server (Server sind erweiterbar. Neue Games = Neue Server) - Nette, erfahrene Clanleader - Ein nettes, respektvolles Umfeld bei dem der Skill nicht an erster Stelle steht - Umfangreiches Gaming-, PC- und Hardware-Know How um jeden Member bei Fragen zu unterstützen - Jeder kann sich in die Community einbringen. Bei entsprechender Aktivität gibt es Adminrechte für die Server - Keine Kosten - Wir zocken: PUBG, CS:GO, Battalion 1944, LoL, The Division Was wir von dir erwarten: - Ein nettes, höfliches auftreten und regelmäßiges (mindestens 1x pro Woche) erscheinen - (ca.)30+ - Spaß am Gaming - Ein (gutes) Headset Sollte dich das Interesse gepackt haben kannst du uns gerne eine kurze "Bewerbung" über unser Kontaktformular zukommen lassen. Enthalten sollte dabei sein: - Dein Vorname - Dein Alter - Deine Gaming vorlieben - Dein Steam-Kontakt oder andere Kontaktmöglichkeiten (z.B. E-Mail, Skype, etc.) Kontaktformular: https://www.old-and-rusty-gaming.de/index.php/contact/index/index Gerne könnt Ihr unser Angebot auch weiterreichen an Freunde/Bekannte, wenn Ihr meint, dass diese zu uns passen.
  2. We heard you were looking for a team, a clan, a community...Our rules are simple head to the website to see them https://theteam.xyzOur members are awesome.We use TeamSpeak and Discord (Possibly transitioning to Discord)We now play BATTALION 1944 plus other games including: Rainbow Six Siege Escape From Tarkov PUBG Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP BattlefieldKTANE Insurgency CS:GOOverwatchPlus a load more (and we're open to more being added) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEAMSPEAK address is theteam.xyz DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/WGmeD3y ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Come and play some games with us, you're welcome to come and go as you please because we don't run a dictatorship, you don't need to login every day/week/month to be "active" we rely on good old fashioned communication.We're a very open community that supports our members in what they enjoy doing (gaming).If you want to start an ESL/Pro team go ahead and we will give you the resources to create a team and run it without restriction. The same is also said for Twitch and YouTube, we feature your videos and streams on the website and help promote and support what you want to achieve.If you want to game with your friends or want to play with more people come on in, get to know some people and if you want to create a community for a game you love then get involved.So head to TS for some games, have some fun, and see for yourself.
  3. Hello, We can't wait that the game will be launched and we can run our own servers again like the good old days!!!! Greetz Saint
  4. Hello oldschool fps-fanatics! For anyone on here who doesn't want to play on his own but rather have fun in a mentally challenged group of players I present to you: Resurrection Gaming. We are a clan formed out of the former vCoD clan 'Creat!ve' which found its existence in 2010. Sadly, vCoD has almost died. Happily, Battalion gives us the opportunity to form new longlasting memories. What we stand for: - FUN, we don't care about skill. We have both good and bad players. What we do want are mature, active and fun members. - Being the most active & well organised dedicated server. With 7 years of experience under our belt and having been the top server on CoD 1 our goal is to become the same on Battalion. I invite People who are not planning to apply for us to join our server whenever they feel like training the maps, aim or just having fun. Feel free to visit our site: http://www.resurrectionclan.com/ NixoN
  5. We are a Multinational Gaming Clan with members from all over the world, mainly Europe. We have been on the scene since Medal of Honor Allied Assault - this year we celebrate our 15th year since being founded in 2003. We are always looking for new members and always looking to expand to new games. Moh:aa set the clans footprint into success having won many leagues and competitions in TDM, S&D new games came to the horizon moving to Call of Duty 4 we had many successful competitive league wins. Since Cod4 the server/admin side of public servers and matches seem to die of death due to Activision and Treyarch not supporting dedicated servers, purely out of greed of the industry. Many clans have folded since there hasn't been a call of duty type of game that has supported dedicated servers. Peer-to-Peer hosting for matches just hasn't been viable for the PC community which has seen many players leave and move on to other game genre. We are hopeful that the rise of the new game Battalion 1944 which is supporting Dedicated servers, will bring back to life the Call of Duty PC community and get the leagues running to how they used to be. 47th clan
  6. Hello there soldier! Yes you ! Are you Flamish or Dutch? Are you expierenced in COD2/4 or CSGO? Older then +16? That's great! because we're looking for players who are most likely to play for fun/competitive! We're also are making our own website. We ourself are a friendly community who play together and would like to keep it that way! Are you ready to have some fun on the First Of Febuary? Let's roll! Our Discord : https://discord.gg/PcTnPb